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ProtectMe Textile

ProtectMe Textile

4.9 from 62 reviews

Great service

Ordering was easy and delivery timely. On using it on one of my cushions in our camper I discovered they had already been waterproofed so am going to try it on my car seats. I am sure it will do the job.

This is exactly what I was looking for

So many solvent fabric protectors on the market and in the past have been highly toxic and not very user friendly.
ProtectMe was bought specifically to apply to my new fabric dining chairs which are a light beige colour.
I used the electric spray attachment and it was easy to put an even coating on all eight chairs which only took
less than 15 minutes.
Within a day after applying a second coat to the seats the silicone based protection was dry and worked like a treat.
I tested one chair with a water spray bottle and it beaded just like it was supposed to.
I highly recommend ProtectMe to anyone.
You will not be disappointed.
Cheers to the ProtectMe Team.

Peter Sanderson

Fabulous product

I recently purchased with the spray nozzle to use on my new suede fabric lounge and could not be happier with the result. It was so quick and simple to apply, no harmful fumes or odours that would upset the kids or dogs, and testing after one coat, water beaded and ran off. It also did not affect the colour or feel of my lounge, you wouldn't know it was there. I regret not buying the larger size! Thank you.

I can highly recommend

I bought “protect me” after randomly searching through internet. I was initially a little sceptical but decided to try my luck and bought 2litres with the spray gun.
I applied them only few months later and took another few months to put it to test. Still early days but few chocolate stains were very easily removed just by a wet rag from a fluffy dining chair material. I think it works really well and I have my confidence on this product.
If I pick on anything it would be on the spray gun. I think it could be better than the current one which is a little rough on spray and cannot do a nice misty spray. Item arrived quickly and packed nicely with all instructions.

Great customer service

I have not used fabric protection prior so decided to do some research. Contacted a few suppliers and found that the Technical support offered by Protect me was second to none, the support Tech returned my call and was very informative in answering my inquiry. The product was simple to apply, as directed.
Would definitely recommend

So far so good

I purchased ProtectMe for some new rugs for my home. Application was easy and when I tested it with water it didn’t penetrate the surface layer as promised! Seems great so far!

Yep....one application & it works!!

Applied the product late one night as per the directions on my 6 seater corner recliner lounge, with the battery operated spray nozzle, which made it sooo easy & the next morning it was dry. (< than 12 hours later...I had the ceiling fan running all night) No nasty smells & when I tested it the next day with a little water. the water beaded & just ran off the arm of the chair! Brilliant!!
Will be very keen to see how long it lasts as the lounge is used everyday but hoping it lasts a long time.
Will spray other items with whats left over from my 2L bottle.

Works as described

Repels liquids extremely well.
Time will tell as to its lasting effects. No reduction in the short period since first applying.
At the moment I would definitely recommend Protect Me products.

It works!!!

It really works as advertised... I am really impressed!... the only issue was the spray usage Rate.. It recommends 100cc per sqm fabric but probably it requires more than that! In my case and I have to buy another bottle now...!!

Amazing product

Love this product. It took me a while to work out how much to use (I brought the 750 ml bottles). I purchased a new lounge and after looking at all of the reviews I decided on ProtectMe.
Easy to use, was delivered quickly. I did the water test and presto, it beaded straight away. Next I will spray my shoes and whatever else I can find. So far, so good.

Great product

I run my own cleaning business for the past 3 years. This year I decided to offer protective service for glass, vehicles and fabrics. As I was searching for a reliable fabric protector I was recommended to try protect me. It’s the only one I trialed. Long story short I tried it once and won’t try any others. The product does what it says and myself and my customers are very happy.

Commerical Application

Easy to apply with auto spray unit, drys quickly and didn’t affect colours of fabric. Arrived promptly with everything required including batteries for the spray unit which was very handy.

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Hi Rebecca, Thank you so much for your review, we really appreciate you taking your time to share it. Best Regards Dan @protectME

Easy to use and effective

Protect Me is easy to apply although it can be a little hard to work out the coverage. The product has no obvious/strong smell which is a real plus and although it hasn't been tested in anger yet water did bead on my couch fabric so I'm confident it will work when the time comes!

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Hi Larry, Thank you so much for your review and feedback about the coverage, we are working on an easy guide to show how much product is needed. Best Regards Dan @protectME

Works like a charm!

