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Green Pasture Blue Ice Cod Liver Oil

Green Pasture Blue Ice Cod Liver Oil

4.7 from 7 reviews

Excellent product - esp. for the aging CrossFitter

I'm 52yo and I do CrossFit pretty much RxD for my age catergory. I have been taking Blue Ice Cod Liver/Butter Oil for years. this month I did not stock up and ran out. Boy, did I notice the difference! Warm up took way longer, recovery took way longer and I started to get niggles back.
Back on them now and BOOM! All good.

Worth Every Cent

We as a family have been taking Blue Ice Cod Liver oil for the past six months on the advice of a personal training friend who is very big on natural heath and wellbeing. My kids were always in and out of school with sickness and then of course passed everything onto my husband and I, so it was one big merry go round.

I cant be sure the improvement in our kids health is 100% caused by the Blue Ice, but I am pretty sure this has a lot to do with it, as this is the only change we have made to our diets and life in general over that period - put it this way there is absolutely no way we are going to stop taking them.

Well worth the money just to have everyone healthy and happy!
Has really helped my family's health
Can taste a little yuk but we have worked out a way around this with the kids - they look forward to their daily dose now.

Great product!

I have tried lots of different types of fish oils in the past with little changes to my hip and back pain. After less than a week of taking this brand of cod liver oil I’m pain free. Frankly I’m surprised that it worked this well. My overall health seems to have improved too. My doc says it’s likely to be the improved vitamin D levels. I don’t care what it is – I’m in
Did wonders for my sore body
Is an expensive brand compared to most others

Best of the best

I did a lot of research on cod liver oil compared to omega-3 fish oils and was sold on getting a vitamin A and vitamin D boost by using cod liver oil. On further research I was surprised at the variety in the manufacture of this simple supplement. Surely you get fish, take out the liver and hey presto. I found companies that add in synthetic vitamins, lanolin from sheep’s wool, nasty heat treatment and more... This brand had the simplest manufacturing of any cod liver oils that I could find with high levels of vitamins. I’d recommend it.
Well manufactured. High levels of vitamin A and vitamin D. Good communication after sale.
My order got lost by Australia Post. Jan at codliveroil kept me informed and found my order – so no real problem here. Just took a couple of days longer than it should have.

You get what you pay for – even when it’s fish oil

I work with patients with chronic illness and injury to restore health using nutrition and lifestyle coaching. I have used Melrose cod liver oil until a colleague of mine recommended using Green Pastures. I did some research and used the product myself before trialling it on patients. We’ve seen great improvements in vitamin D levels, energy levels, and reduced inflammation using this cod liver oil. It works well. The older population that we work with don’t seem to mind the taste of the oil – personally I’m not a fan of the unflavoured oil. I prefer the orange flavoured. Our under 40s prefer the capsules – must be a generation thing.
Works well. It is well made with little human interference
It is a lot more expensive than other oils. It’s better but you pay for it.

Vitamin D and omega 3s in one

I used to buy this in the USA but didn’t realise that this brand could be obtained in Australia. It’s a cod liver oil crafted with care and one that my family used throughout our cold winters.
Is a well made cod liver oil with minimal processing
Reminds me of home and makes me homesick when I take it.

A great vitamin D source

I work in the health and wellness field and have been looking for a supplement that isn’t lab-made that could be used to boost vitamin D levels. This cod liver oil fits the bill beautifully. The product information on the site was well written explaining how important vitamins A and D are to health and also the process to produce this supplement.
Comes in capsules so no fishy aftertaste

Questions & Answers

where is the cod liver oil sourced from?
2 answers
maybe check the product itself or with the supplier mate, & you know, the internets and such....Most helpful,cheers

Can I ask where everyone buys this in Australia please?
No answers

Is it better to take liquid over capsule?
1 answer
Emma, I understand there is no difference over taking liquid or capsule other than the liquid tastes awful. Regards Matt

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