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Nightmare experience in business class with young children

We were travelling as a family of five, 3 adults and a 1yo and 3yo child, from Sydney to Honolulu return. As the first leg of the trip was overnight, I thought we would be more comfortable in business class. We had previously had a great experience with Singapore Airlines with a separate bassinet provided for the baby (for whom there was no cost). For this trip, we had to pay around $US400 for the baby, although the reasons for this remained unclear, especially when it was apparent that no bassinet was to be provided. Needless to say, his mother had a very uncomfortable flight. Our 10.5 hour day flight home was much worse. There were no food choices generally, and the food served was unsuitable and unappealing to the children. When we booked, we had to specify the ages of the children so I find it hard to understand why kid-friendly food was not available. Again with Singapore Airlines, they had special kids’ food and even activity packs. We had packed snacks for the children but these were intended to supplement meals not substitute for them. I asked the staff if there was any food the kids could eat, as by hour 6 of the flight, the baby was literally screaming with hunger. I complained to Hawaiian Airlines, and found their response unhelpful, and indicative of their failure to understand my central point which was that the business class section needs to provide more appropriately for. The needs of young children.

Value for Money
Seat Room
In-Flight Service
In-Flight Entertainment
DestinationHonolulu, HI, USA
ClassBusiness Class
BookingThrough Airline

Cost efficient, comfortable, it is Hawaii from the moment you step on board

I have flown Hawaiian a few times....SYD to HNL and back....plus inter-island. All I can say is they are great for the price and service level. Food is adequate....some people think Hawaiian is a full-service airline....No, it is a bargain airline, that steps out of the swamp to do much better.....We had 31" on the economy international flights.....maybe a bit less on the inter-island....flights too short to care....But for SYD-HNL-SYD....I wouldn't bother with Jetstar (ever) or Qantas (unless they offered a significant fare reduction). Very Happy with Hawaiian.....Their cabin crews are extremely hard-working.....best I have seen since Singapore Airlines....and no joke - they are wonderful personalities and do their best.

Anyway, fear not....Try them on your next flight to HNL from Australia.....We have done it a couple times as well as Qantas....and it is definitely Hawaiian for us......Best on the route by far......

Value for Money
Seat Room
In-Flight Service
In-Flight Entertainment
DestinationHonolulu, HI, USA
BookingThird Party

have flown 5 times, NO PROBLEMS!

Wanted to know if I could get from one terminal to other in limited time, RANG THE AIRLINE DIRECT few weeks before to understand the directions., they EXPLAINED how to get from A to B, there is a map of terminals on their site.
Seats were fine flew one leg Business and other legs equivalent to premium economy, (AN AREA JUST BEHIND BUSINESS)
Flew Brisbane Honolulu, stay over then to outer island return NO PROBLEMS.
Flew Honolulu stayed a week , then onto to Japan return another time. NO PROBLEMS!!
This was all in 2016/17

A lot left to improve on

Flew with Hawaiian Airlines from Sydney to Honolulu, Honolulu to New York and back again in business/first class. The seats are relatively comfortable, as they recline to 180 degrees. However, they are quite narrow and the footrest is not ideal.

Food is good, though not amazing. Our domestic flights in the US had no access to a proper lounge (with snacks and drinks) even though we were flying first class! Was quite surprised with this.

In-flight entertainment is through an iPad Pro. I really enjoyed this since the screen quality was great and you could put the iPad in many positions.

The staff are generally very friendly and welcoming. Though nowhere as close to as helpful as the staff on Chinese airlines, who will do everything for you.

Overall, Hawaiian airlines lacks many qualities that make it a great airline. Nothing stands out.

Left me without food for 18 hours... never again!

I booked my tickets way back in February so that I could just relax and know that everything was sorted. I have a gluten allergy and made sure to let my flight agency know (this was not a problem with my trip to America on another airline, they had informed both airlines).
My ticket clearly stated that I was in business class, however, when I arrived at the airport and was checking-in, they informed me that there was no business class on their planes. This made me very confused as I had paid for business class, not economy. I decided not to make a fuss about it and let it go. My flight from San Fransisco to Honolulu was five hours, there was no onboard entertainment (unless you wanted to pay $10 for a film). The stewardesses knew nothing about my allergy so I was left with no food, I also let this go and hoped my second flight would get better. My second flight was thirteen hours and did have onboard entertainment, but again, no-one had been notified of my allergy. When I asked the stewardesses about what I should eat for the remaining 11hrs of the flight, I was talked to with hostility and aggression. After a long discussion with the stewardess, I received a gluten-free snack box which only had about five tiny things, nowhere near to a sufficient meal. As a result of not eating enough during my flights, I started to get severe stomach cramps and ended up fainting/losing consciousness on the plane. The stewardess was not of much help, she told me to stand up and get back in my seat.
My experience with Hawaiian Air was TERRIBLE and has left me very shaken and upset. Save yourself the hassle and money, book with a more trustworthy airline!

