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Goji Juice

Goji Juice

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Woah, having read a lot of stuff on this I was intrigued to see the benefits. So very expensive though, I couldn't or I won't keep purchasing this product. I understand the benefits from this juice especially if you're ill but for the average person this is just extreme.

If you have money to spare why not, but I can't justify the benefits which I can gain for eating healthy and clean and taking vitamins. Be wary this product could just be a fad.


I love the stories I hear from people that I have put onto this product and how it has made them feel good, look good and will now live longer. feel free to call me for more info PH 0411 550 881 natasha
I love it! I has helped my whole family & I have become a distributor and now making money will something they I love to sell with all my heart.
the original goji has had 88medical studies and 12years to make it avaliable to us and it realy upsets me to see 2 copycat companies in a year puting this on our shelves and imitating the original and in fact doesn't come any where close to the original


A few reasons why consumers should be skeptical of this product :
The "scientific" results are vague, usually unreferenced and make claims of 'secret' or 'supressed' knowledge, ie - unsubstantiated claims that conventional medicine doesn't want you to know how good this product is, or somehow such a fantastic miracle has been overlooked until now.

Most advertising relies on testimonials, which can't really be verified.

Most sales rely on individual sales reps who have an obvious interest in convincing you that the product is capable of all the benefits which it claims.

Both Goji and Noni have attracted a lot of criticism in America and other parts of the world for having no proven benefits and unethical business practices - which include exploting the terminally ill with false hope. Many referenced articles, media coverage and links can be found here : noni.worldwidewarning.net

There is no proof that this product has any of the benefits that it claims. Buyer Beware.


I have noticed a difference in the past 12 months, taking Goji on a regular basis. My eyesight seems to have improved also. I think it keeps me regular also. I notice I also have more energy, and feel generally calmer in life. I find I really look forward to having my Goji. When I ran out of it, and didn't have any for a while, I started to feel lethargic. So I guess I am a fan of it for life, hopefully, the price will drop as the popularity grows.
Nice tasting.


Overall a very expensive juice which seems to be packed with sugar to make it more appealing yet still looks and smells disgusting. Hasnt at all improved anything and ive been taking it for 3 months.
The taste is good, it always comes in big bottles so it lasts a long time.
Very expensive, hasnt seemed to change anything/ improve anything at all. The taste is only good because its packed full of sugar and probably colouring as well. Appearance doesnt look at all appealing and the smell is even worse.
The dosage is so small i dont know how it even is worth taking it.


I think Goji Juice does work, but I just wouldn't want to take it because it tastes horrible to me, and after I took it for a while I was still the same. It would be fantastic if I loved it, then I would be really healthy!
It smells nice, it's good for you - i think a few family members of mine felt healthier and cleaner after they took it - and I think it's full of antioxidants so it's good for your skin.
Personally, I had no improvement. It didn't taste nice at all and I didn't have an improvement in anything.

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