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GT Zaskar Elite 2011

GT Zaskar Elite 2011

5.0 from 2 reviews

Awesome Fast lite ride

This bike is super lite with awesome gear setup, fast all rounder ride and a breeze up hill, its almost like your running up a hill not pumping / pushing a lump underneath you. The egg beater pedals takes getting use to and should only be used by experienced MTB riders.

Had Treks 4500 and i thought that was great until i rode this super lite bike. My mate had this frame back in the 90's and its amazing this tried and tested classic hard tail MTB frame is still around today and can out perform current designs.

If you want a real off road MTB this is it and if you don't believe me head out an try one you wont be disappointed.
Lite , gears, looks great and good price

Great bike, light, easy to handle, quality!

My first GT, salesman was useless, The bike was a personal choice and sold itself! I'm oldschool and wanted a dirt jump bike but they are not suited to distance riding, rode the GT and the product sold itself! My personal choice was to change the pedals to a platform style. Light, quality parts and well built, i'm happy with purchase!
Reliable, smooth, happy owner!
Brakes shudder intermitantly!!

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GT Zaskar Elite 2011
Price (RRP)$1999

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