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Goodyear Cargo G26

Goodyear Cargo G26

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Mine just passed rego with 128,000km up. Mixed highway and city use. Some say they would be hardened they are so old now but the car is rarely loaded and still never loses grip. I'll stick them on my next car as well as any commercial vehicle. Are the other brands this good?

CarFalcon ute FG2
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Hi there, thank you for leaving your feedback. We're really glad to hear that you've been enjoying the tyres on your FG ute :) We appreciate the five stars too! Thanks, Team Goodyear Australia

Long lasting tyres

Lasted about 70,000km, surprised to have even wear all over (two rotations), carrying 100kg - 1000kg loads metro use. Will buy again as they have proved themselves, they have carried embedded screws without any leaks, sidewall scrapes no problem. I should have correctly inflated the tyres to get longer wear (more on the rear, less on the front).

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Hi Aaron, thanks for your review - we're glad to hear you found your Goodyear tyres to be long lasting on your Courier :) We appreciate the five stars too! Team Goodyear Australia

Very Good value for money

Very happy with my new Goodyear Cargo G26
Paid only $600 for the 4 tyres fitted & balanced
Why buy a cheaper unknown brand for the sake of saving a few dollars.
Done over 3000km no problems yet
Very happy with ride and handle
I find them quieter then my previous Michelin

CarFiat Scudo

Great tyres for my ute.

I got 4 of these for my 2wd Triton ute and have found them excellent. Wet and dry grip is great, no signs of excessive wear after 15,000K's.
I keep a watch on tyre pressures and so far have had little need to adjust pressures.
Steering response seems precise, the ride is nice and smooth and this is the first time I have put Goodyears on the ute and I am very happy with my purchase. The dealer offered a very good price and assured me I would be happy. It's nice to know I made a good choice.

Car1997 Mitsubishi Triton 2WD tray back Ute.

Disgusting and dangerous Goodyear Cargo Vector 17 inch

We run a fleet of Ambulances (over 40 cars) in years gone past we exclusively used Goodyear Cargo tyres when they were made in Australia and were getting 80000 average kms up to 100000km. However since these tyres are now made in Thailand they are disgusting. In the last 2 years we have taken delivery of 17 T5 VW Ambulances. 17 inch wheels at $300 per tyre Godyear Cargo Vector. I have had 3 blowouts, 7 tryes with inside walls disintegrating, as well as this all tyres are having minor to major chipping off the tread are and am averaging between 20 to 30000 kms per tyre. I have been in touch with Goodyears call centre and have emailed through their web page. That was over 2 weeks ago no response from Goodyear. You would think that a major trye supplier would like to know there was a problem with there tyres. We would strongly suggest that buyers beware of Goodyear Tyres.

CarT5 2012/2013 VW Transporters
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Its amazing no comment from goodyear needless to say we have changed brands Pete

Great Long Wearing Tyres

Changing it for the same after 93000km on my Mercedes Vito. Drove a lot on country roads with occasional heavy loads.
Excellent wet-traction and quiet tyres - both were important to me. Had no puncture during this time and it would've lasted even longer, I believe, if I rotated the tyres.

CarMercedes Vito 115 swb, 2004Dec

Go bald on the edges

as ShortandHairy said, my car's GoodYear tyres wore out on the edges. These are originally came with my Axio 165/65/15. I have inflated them each 30psi as it's written in the door edge. Runs 42000KM. When I go to change tyres, Tyre shop technician said, don't buy GoodYear, they wear edges.

As of the googling I will buy Nexen. Hope it's OK.

Go bald on the edges?

These tyres are Factory specified for my 2005 BA Ute. I have gone through 4 sets in 150,000km. Each time, the outside edges wear out. Initially, I was blamed for under-inflation of the tyre but I filled them to the rated spec of 30 PSI Front and 30rear.(According to the tyre placard on the car).Or 30PSI Front and 60 PSI rear if fully loaded. The Ford Dealer, I took the car to, checked them and deflated the rears to the lower pressure when it went in for a service. Another set destroyed in under 40,000kms!. The Beaurepairs Tyre centre, I use, tells me to fill them to 50PSI on the front and 55PSI on the rear. The last 2 sets have been filled to this pressure. They still wore out on the edges! Ford say 1 thing, Beaurepairs, something else. I know that over inflation, ruins the centres of tyres and under inflation causes outside or edge wear, but surely these tyres at $225 a pop, should last a bit longer.?
Anyone else had this problem?

Further to this comment, I have now been told by Ian Diffens that if the tyres are overinflated they will usually wear out on the inside, but as I carry a fairly heavy load all the time, the extra pressure causes the tyre to sit flatter on the road so it doesn't wear the middle out as much , but it causes the sides of the tyre to be very hard and that's what causes the edge wear. They suggested 35 front and 40 rear. Will see how this set goes.Tyres just got renewed. Got just over 60000 out of these , I kept with the G26 due to numerous good supporting comments from others. 35 psi at the front and 45 on the rear as recommended by Goodyear. The problems I had with edge wear must have been due to over / under inflation. Thanks everyone for your responses.

Can anyone beat my milage

I purchased my Ford cab-chassis ute new 2 years ago with a set of G26 tyres. I've had to replace one because of multiple punchers but the others are still on the vehicle. I've just passed 180,000. I will be replacing the rest with G26 today.
I think that is a positive recommendation. I am a courier.