Never again

10 hours flight with uncomfortable seats. I have never been on a flight were the food was much to be desired. No choice of a second option. Don't eat chicken so you go hungry. Reply was we can only do so much.
Flew 3 times with Hawaiian NEVER AGAIN.

Needs to improve

Having flown with Hawaiian Airlines on quite a few occasions, in all classes (Business, Premium Economy and Economy) on a recent flight to the USA mainland I noticed a distinct drop off in the level of service and the quality of food served. My original flight with them back in 2012 on the inaugural flight ex Brisbane to Honolulu, and for the next few years I couldn’t fault their food or service, but this last flight both over and back was a severe disappointment. Maybe with their increased popularity they are struggling to maintain their previous high level of service but on recent form I’ll be looking elsewhere for my USA flights.

Maybe we were lucky??!!

After reading the negative reports on this airline we were not anticipating a good trip. However, both HA444 and HA 443 fights proved to be OK. Yes, we paid extra for "Extra comfort" and this we got - plenty of leg room, pillow and blanket. Yes, the food was not first class and the service was average but you get what you pay for. Beer, wine and spirits available on both flights, you have to use the call button to get the attention of the cabin staff, but service was prompt and helpful. My TV did not work and a staff member went and got me an Ipad so I could watch the movies. All in all I would say value for money.

Flight HA 0444 to Hawaii

Flight HA 0444 was delayed for technical problems for half an hour then another hour, and another hour, and another hour and again another hour. Then it was cancelled leaving every one in a bad way. They gave us locals 2 cab vouchers, onreto take us home and one to go back to the airport the next day. We arrived home and gavethe cab driver the voucher. He told us it was expired. The date it had expired was 4 month ago. I had to pay $80. These vouchers were given to all the locals. Can't wait for what we hear today from everyone. This mob were not professional.
Tried to call them to find out how to get reimbursed but got nowhere. They gave me a website address and told me to make a claim there.

The most horrendous flight I have been on

My wife and I flew with Hawaiian Airlines from Sydney to Honolulu.
Our experience on this flight was awful.
The seats were fixed and did not recline. On a ten hour flight sitting upright was very uncomfortable.
The cabin crew were not very customer friendly, they practically threw the food and drinks at the passengers. The only alcoholic beverages were beer or wine. There were no spirits. The flight itinerary stated two meals but the first was just a snack. We chose the chicken wrap. The wrap tasted quite strange and I did not eat all of mine. Within an hour of eating the chicken wrap I was suddenly violently sick. I was caught unprepared and vomit went everywhere. Luckily I had a spare shirt in my cabin bag to change into. A little while later my wife felt ill. On the way to the toilet she fainted. She landed half in the toilet and spread over the aisle. The cabin staff were very slow to respond to calls for urgent assistance. In fact another passenger had to go and fetch cabin staff. At no time following our illnesses did any of the cabin staff inquire about our health.
Out troubles were not over.
When we arrived in Honolulu another plane was at the terminal we were designated. Our aircraft waited almost an hour for the plane to depart. As a result of the delay we, and several other passengers, missed our connecting flight to San Francisco. We were told to find the Hawaiian Airlines help desk where we would be reassigned to different flights. We were told the help desk was in “lobby two”, but not told where the help desk was exactly. We could not find any Hawaiian Airlines staff to help us and spent almost an hour finding the help desk. We were not told Hawaiian Airlines operations
were in a different building which was at least 1km from where we landed. All the passengers from the delayed plane should have been escorted to the Hawaiian Airlines by Hawaiian Airlines staff to the help counter as a matter of priority.
We were offered a flight the next day on Hawaiian Airlines or one 7 hours later on a United Airlines flight. We chose United Airlines. We were given food vouchers that merely allowed us to buy basic food such as sandwiches or cheap Chinese food.
We will certainly avoid flying with Hawaiian Airlines on long distance flights again.

