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Grinders Coffee House Blend

Grinders Coffee House Blend

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Grinders Espresso

Tired of the mild flavor of medium roast ground coffee, I decided to try Grinders brand Espresso, as it was on special at Coles for $3. I bought a packet of their excellent Crema too, at the same price.

Well ...what a revelation! Used in my Sunbeam Piccolo coffee machine, it had the most decided coffee taste of any coffee I have ever used in the machine. Oh, yes ....I didn't drink it as Espresso, but made it into a latte.

I had reservations about a darker roast, - but not any more.
Whereas I had thought the G.J. Classic blend was the best, I have had a change of mind.

Perhaps I should mention that I only ever use the double shot basket for even just 1 cup of coffee. The single shot has never been used in the machine.

So, if your palate is a little jaded with ho hum insipid medium roast, give it a surprise with Grinder's Espresso.

I must also add that the taste is 100% the same as a bought latte made with Campos brand beans.

This coffee is 100% Aribica single origin roasted.
The very definite coffee taste & it's smoothness.
Makes the other coffees seem jaded.

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