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Worst customer Service I’ve ever experienced

No replies to emails and long lead times. Thankfully Danny the technician is extremely proficient and friendly. If he was not there I don’t know how they would survive in Sydney

Purchased in October 2015 at Domayne for $299.00.

Product Quality
Customer Service
Return Claim MadeNo
Store LocationDomayne Belrose NSW

Worst company ever dealt with

Spent hours trying to get through to them no help what so ever did not get any help in my opinion they just want your money and don’t honour their agreement with customers. Beware of this company I got my cushion cleaned the stain was still there they are now saying I left it to long I am still under warranty have wasted $250 dollars .

Purchased in May 2016.

Return Claim MadeYes

I had the protection on my sofa son drew all over couch omg tec came out and removed ink fantastic service

Guardsman product saved my couch after don drew all over it Adam the tec came out and removed all the ink fantastic service highly recommend there protection cover for all sofas

Purchased in January 2018 for $360.00.

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeNo
Store LocationClayton

Worst Customer Service I have experienced EVER

Have been trying to get a response from Guardsman for nearly months, they refuse to return my calls and emails. I have had to go to the store where I purchased my couch and have them contact Guardsman, only to receive a phone call 2 weeks later to say my claim is not covered as they cannot clean the stain and they cannot help. This warranty has been one of the most disappointing and waste of money/time I have every experienced.
The company is arrogant and could not care less about the customer and do everything in their power to avoid warranting any claims.
Stay as far away from this company as possible.

Purchased in February 2018 for $150.00.

Product Quality
Customer Service
Return Claim MadeNo

Dodgy company, don't return calls or emails

Like everyone else currently leaving reviews on Google, I've been lied to by Guardsman continually for the past 3 months. I've wasted hours on hold, chasing my claim and emailing them, only to be given the run-around when they do answer the phone in the hope that I'll eventually give up. They don't return calls they've promised to make and don't reply to emails. I've logged a complaint with Consumer Affairs in Victoria and urge everyone else on here to do the same with their local authoritative body.

Purchased in March 2015 at Nick Scali Furniture.

Product Quality
Customer Service

000000000 stars

This is my second review in the last month.
Was hoping that might something will change after promising call as back!!
Weeks gone, again no calls back
After I called them, I was on hold off and on this time for 30 min, then my phone got disconnected!!
I called again, but nobody knows anything, lost papers, lost photos, lost info
But I will not give up!!!
From now on, I will call them every day!!

Return Claim MadeNo

Danny the cleaner was awesome

Was hard to get a hold
Of them but once I did, Danny came quickly, did an amazing job, was friendly and worked fast. He was a pleasure to deal with

Absolutly Reluctant to do the job and bad service.

I bought insur in 2016, hardly use it. Recentantly Kids shaked soft drink can and split on sofa everywhere. Reception First she said it was not in my warranty, however I bought 6-7 seats sofa warranty and my sofa is totally only 4 seats, then she said I called two days late than 5 days which is out of warranty, finally said the soft drink dose not make stain and I have to provide the stain photo to them to do me a favor (because I call late) and come to clean that stain part. I tried to explain that at the beginning I thought it is OK for the soft drink as did not make much stain, however when times goes, can feel sugar on the fabric and smell bad, then she said the smell is not under warranty. Haha Unbelievable service! Suggest do not buy this warranty as more.

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeYes

Danny did a great job - couch looks like new

Once I contacted the right people and explained that my claim was legit and that I had insurance, they sent out Danny who did a great job. I’ve never used insurance before so feel greatful for this.

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeNo

Don’t waste your money; it’s a con.

Terrible service!!

We bought our couch from Harvey Norman 2 years ago; I was heavily pregnant at the time and we were suggested to purchase the premium guardsman protection with the promise that if our new child were to Mark, stain or dirty the couch then we just call and they would come and clean it.

At the beginning of December I first contacted Guardsman to come and clean our toddlers marks off our couch; initially after 4 attempts to call and sitting on hold for 20min I got through to be told they would email the paperwork to me and someone would be out in five days... after 3 weeks I tried calling back to chase this information up as it never arrived. They don’t answer their phones; I tried contacting via email; 3 weeks later still no reply from their “contact us” link on their website.

Guardsman is a con; they have no intention of fulfilling their promise of service. Don’t waste your money.

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeNo

Rip off merchants!

They do not answer the phone. They do not answer e-mails. What a waste of money!
I purchased this at Harvey Norman and have tried to get through to them for weeks.

Return Claim MadeNo

Danny from Guardsman was just fabulous!!

I bought a lounge from Nick Scali and needed stains removed- called guardsman.... originally they were quite rude, but then after realising that Nick Scali hadn’t explained this service to me they couldn’t do enough to help!! Danny was friendly, fast and efficient! Our two lounges look amazing and he gave great advice also!! Highly recommend!!

Return Claim MadeNo

No response. Just wasting time. The worst service in Australia

I usually do not post negative opinion, but this service is the worst. Wasting my time from working, and making my mood really bad.

I bought a couch from Nick Scali Chatswood, and it got a dirty marks on it now. So it is my first time to call Guardsman as I also bought a 7 year warranty with the purchase, paid extra $260. Here is the experience:

My first call was in Jan, a lady picked up after 5 min waiting, and grabed my phone number and saying that they were going to call me back.

