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Grinders Coffee Crema Blend

Grinders Coffee Crema Blend

3.3 from 26 reviews

Looks good, smells and tastes of nothing.

I first bought coffee from grinders in the 80's, and remember fondly the aroma in the car on the way home, the silky creama and deep rich flavour.
I recently tried their Espresso beans and found them without aroma and when brewed produced a reasonable looking almost flavorless coffee. Money wasted.
The bag of beans was fresh, had just been opened and ground fine. Never again.

Purchased in February 2019 at Woolworths for $20.00.

Trial and error

People rubbishing the quality of Grinders coffee are very unfair. İt takes quite a bit of trials and errors before you'll get a decent coffee. To start with, not all coffee machines are the same. Some machines will not have enough pressure and they will clog. Capsules are hopeless as you have no control and they'll never match a shot pulled out of an espresso machine. Its best to by the beans to grind your own and adjust the coarseness of your grind. Most beans can produce a decent shot of coffee providing you have a good machine and the right grind. Sorry but those people knocking the brand after only one or two tries don't know what they're doing.


weak tepid awful product was labelled "espresso" but certainly was not .NOT DRINKABLE.do not waste you're money even Lavassa Oro is better

Best capsules so far for me

Have a Nespresso capsule machine but never liked any of their capsules nor the price and postage fees. Tried lots of other compatible ( but unremarkable) capsules. Recently discovered Grinder Expresso capsules at Coles and love the taste. I drink it black with half teaspoon of sugar and feel like I'm back in Rome.

Perfect crema

Great taste and the best crema ive had from any beans beautiful crema I'm telling you, coles.


this coffee is by far the best ive had i have made over 30 cups so far from a bag 1kg coffee beans and have not got bad coffee yet even after grinding coffee letting it sit for a week in the open it is still fresh just perfect

Clogs my machine

Grinders ground coffee tastes OK, but it must be too fine a grind as it clogs up my Breville machine every time I use it, i.e. it reduces the pour to barely a drip feed. Ive resorted to mixing it with a coarser grind to prevent it.

Grinders Coffee - Yuk

I thought i'd try some Grinders Crema pods for my Nespresso machine. They smelt burnt out of the box and tasted burnt also. My wife and adult children all agreed. Don't buy them again. Horrible.
Batch No 22488037D 094 Expiry: Apr 18.

My favourite so far!

We're buying the Crema capsules for the Caffitaly machine and they are really nice. I've tried just about all flavours in that range and they are the smoothest. All my friends and Family love them too. Very happy with them

Don't bother

The aroma of brewing coffee is one of the small pleasures in life. These pods had a strange smell I'd disturbingly describe as being vaguely like stale toilet water. The taste was better than I'd imagined, which isn't saying much, but was overly bitter and weak when considering the description on the box. I understand all coffee drinkers have different tastes but I fail to see how rich and smooth is an appropriate description. To cap it all off inserting into our Nespresso machine was a task I've not faced with other non-official pods. As way of context, the pods I most often consume are Nespresso Rosabaya and Fortissio Lungo.

Delicious, smooth and not too strong

Having tried many brands of beans in my Gaggia machine over the past 8 years (including boutique brands like Yahava and off the shelf Vittioria etc). I have to say Grinders is probably the best I have tasted, smells great, no bitterness and a lovely smooth flavour.
I note some people have commented that it is very weak but I always have my machine turned to strongest setting and it was perfect strength for me.

Very disappointing

I like to support local products whenever I can, so seeing that Grinders was prepared in Melbourne I decided to give it a go. Never again! Very weak, hardly any flavour and only a faint burnt smell on opening the pack.

Pleasant Taste

I had my expensive Nespresso capsule machine in the cupboard but having tried these I use it everyday again. I used Nespresso brand capsules but never found one I really enjoyed but these grinders crema are right to my taste

Enjoyed this coffee for a couple of years now

I have found this coffee to be very pleasant tasting, producing a rich crema and not too expensive. It's occasionally on sale so you can save a couple of dollars then. The reviews on this site that say it is terrible and to steer clear, etc. are totally WRONG. I can't imagine why they've posted these reviews. Maybe they got a really stale batch or something? Anyway, I can highly recommend this coffee. I've tried various brands and this stands above them all.

Automatic Machines Beware

Besides tasting bitter and smelling like crap, these beans clogged our machine up. Conclusion is the beans were not dried properly.

excellent coffee Smooth Crema

Have had my coffee machine for several years and was given Grinders Crema and was rapt and was using nothing else cos it suited my machine and my taste and visitors commented how smooth the flavour is with no bitterness. Now i find in my area cannot purchase the Grinders Crema anymore. Why is this hope it is not discontinued. Coles and Woolworths have both cut it out and only selling Espresso.

Tickles my taste buds

I must admit I really only bought the pack of Grinders coffee beans to try because it was half price to try along with a couple of other brands in my fancy new whizz bang coffee machine. How pleasantly surprised was I when Grinders produced a fiddle free grind and perfect crema and tasted far superior to the other more well known brands. I'm such a fan I even pay the full price because its worth it.

Stay away from this slop

I'm no coffee snob and I can't remember the last time I complained online about anything. Then I bought Grinders coffee.

Bitter, stale, smelly, difficult to extract through a machine, you name anything that corresponds with a crap cup of coffee, and Grinders delivers. I had to throw the stuff out after a few cups - and I'm a pretty frugal kind of guy who doesn't give up easily. No fiddling with my machine could improve this muck.

See Grinders in a supermarket and back away. Even when it's a half price special, don't weaken. Like someone said about this product in an earlier review, life's too short for mediocre coffee. If you've made the mistake of buying it like I did, bin it and move on.


I found grinders coffee was disgusting. Have tried a few of the blends and decided to forget it. Life's too short for mediocre coffee.

Really good and stocked by most supermarkets

I hate it when my favorite coffee brand is deleted, because then I end up wasting money trying other brands which are often bitter and bad-tasting, so I was really pleased when I saw Grinders on special at Coles. I had previously tried the green packet and liked it, and this one was just as good if not better. I usually use the ground, but I did buy the beans when on special and they were really good too. The bonus with this coffee is that just about all the supermarkets stock it, so I can buy some wherever I am. Not overly expensive and often on special.

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Crema Blend
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