My honeymoon experience to Hawaii

I took a trip to Hawaii for the first time ever for my honeymoon with my husband. Somehwere I had planned to go since I was a child. The island is beautiful and the people are lovely. Unfortunately the staff and customer service wasn't. We were left hungry both on the way and back as they couldn't provide a vegetarian meal even though I had checked double times both ways. no effort was made to provide substitute food and the staff has very little concern. The 9 hour flight was a struggle and we will not be flying with them again. After complaining we received 100 credit with the airline. Not sure how this helps me?

Poor Customer Service and Broken entertainment system

I chose Hawaiian airlines because I wanted to support a local premium airline which had commendable reviews and had a good in flight experience. Unfortunately, my recent experience was disappointing as the entertainment system did not work (for ALL passengers on this flight). The flight was over 10 hours and during a day flight (difficult to sleep). I was also travelling with my wife and my young child, whom is easily bored and difficult to look after for such a long time with no in flight entertainment to distract him. Each passenger was offered a USD$25 credit for a future flight however I believe this is unsatisfactory for the below reasons:
* it took my family over 3 years to save for a wonderful trip to Hawaii and will not have enough savings to fly again soon. My family has not flown in over 3 years.
*although I had a great time in Hawaii and glad I chose the destination, it is unlikely I will be returning to the same location again soon (maybe in a few years time).
*long haul flight over 10 hours
*day flight so difficult to sleep
* child with low attention span, made a difficult situation (ie international flight) even more hard as he was restless and had bursts of anger and frustration being kept on a plane with nothing to do.

I appreciate Hawaiian airlines’ flight credit (although still WAITING for this and does not work online), but I will not be able to redeem it within the required time. Customer service also NEVER replied even after waiting for over a month. Poor experience and will not fly with them again.

Nightmare end to a great holiday

Booking was done by our holiday club so can't comment on that. However flight ended up being 45 minutes late after we boarded due to loading of cargo,bad start for a long haul. Flight attendants handed out headsets to first few rows then stopped . Once in air the rest of us had to ask for some and were then told they ran out. No entertainment for 10 hours and after one scotch I was told they were out of that too. Thank god we didn't run out of fuel ,would never fly with them again ,suggest you don't either. Staff also need a lot more training ,not that I can accurately judge them because they seem to be hiding down the back avoiding all the flak in the comfy seats they keep for themselves . How about some compensation Hawaiian airlines ,fat chance.

Quite reasonable .

We have just returned from our trip to Hawaii. I would just like to make a few points from our experience.
1. Extra comfort seats are worth the money. I had a good nights sleep and enjoyed the extra room.
2. The plane left on time and boarding was well done in plenty of time.
3. Cabin service is below par for a full service airline. The meals were very basic with no choices. Take your own snacks!
4.The cabin staff seemed disinterested in service. We had one friendly lady.
5. The aircraft seemed older than Im used to . But it got us there!
6. Dont have expectations of a top airline then you will not be disappointed!

Terrible experience and haven't even got off the ground!

The booking process seemed simple enough, book online via Hawaiian Airlines - flights Brisbane to Hawaii return - with accommodation at relevant resort - over $10,000 worth of travel. Hawaiian Airlines took the full amount straight away. Received email with booking confirmation advising all confirmed and no need to re-confirm. We wanted to check into our seat numbers as travelling with kids and found that the trip is not in fact booked. After two weeks of calling, discussing and no one actually returning our calls was advised someone at Expedia (have no idea why Expedia) had since cancelled the trip, yet Hawaiian Airlines was who we booked with, Hawaiian took the $ from our credit card, so why Expedia has authority to cancel I don't know and no-one at Hawaiian seems to know either. Spent two weeks now, each day, trying to get someone to make sense of what has happened - have an itinerary number, no refund, spoken to many, many people. The service is unprofessional and ridiculous - it actually appears to be a scam - except that they still confirm the booking number but say we don't have flights, not sure about the accommodation.
We are waiting again for someone to call us back (with 24 hours) this has happened every day, for the past two weeks, and guess what, NO-ONE ever returns the call. So I guess we have to now refer to Consumer Affairs to try and get our money back. Not happy. Do not use this airline or HAWAIIAN TRAVEL.

