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HR6BF157B (Black), HR6BF157R (Red), HR6BF157O (Orange) and HR6BF157W (White)
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I am a home brewer. I need to know the internal dimensions of the 'fridge to see if my fermenter will fit. ie clear width and height below the freezer. [email removed]
2 answers
From below the freezer, including the drip tray beneath it, it is 46 cm. If you take the drip tray away, you would have 52cm. Width is 44cm. There is a vegie crisper below which you can remove but would interfere with depth. which is ¬ 32-33cm.Many thanks

does this fridge replace a normal fridge?
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No. I had contacted the company and they informed me it was not a fridge, it is just a cooler. The shelves have all cracked on mine and the door to the freezer compartment has broken off and it's only 1 year old. The freezer compartment won't freeze anything properly and your food will go off. Don't waste your money.No, wouldn't recommend as a normal fridge replacement. I got one for mum as a 2nd fridge. She doesn't use it much, but I can see that it's not that robust. I've looked at a few sites online, and some call the top part an "ice-maker", but some call it a "freezer", which is incorrect. I also bought it thinking it was a freezer on top

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