Best value

Excellent got 60k on these. Still some trade left which is legal. Rotated for every 10k. Achieved better fuel economy. No issues with these tyres. Comparatively cheaper than the leading brands. I got for $125 each.
As a courier do lot of u turns every day on road. Regular rotation will be fine.
Highly recommended.

Cargo G26

I have a 2010 FG one tonner, changing over to a new set this week after 133,000klm on the original factory fitted tyre. Rotated twice with even wear to all, original spare still on the carrier. They can be a little slippery in the wet but otherwise great tyres, I have up to 800kg loaded in the rear and these have done about 50/50 city/country driving.
No worries, great handling

Expensive but high quality

My Cargos are now 7 years old with 70,000 kms on them. Due for replacement now and same problem as Yankx - tyres now perished and losing air. I have done thousands of kms on outback dirt roads and these tyres have stood up incredibly well BUT lethal in the wet!!!
Fantastic durability
Slippery when wet!

Goodyear Cargo G26

First set 110,000 started losing air as they where 5 years old this is due to silca in tyres
Second set 90,000 tyre walls have gone a bit soft due to not keeping tyre pressure up ,
I am going to buy a third set as these tyres have Excellent traction in all conditions
Wear and grip

Reliable Tyre

I have a FG XR6 1 tonne ute I purchased new with factory fitted cargo G26 tyres, just hit 70000 kms and I am now replacing them as they are now illegal, always carrying fair loads, also towing 18ft dual axle trailer fully enclosed most of the time with anywhere between 1 and 2 tonne in the trailer most of the time. Never had a puncture, kept pressure around 45 psi all round, tyres rotated at recommended service intervals as per the book. I am replacing with the same tyre @ $195 inc gst each fitted and balanced. Price may seem up there but its the old saying you get what you pay for, 70000 kms is impressive but I also value having no down time with punctures etc.
No Punctures, Quiet, excellent grip, 70000 kms, Hard working reliable tyre that puts up with a fair amount of punishment, great value for money

Goodyear G26

Excellent tyre.
Must keep an eye on tyre pressure as recommended by Ford, 34PSI Front & 44PSI Rear.
During 3 years old, it has carried and travelled one tonne around.
The tyre's have travelled 98000 klm and still approx. 10000 klm till replacement.
Never done a wheel alignment or balancing when purchased the vehicle from new.
Excellent Grip.
If only 17 inch was produced.

Goodyear Cargo can carry the load.

Cargo's came as original tyre fiitted to Falcon 1 Tonner. Have now done 65000km's with nearly 1 tonne on the back all the time. Tyres are unreal! Still have Legal tread but dont think they will make to 70k. Run 55psi in rear and 45psi in front. Not rotated tyres in its life so rear have worn a bit quicker but who cares as the performance of these tyres is No1.
Constant load with excellent wear.


Ive been driving utes for 30 years and these tyres are the best ive ever owned.
They came with my one tonne ute 4 years ago and still going the odometer is at 82,000 kms. yes its hard to believe. i run tyre pressure at 48 pounds.
They are still legal but only just.
Great Tyre, Best light truck tyre ive ever own, long lasting. good in the we no noise, great ride
replacement cost a bit expensive.

Solid Performer on VW Caravelle People Mover

Have achied good wear and tear in 100,000 Kms on bitumen country and city roads. Exdperience two punctures late in this cycle one due to a mesh fence attach bolt penetration which did not let the pressure out of the tubeless configuration but required a tube and one due to a pop-rivet which was sealed with a plug. On the VW Caravelle, regular rotation and correct tire pressure appears to give a best return on wear scenario. Cost to replace at KMart Tyre and Auto Service (Melbourne, Australia) is typically AUD199 incl GST per wheel fitted and balanced. These tyres work well with the car's anti-skid system on wet ungrooved road. Ride is firm.
Reliable tyre with excellent wear characteristic.
Needs more than average rotation frequency.


Great tyre for multiple use where you need the confidence of no punctures, eg. Rural area. Should be cheaper but hey life is like that!
Great tyres on my 1991 triton dualcab ute. Used off road on farm daily and 450km per week on road. Never had a puncture.
I only get about 20-25k per set. Expensive


Very good traction in dry conditions but lacks confidence building in wet conditions. Long milage due to very deep tread . I have travelled 58000 Ks and never rotated tyre positions. Front tyres have about 2.5mm tread to the wear indicators and rears have about 1.5 to 2mm to to wear indicators on a BA falcon tray top 1 ton ute. I dont carry loads often but do drive a bit hard.
extra deep tread when new. wears evenly . reasonably quite . good grip in dry conditions . steers accurately. long milage
slippery in wet conditions

Questions & Answers

Anyone used them on a 18.5ft dual axle caravan or any caravan?
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Hi, What is the diameter of the Goodyear Cargo G26, 185r14c tyre? Thanks, Keith
2 answers
185 is the width. 14 is the rim size it will fit (In Inches) The r means radial ply tyre. The c is the speed rating.Great answer. I still don't know the diameter though.

How much Goodyear Cargo g26 Tubeless l300 mit?
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Sorry, I don't understand your question ??


Cargo G26
Release dateNov 2006
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