Bloody useless booking system - Took payment but no booking generated

I tried to book internal flights and hotel package (Waikiki to Kona return plus accommodation) through Hawaiian Airlines website. Completed the booking and was waiting for the system to "Process" my booking. To my horror, it gave me a PROCESSING ERROR. I had a bad feeling about that so I quickly went into my bank account and check the credit card which I submitted for payment. I was shocked that the total amount was taken out from the credit card despite the fact that the booking DID NOT go through. So I quickly called Hawaiian Airlines. I gave them all the details and they could not find my booking, and I was told that there is no booking in their system. WAIT A MINUTE! If they could not find a single information/details (names/phone number/email address) of my booking in their system, then HOW in the world, could their system took my credit card details and deducted $$ from my account?!?!?! What is bloody scam. The only "solution" (NOT!) the lady on the phone gave me was "Please contact your bank and dispute (or cancel, I cant remember the exact word she used) the payment" ...WAIT ANOTHER MINUTE, this is a huge inconvenience for me because now I have to wait for days and days for the payment dispute process and for the amount get credited back into my credit card. I have lost days/weeks of more than $1K because of some useless booking system of Hawaiian Airlines. No solution or any other offers coming out from them for the lost of $ from my side and the extreme inconveniences they have imposed. Terrible, horrible, Hawaiian Airlines. I lost all confidence with you guys - will not book online with you guys again!!

So far very good

Can't get thru on the phone but their online chat service is superb. Haven't flown with them yet but had to change our flights due to pregnancy. Paid the $200 per person (x3) fees and then filled out the medical fee waiver form and within 3 weeks received an email and refund of the fees.
Extremely helpful!! And we can't wait to fly and enjoy our trip to Hawaii next month.

A good solid airline

I have flown Hawaiian Airlines many times in the last 10 years Sydney Honolulu return. I book with a reputable travel agent. Prices are the same with online options. But a good travel agent shows photos of the cabin, gives advice on best seats, tells you the truth about extra comfort, business, luggage allowance, can show you meal menus and entertainment options, etc. Yes, you can find this on the airline website if you have time to look but a good agent can do it faster. Plus you have someone to help you out if needed. Hawaiian economy are equal to Qantas and better than Jetstar(the only other airlines that fly that route). It is a full service airline so food an drink are included. And 2 bags per persons with with a weight of 32kg per bag plus carry on. The extra comfort just in back of business are better than other areas. Economy meal but more recline and a little wider. Business class is the old style, not fully flat. But I believe that is changing with the new planes/upgrade. Hawaiian is usually the same price as Jetstar and cheaper than Qantas. That route I would choose them over the others.

Travel from Brisbane to Honolulu

Booked my flights on their website which was pretty easy to use and didn't have any issues.
I have used Hawaiian Airlines a few times now and have worked out the best seats are the last seats in the back of the plane because they usually block off the last 2-3 rows for their flight attendants to use to relax during the flight. They make sure no one goes to sit on their seats which is great so you are usually able to fly without anyone behind you kicking or complaining that your seat is all the way down. Make sure you be friendly with the staff cause they will make sure you get extra snacks/meals cause your the first and last person they pass. The planes are a bit old with plenty of squeaky noises coming from chairs and the plane itself. I'm pretty tall so leg room is just average, food is very average but staff were very friendly.

Extra comfort seating

If you are thinking of paying extra for the privilege of sitting in a day care centre with screaming babies and kids under 10 kicking the back of your seat and never shutting up for 10 hours go for it. Same meal as economy and seats are not any more comfortable than economy. Parents of little kids have worked out the extra room helps them but not anybody else. No priority boarding just called after first class and parents with little kids. BIG waste of money. Just did the flight from Honolulu to Sydney. Hosties did nothing most of the flight. Passengers had to get up for there own coffee and water.
Sydney to Honolulu Hawaiian Airlines changed our seating in extra comfort with no notice and separated us. Same Flight they did the same to another couple and took them out of extra comfort and put them in the back of the plane and the ground staff could not help.

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I had travel insurance covering trip to Hawaii. I broke my left foot have been given doctors clearance to fly. Does travel insurance cover upgrade
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Is there in-flight entertainment included on flights from Honolulu to Sydney?
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Yes. Seat-back screens....Pretty wide variety of movies, music, flight progress, etc.....Many thanks for your reply.

Does the flights from Sydney to Honolulu flight HA452 and Honolulu to Sydney HA451 provide inflight entertainment screens on the back of the seats?
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