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Hi Speed Iron Cleaner

Hi Speed Iron Cleaner

4.1 from 8 reviews

best product on the market

I put the iron away in the cupboard under the stairs while it was still hot - and accidentally the iron fell over onto a black shopping bag. The entire base of the iron was covered in black sticky MESS. I remembered a half tube of Hi Speed iron cleaner somewhere in the laundry .... at LEAST 15 years old. Yes, it worked! I covered the entire base of the iron with the product and wiped it off. Iron like brand new! Thank you Hi Speed!!!

A very handy product and efficient.

I have used this product fir longer than I care to remember. The iron should be WARM, not hot as one reviewer said. My son had an immense amount of rubbish on the bottom of his iron and after it being there for a couple of years good old Mum came good with the hi-speed iron cleaner and voila! Clean as a whistle

Waste of money

After 3 applications, following all of the instructions, iron still has stuff on it.
For starters the tube was mainly full of air.
Will go back to using bi carb, cheaper and better!!!

Great Product

Readily available which is always good. Got mine at Coles.
Easy to use and most important - it actually does the job the product blurb says it will do.

Great product

Had a few tubes of this great product over the years, but now I require another. Unfortunately I can no longer find it on the shelves of the big two supermarket chains in Canberra.
Very disappointed, but will keep searching.

Fantastic Product. Doesn't get any better than this for cleaning irons without scratching.

I still have the last remains of a tube I got from mum when I left home 20yrs ago. You need a pea size drop on a piece of paper towel folded 4-6 times so you don't hurt your fingers. Cleans anything off the iron in seconds. Once done, get a clean piece of paper towel folded and wipe over. Marvelous.

Risk of burning yourself

Ibought this without reading the directions first. When I went to use it was surprised that you would be expected to turn on the iron, get it hot and rub the product on the soleplate. I followed the directions and had to reapply twice. Used a fair bit from the small tube. While I didn't burn myself I think it is a very risky undertaking. I have gone back to a product similar to Jif called Tri Nature Ultra and use that on a cold iron. Safer and more effective.
It did get the job done eventually.
Risk of injury, other products work better

Fantastic Product... I just can't find it in store anymore :-(

It's great! As soon as i feel the iron start to stick I use it and it glides. In fact I've not found any build up etc that it won't remove. Feel lost without it!

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I too find this product the best , it seems to have disappeared from the shelves of the supermarkets .

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where can we buy hi speed hot iron cleaner?
3 answers
I bought mine over 15 years ago, however I just Googled it and it comes up as being available at Coles On-Line for around $8.65. It's made by White King. I could have bought it on-line but I don't wish to sign up with all my details - name, email address etc. and then be bombarded by emails for the next 10 years. Have a look and you could do it, or maybe you can physically track it down in one of their stores. Good luck. It's a great product.Coles or Woolworths have it in the laundry / cleaning aisles. You'll probably also find it at Bunnings in the cleaning aislesNo luck in either Coles or Woolies, I have checked just recently but have found it online at Drakes which in SA is an IGA so maybe try one of those. Big W don't have it either

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