Light Commercial Tyres

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Goodyear Cargo G26

Latest review: Mine just passed rego with 128,000km up. Mixed highway and city use. Some say they would be hardened they are so old now but the car is rarely loaded and still never loses grip. I'll stick them on my

Bridgestone R623

Latest review: Last year I bought a second hand toyota workmate 2009, with 80000 km on it, checked the tires and found out that these tires were the originals and were built in 2007, so they were 10 years old, and

Toyo H08

Latest review: I've had these tyres on all of my 6 wheels over the last four years, buying two at a time for the front then rotating them back from driver-side rear and finally passenger side rear. My vehicle is an

Achilles LTR 80

Latest review: I have a 2005 model sedan and the tyres on the front were getting old, so had to replace it. We bought it from Jax tyres and the price was reasonable and within our budget. So far they have been

Yokohama Geolander G033

Latest review: Really quiet and excellent grip. When I drive my company car I feel unsafe in the rain compared to when I am driving on these. 10,000 km and not worn a bit. Very happy, they keep air inside really

Maxtrek MK700

Latest review: I bought these on the 9th of January 2018 for $113 each, nearly a month later I'm very happy with them, i own a Toyota Hilux 2wd 2016 model Light Truck, for some reason this model car came out with

Goodyear Durasport

Latest review: Put a set on my 2010 TD 2x4 Hilux dual cab. The original Bridgestone 623's had lasted 130000 kms and still weren't on the wear markers. The grip from new was pretty bad though. I went with a 215/70

Sumitomo SL 726

Latest review: Always buy sumitomo tyres and they are fantastic. They come with a 60,000km warranty with City Discount tyres, and I've probably got 4 years out of the set before the ones I have now. Grip was good

Yokohama Delivery Star RY818

Latest review: Basically always had these fitted and replaced with the same each time around. I get great mileage from them and being readily available from most fitters you can normally get a good price. Last 2

Kumho Radial 857

Latest review: These tyres have been long lasting and wear well. They hold tyre pressure well. I've had them on my single axle motorbike trailer (which I tow behind my motorhome so they go nearly everywhere the

Hankook Radial AH11S

Latest review: I have used these Hankook tyres on one of my pantech trucks for over 10 years with no issues. Good mileage and good handling in the wet or dry. My other truck has Dunlop and Yokohama and will now be