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Harris Black Label

Harris Black Label

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I only want to drink black label 5, love it.

The 200g brick is very expensive when one drinks a lot of coffee with friends,I am no different from others who would like to see the 1 kg brick come back or at least the 600g. Your site is not user friendly, I can't find out if I can order it on line, it just shows how to make coffee? i know how to make coffee, I just want to get some in a bigger brick. Thanks, Andy

black label please!

Please let's have the black label in larger 500/600gm packs back. You have lost customers by the recent changes in marketing. I have not bought a Harris product since the deletion of black label 500/600gm. Before that I had been a lifelong customer since the days of big brown cans of coffee.I have experimented with other brands but have not found an equivalent so far.

Can't live without it.

PLEASE.... can we have HARRIS BLACK .... 1kg... back on the shelves ???? .... NO OTHER coffee TASTES like HARRIS BLACK ... thank you ...

Harris has lost a customer!

I have been buying this ground coffee brick for years, great value and taste. I like a rich smooth flavour. The Green label Expresso is not far off, other blends don't cut it. Best bang for buck at around $9-$11 for 500/600 gm packs at Coles or Wollies on special ....until they stopped stocking it and can now only get in 200gm packs for $6. That equates to $18 for 600gms. No longer economical to buy. Rang Harris, they said Coles and Wollies stopped buying the 500/600 gm packs - which were produced for them. Strange, collusive??? Perhaps an intermediary had arranged the deal for both to buy in that size to benefit both - and us customers.

Now need to find another equal coffee to be my usual which can be bought on special and in an economical size. I used to empty 500/600 bag into smaller jars and then wrap in Gladwrap and store in fridge until l needed. Just the right size to get good value. I had tried a few other Brands/blends over the years for a change but always came straight back to the Black label. There are other equal or better coffees but at 2-3 times the price - but now on par or close to Black Label @ $6 for 200 gms. I bet Harris loses market share due to the bigger size being discontinued, not many will pay the 200 gm price unless they don't drink much coffee.

I can't live with out it , it gets me going in the mornings

Please put my coffee back on the shelf its the only one i like, it gets me going in the mornings, have to have it , have tried others no good

The only coffee for me.

Why can't I get them in 1kg packs anymore.
Used to get them every where, shops have all the other numbers except #5, recently it came with a new packaging.
Please put them back on the shelfs again.

worried Black label.

In the words of Pauline Hanson: "I dont like it."

It smells like burnt toast, worst ive smelt. And its taste was not that much better, had to use sugar. I cant imagine having it black...

The best I've tried

I've been using a variety of coffees in my home machine, Vittoria, Lavazza & various Harris varieties & this Black Label is the best. The downside is that I can't find it regularly or in the 1kg pack

Terribly poor Coffee

This is the first time I've tried Harris Coffee, heard bad reports but thought why not give it a try. Everyone's tastes are different right. Well this time the 60 people I asked were right. Tastes like dirt leaves a weird bitter taste. I thought I was imagining it, have tried 3 times more and the taste is still the same DIRT and a weird bitter taste.
Tastes like DIRT

I can't go a day without my wake up coffee

I had first tried Harris Black Label about a year ago, and have tried others since, but you can't beat this Black Label, I have given up trying others, when you find what you like, stick with it.
This is smooth yet strong and it just makes my morning a good one.

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Harris Black Label
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