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O Cedar Liquid Furniture Polish

O Cedar Liquid Furniture Polish

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Changed formula.


I was a regular user of O Cedar. However, the changed formula is runny, takes a long to dry when applying and doesn't last as long. My timber looks tired, dry and worn in half the time. I won't be buying O Cedar again..... ever.

Leanne - Mackay QLD

Leanne - Mackay QLDCentral Queensland, QLD

OCedar on leather lounge


My quality leather lounge has started to peel. The only thing that I can think of that I have used on the lounge is OCedar furniture polish. Has anyone else used this product on leather of any kind and what has been your outcome/findings? I've also used on timber furniture and found it leaves a residue Many thanks.

Elspeth N.

Elspeth N.South-Eastern Region, NSW

  • 2 reviews

Bring back original O'Cedar Furniture Polish please.


Very disappointed in the new O'Cedar Furniture Polish. The smell is awful and it is SO runny - just like water. I have been buying the original O'Cedar for years and use it to polish all my spinning wheels and other wooden furniture. The house used to.smell so lovely after using the original. Not happy.Jan
Will be finding an alternative if the old product is not bought back to Supermarket shelves.

Purchased in July 2018.

Not the same any more


Please bring the traditional product back. It work perfectly well, smells natural, got the right formular. Why changed it? If you want to experiment, create a new model. Call old one "Classic" the new one "New" so something creative. Apology for my tone, but honestly, it's my trusted product, before you changed it.

Varian X.

Varian X.Ipswich

Excellent when used as directed but doesn't smell as nice any more.


Long time user of the product. It's a polish, it's good. It's not a miracle restoration product nor a magical floor polish as some "reviewers" seem to've unrealistically expected. I use it on all my timber furniture and my speaker cabinets (but not my floors, of course, because it's FURNITURE polish and I can read). It rejuvenates the finish well, is easy to apply,and smells pleasant but I do wish they'd return the smell to the original though.

This product is rubbish


Have been using your Floor Polish for over 10 years Purchased a bottle recently only to find it was not the same I had been using. This is watery not at all oily no nice smell my feet stuck to the floor and streaks were every where,I have beautiful Jarrah polished boards and all I ever used on them was the original O'Cedar oil.
It has ruined my beautiful boards and I don't know how to remove it. I will never use this product again and will not recommend it to anyone. I want some answers from this company immediately.



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Miracle polish man cave rescuer


Used it on a blue gum timber bar that was grimey from years of spilt drinks and dust. One coat and wipe it's now looking smick as bringing out the vibrant red grains and fantastic sheen.

So impressed I thought I would give it a go on my old pool table i thought I would need to sand back and varnish again. Once again to my delight it brought out the beautiful timber colours and gave it a classy shine.

Barely used any of the 300ml bottle will go a long way.

Mike C

Mike CSydney

  • 8 reviews

O'Cedar Furniture Polish


Tried this on cedar venetian blinds that have direct midday sun exposure, it is an excellent product, goes on very easily and buffs to a matt finish with a lint free cotton cloth.
The blinds were very neglected and really soaked up the first coat, I found using a small, long bristle paint brush the most effective way to apply the first coat.
Prices seem to vary, best price I found was Bunnings, $6.40 for a 300ml bottle. That was sufficient to treat 4, 1800mm x 1350mm blinds.
I will probably check and reapply in 6 months time, although it is a mind numbing job so I may not......


PoppySouth East Queensland, QLD

  • 2 reviews

Never again!!


Used this on my timber floor and table. My lovely floor looked awful. Every footmarks showed, dog paw marks everywhere. Took hours to remove this stuff, Terrible, be warned, very disappointing.

Ray W

Ray W

  • 2 reviews

Not suitable for polished Jarrah flooring.


Leaves sticky, dull residue which shows all shoe and foot prints, and them difficult to remove, definitely not suitable for timber flooring. Am now looking for alternatives, any suggestions please.

Out door wooden bar


Works a treat looks like new again..I highly recommend this little bottle, used on outdoor furniture and indoor don't need to apply as much to the indoor furniture as it's not as dry and doesn't have the sun to help it dry/asorbe in.



Do not buy this product


It is a very expensive product and it is not worth the money. It leaves an oily residue after used and covers only minor scratches. The residue it leaves reduces the shine of the furniture. Disgusting product.

Sarzie Mac

Sarzie MacSydney

  • 128 reviews

Really great product


This is a fantastic product, even if it is a little expensive. I use it on all the wooden furniture. If you don't follow the directions and remember to wipe it off / rub it in it does leave an oily residue - it is an oil after all! But it's such a good finish and smells great too. I bought a beat up old wooden chest and rubbed this into it. The end result was amazing. It even felt smooth to the touch. It will still need to be done every few months or so, but well worth it. I just hope they don't change the product like so many other companies do.



new tricks with O Ceadar


I sprayed O Cedar on a cloth and rubbed down the Aluminum frame on my back entry door and now it shines like new after a few hours no residue just a great shine

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Four months since I used O Cedar on all my aluminium frames (mission brown) and still look new all frames are over twenty years old and were very dull

Destroyed my Davis table


Stained the table which is over 20 years old. No product has ever down this. Impossible to shine, Leaves a greasy scum. Disgusting product. Will see if I can feed back directly to ocedar but there appears to be no way.


JimboGreater Melbourne (Metropolitan), VIC

Over priced Paraffin Oil


If you look at the MSDS for this product it is 98% Paraffin Oil.
You can get 1 litre of Diggers Paraffin Oil from Bunnings for $12.15.
Nearly three times cheaper.



I have used O Cedar polish since 1949 and it is easy to use, preserves the furniture and has a delightful "O Dar" that leaves the whole house smelling as fresh as the first day of spring. I love using O Cedar!

Amandeep Singh

Amandeep SinghMelbourne

  • 6 reviews

Masks scratches and cleans floor


Awesome products for hiding scratches forever.

Tried on floor and worked awesome.

Mop is required on floor after using this to give even look.

Great stuff


This product is excellent on lighter timbers it would be fantastic if you could make a similar product to cover imperfections on darker timbers as there appears to be nothing on the market

Mrs Sheen

Mrs SheenMelbourne

It's a very expensive furniture polish


Some of the reviews on here have obviously been written by people who have shares in the company!
This won't cover damage to your furniture! I had a cple of items with minor surface marks and used this to hide them after seeing these reviews. All this stuff is, is a polish that does nothing but polish a piece of wood. If your item is slightly marked before you use this product, it'll be slightly marked after you use it. Anyone who says it covers or disguises even minor damage is probably sniffing the stuff.

It's a furniture polish - that's all

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We were using O'Cedar furniture polish on our bed head and the container leaked. How can I get the stain out of my sheet.

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Brooke B

Brooke Basked

Has anyone used this product on cane/wicker furniture?

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Kay P

Kay Pasked

Have a tin marked O'Cedar Mop Polish
Which has different languages on it and was wondering when it was produced.
My late husband unearthed the tin around 30 years ago,and it had buttons in it.
Would love to know more about it?

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