Just sprayed my dining chairs yesterday with ProtectMe and tested it out today with water and the water beaded as described. Very happy with the product. Can't wait to use it on all my other furniture. Thank you.

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Hi Moon, Thank you so much for your great review, we really do appreciate you taking your time to share it. Best Regards Dan @protectME

Perfect safeguard

Never used any fabric products before and this is the first time and so far I would recommend the product .we used it on our fabric couch running shoes and will have a go with my motorcycle boots

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Hi Kev, Thank you so much for your great review, we really do appreciate you taking your time to share it. Best Regards Dan @protectME

Great Product, Easy application, and even better Service

The team at Protect Me have really created an outstanding product, I was looking for something that didn't hold all the chemicals, that actually works.

The drying time is great, and it is easy to use (I also purchased the spray gun) I had a few questions and the team responded very quickly.

Have recommended to several friends

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Hi Kirsty, Thank you so much for your great review and feedback, we really do appreciate you taking your time to share it. Also a big thank you for spreading the word to your friends. Best Regards Dan @protectME

simple and effective product to use with a wide range of aplications

I originally purchased the product to treat my wife's new cars (Scoda Kodiac Sportline) seats which are made Alcantara which is a suede look alike , first test i did on the seats was to pour water on them and found it beaded and did not penetrate that was a success, problem was i already paid the car dealer $300 for seat treatment which did not work. I now confidently spray all my sons and wife's new shoes to protect them and intend to seek more applications. GREAT PRODUCT"

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Hi John, Thank you very much for the great review and feedback, we really appreciate it. Im sure that you will find plenty of applications for the product around the home. Best Regards Dan from protectME

Perfect for fabric protection

Great product, amazing results. Tried lot of other sprays but protectMe gave superior results over others. I ordered twice and looking to buy more. Good stuff and fast delivery. Thanks

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Thank you so much for taking the time to share your feedback! We're so glad to hear that you love using our product and that it has outperformend the competitors. Best Regards Dan from protectME

Happy customer

I have used protectMe textile on a new rug and am so pleased with the result I have already recommended this to friends. I was really pleased with the result and being Eco friendly perfect for my young family not to be exposed to any nasty chemicals. GREAT PRODUCT.

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Hi Allie, Thank you so much for taking the time to share your feedback! We're so glad to hear that you love using our product and are recommending it to your friends. Best Regards Dan from protectME

This product is amazing!

This product is very easy to use, it has provided excellent protection from damage. I feel safe when people come over and drink whilst sitting on the couch! We used 2 coats and it works excellently. No issues so far

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Hi Olivia, Thank you so much for taking the time to share your feedback! We're so glad to hear that you love using our product. Best Regards Dan from protectME

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Questions & Answers

Hi can I use it on my carpet and how often should I re apply?
2 answers
Hi Tahlia, Thank you for your question. protectME can be use on carpets and rugs. As most carpets are quite thick we recommend applying 180-200 ml per square meter. The coating will last 2-3 years on most materials and areas, the areas with most traffic will require re application after 2 years. We hope this information has been of assistance.My carpet is a light cream colour will it make it go a different colour??

Hi, I have Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue and am looking for a protection to put on a new lounge we are buying. Its a polyester as I need a super comfy lounge. Just wondering if any other sufferers have had issues with the ingredients. Thankyou.
3 answers
Hi Kerry, in the +6 months that I’ve been using Protect Me I have not yet come across anyone who’s had any health issues exacerbated due to the product. I’m sorry I can’t be anymore helpful to you. Regards AlleyThankyou very much Alley for your input. Reguards Kerry.Hi Kerrie, thanks for your message. We are not aware of any previous customers with this condition having used the product. However, we have had people comment that they are not able to use other well known fabric protectors due to the chemical content but have had no problem using protectME. We recommend that you check our Ingredients page for more information. We hope this helps!

Does this spray change the texture of the fabric I’m spraying? Can I tell there is something there, like a residue?
1 answer
Hi Janeymac, Thank you for you enquiry. Once the protectME coating has cured (after 12-24hours) you will not see or feel any difference to the fabric surface. If the fabric you are treating has texture or nap then it is recommended to use a small brush straight after spraying the surface to ensure that the coating has been applied every and gets absorbed properly. The brush is also a great way to raise the nap again after treatment.

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