After two weeks, no response. Then I made another call. 10 min waiting. A lady picked up, same story. But I said I called before. She checked system and asked all my information, like name, product name, address, contact number, and said will call me back. Another two weeks till now, no response

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeNo

They are thieves please dont go with them

One of the worst leather insurance company in Australia.. thier customer service is rubbish they always promise you put you on hold for ages but no one help .. we bought leather chase from NICK SCALIE & we paid extra for insurance few months after found a stain on the leather... called them they sent someone had a look then decided to take it to change the parts of that stain leather... instead of changing it they painted YES the paint the leather with cheap paint its looks funny now & looks like plastic chase .. so called emailed them but no answer then we went to customer rights but the ignore them then we went to the court we wan the case but the even ignored the court decision!!! So they are thieves

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeYes

The service was professional timely and with a great result. Danny was knowledgeable with the product and conditioning

Great service
Presentable and knowledgeable
Freindly advice and took the time to run through how to prevent further issues with our furniture. I would recommend to anyone who required the service and happy to provide further feedback

Return Claim MadeNo
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Dear Matthew E, Thank you for taking the time to leave this feedback. We are excited to hear of your positive experience with Danny and will ensure he receives this feedback. Many Thanks, Guardsman Australia

Fabtastic, professional service!

Our guardsman technician, Danny is absolutely fantastic! He is professional and very good at what he does! We have had him come out twice now and we have been very happy both times. He always goes above and beyond to ensure we are happy with the service.

Product Quality
Return Claim MadeNo
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Dear Sam, Thank you for taking the time to provide this feedback. We are delighted to hear of the exceptional service Danny has provided you. Many Thanks Guardsman Australia

Danny was awesome!!

We had Danny over and he did an amazing job, very passionate about his job and keen to help! My sofa was horrible and it’s looking brand new again!

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Dear PKA, Thank you so much for providing this feedback! We are so happy to hear of your experience with our technician Danny. Many Thanks, Guardsman Australia

A load of rubbish buyer beware and know what is covered and not covered before you buy it.

We purchased this for our couch (2 and 3.5 seater in 2017) we spilt white wine on it and used a damp cloth on it to clean it up, we cleaned it up except a small mark on the couch I was asked when it happened I said about a week ago, on calling I also requested that there is a mark on it from where people are sitting and on the arms and back cushion from heads. I was told that the white wine was covered this time they would allow it to be accepted but next time with in 5 days not 7 like I said.(I said a week) how big of them) Guardsman said The wear and tear (people sitting on it was not covered) if it was somebody from the pool wet sat on the seat and left a water mark it would be covered if notified in 5 days. The phone rep recommended a annual couch clean. that's when I said what happens if I do that and Guardsman say it is not a recommended company and voids the fabric treatment because how they cleaned it. I then asked for a recommendation of approved cleaners which they can send me but they also said because it was privately sourced the cleaning was on me. if it was a warranty claim and it didn't remove the stain they would pay for a second clean. So really if I clean the couch off my own back I bet they will get out of any further claims saying they previously clean void the fabric treatment of Guardsman. Sorry for being rude to the phone operator but your product IMO is a scam and a waste of money nothing like it was sold to me, scotch guard would be better. where as scotch guard is a spray on fabric protector that would most likely stopped the human stains and wine would have not soaked in
with the stain from people sitting on it I was advised that I needed to advise Guardsman within 5 days, yeah right I noticed the discolouring yesterday and thought I was covered, because I was advising you now, otherwise I'd be calling you every day with an update on any marks. I honestly though that this product protected the couch, the warranty states that it covers human body fluids, heck we have no children that might spew on the couch and the friends we have use the toilet and can handle the booze. Buyer be ware, IMO this product is not what is sold or how it is sold needs to be reviewed.

The telephone rep told me off like I was a little boy.

Guardsman you got one star because I had to give you one star. I wish PR had Poos to rate your product.

Dear Dave. I am very sorry to hear of your experience. Could you please forward your contact details via private message so this can be investigated further. Many thanks Guardsman.The lady on the phone yesterday has my contact details, along with the same receipt number I gave here. it was registered yesterday, I'm expecting an email with the list of 'Approved' cleaners the call was recorded and was around 1300- 1400 NSW time you should be able to find my details in your system3months on I've gotten over the bridge, to be fair they did offer to clean the area and then clean the couch complete when they said it was fair wear and tear, I said I'd follow it up by sending pics etc but to be honest I couldn't be bothered and will get the couch ourselves, still say buyer beware

Worst experience - Months later and still no resolution

Purchased a couch from Nick Scali along with the guardsman care package. After finding a few scuffs on the couch we contacted guardsman to have almost zero response from them. We then contacted Nick scali who got in contact with guardsman and finally close to 2 months later we had a technician come out to assess the couch. We were told that we would have an outcome within 2 weeks, we are now close to another 2 months down the line with absolutely zero resolution not to mention absolutely appalling communication. I have called through multiple times now to be told that I would have an answer by the end of the week.... weeks on and nothing. I have had enough. I wouldn’t recommend to anyone, has been nothing but a headache.

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Dear Yahudii. I am very sorry that you have not been contacted. Could you please send through your contact details and I will ensure that you are contacted. Apologies for the experience that you have had. Many Thanks Guardsman.

Danny is fantastic

Had awful stains on couch and Danny provided a fast, efficient and great clean and was very easy to organise. Highly recommend.

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We purchased this with a new couch about. year ago, how does it work, We have stains on our couch isn't this meant to stop stains or does it make them easier to remove?
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