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Hisense P7 Series
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Jittery Picture :(

I bought 3 of these TV's for my house mid last year (2018) after owning a second hand older (2016?) 50" Hisense TV which was great.
But since these the beginning the picture is jittery, like small pauses every few seconds when there is not much changing on the screen.
Taking the advice from this thread I can use Game mode to remove this issue from Netflix but for normal TV it is continuing to make it unwatchable as it hurts my eyes.
Very sad as one was for my sick mother and she cant watch it :(
Will be calling customer support to fix or replace.
Note - The sound and user interface for this TV is actually very good so still giving 2 stars but expect a lot better picture for a 4K modern TV.

Purchased at Harvey Norman.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Picture Quality
Sound Quality

Good budget 4K Smart TV

If you are after an entry level 4k (UHD) 55 inch Smart TV, this model is a great option.
If you are looking directly at the screen the picture is very crisp and clear with the HDR taking care of the black levels. However if you have a family where people are seated at the side of the screen, then the image becomes washed out. It has a very small range of decent viewing angles so beware.
The Smart TV part is okay, but it is not Android Play and it used something called VIDAA 2.5 so you do not have the luxury of loading apps yourself from Google Play. The Netflix, Stan and Youtube apps included do stream and view at 4K resolution.
Overall, for around $1000 it is a good start for those on a budget.

Purchased at JB Hifi Home for $1,188.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Picture Quality
Sound Quality

picture pause/jerk/stutter for a fraction of a second

The first one I got had the outer layer ( glass/perspex whatever ) coming away from the bottom right. Also had constant fraction of a secton pauses/jerks/stuttery movement. Replacement fixed the outer layer issue but other issue remains. Has nothing to to with motion flow. Actually, I've also noticed strange artifacts on adverts. If these issues can be fixed it would be a great tv. Quite annoying to watch at the moment.

Update ... Changing Football mode to Standard and using Game Mode fixed the pause/jerk/stutter issue from external sources like a pvr, but Game Mode cannot be used with the in-built tuner. I have since returned the unit for a full refund.

Purchased for $675.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money

2 tv's, 2 speaker issues and 1 power issue.

I got my first one in December 2017, less than 2 months later I took it back with bad speaker issues and they replaced it with the same tv. A month or so after that I had issues turning the tv on with remote and was told a month old tv needed an update which I did and so far no more power problems but 3 moths after that I had same speaker problem as first one but let it go until now ( feb 2019 )where its just too bad .
Called them up and they say need another update, 2 in 12 months for new tv, and if that doesn't work they will send out a technician and he may fix it.
Will never buy anything hisense again, rubbish.
Long story short, don't get anything but a tv with a store warranty so you can take it back straight away and not put up with the problems I'm going through with manufacturers warranty.

Purchased .

Great TV! Can’t fault it

Our old TV recently died and we needed a new one on a budget! The Hisense is a great TV. Great picture and sound.. honestly can’t fault it.. we shopped around and didn’t quite a lot of homework before buying as we’d always had bigger brands in the past but we are super happy with it!

Date PurchasedSep 2018

Amazing TV!

I bought this from Appliance Cetral's eBay store for $1300 and as soon as I got it running and calibrated it, I am more than impressed. The colours are great, excellent detail, premium finish, great speakers and just overall great price.

My recent TV was a 4 yr old LG 4k TV. I can tell if you're looking for a great TV without paying too much then this is hard to beat. It's not perfect, the HDR could be better but with a few colour changes this is still an awesome TV.

Date PurchasedDec 2018

Great TV. Perfect size

We Love this TV it has a great quality picture I would highly recommend looking at TVs on display as you Can see the difference in quality compared to the others around it. Size of it is great and it's easy to use with the Netflix and YouTube buttons on the remote and you can easily download extra apps. I would highly recommend this tv

Date PurchasedNov 2018

Best Quality Smart TV

Hisense Smart TV is a great performer. Its even like a 3D in quality without the cost. Simple to set up. Just plug and play. Its Netflix and UTube buttons are exceptional and it even has a memory to remember my last play. Pricing was also exceptional. Much cheaper than LG which cost over $3000...I find it much easier to use too with better wi fi connection that doesnt need resetting all the time. Its the best idiot proof Smart TV available with a great picture not needing professional installation. Save money with this fabulous product

Date PurchasedMar 2017

So Good!

Bought from JB for under $800. Very happy with hi-def clarity, brightness and crisp picture. Smart TV apps easy to use and seamless casting from phone and computer. Sound works great for tv speakers. 4K just breathtaking. So Good! Hisense 3 yr warranty also good reassurance of quality product. Stoked

Date PurchasedDec 2018

What a sensational TV for the money

I bought this tv about 1 month ago after my Panasonic plasma started to die after a good innings and 4 Samsung replacements that couldn't even last their warranty period, never again, anyway I researched this one and glad I did, awesome TV, easy to use, beautiful picture quality, best I've seen actually, enough inputs for everything and the freeview, stan, youtube, xbox and everything else I've got connected was just so easy, audio is a bit average but I don't care, my Yamaha amp fixed that, upscaling is fantastic and 4k is breathtaking, also love the remote layout, so easy to learn, swapping between inputs and apps is a breeze, all this for $1k at JB with 3 year warranty, so far absolutely stoked with this TV, it took a couple of days to adjust the picture settings just right but now it's just turn on and enjoy, chrome bezel annoyed me at first but don't even notice it now, I'm one happy Hisense convert.

Date PurchasedSep 2018

Wow what a TV... and for that price!

I had been looking for a 4k ultra HD smart TV (55" to 65") for a couple months and at first thought I would be up for an LG or Samsung for $2500 plus. That was until I saw the Hisense series 7 range. This TV has 100% stood up to the quality and finish of the bigger brands and was $1000+ cheaper. I was sceptical at first for the price but I have not looked back

Date PurchasedSep 2018

Great Value for Money

Fantastic picture quality for the price, blacks are excellent for and edge lit LCD TV. This TV does a better job upscaling Free to Air and Foxtel than the Samsung range. For Blu-ray and DVDs the picture quality is amazing with colours that match that of the samsung range (excluding the Q series). Ultra HD picture quality is much better than the Samsung NU7100 but not quite as good as the Samsung NU8000 when it comes to HDR content but most people wouldn't notice the difference. Gaming is better on the Samsung NU8000 and its the best TV for this. Audio quality is average but most people use soundbars or dedicated speakers anyway. Motion handing is excellent on this TV and is better than the samsung range but not as good as the Sony K9000F.

Forget what you see in store with the washed out colours. This is due to the wrong setting being used in store. Grab a remote from the salesmen and try the picture modes for your self.

Date PurchasedOct 2018

Clear and provides real life images for great viewing

This is my first time buying this brand of TV and it didnt fail me. I like how easy it is to use the settings on the remote. Bluetooth and wireless connectivity is very easy to use. User-friendly, and budget friendly. The sound quality is great. The only thing i notice is it doesnt come with additional accessories like antenna cables. The picture quality is wonderful! I love my purchase and choice of television!

Date PurchasedAug 2018

Sound is good, design is exelent, remote easy to navigate, but picture quality in my opinion is not

Yes it has enough ports. Bluetooth would be good . WiFi work well, not a computer geek but should have more apps asosiated with the country that the TV is to be used would help a lot. The tools you need to change something is good also and easy to follow exept picture quality.

Date PurchasedSep 2018


The Hisense p7 55" TV is great, a smart TV whose operating system is fast and very user friendly, resolutions is great and Hisense customer service left nothing unanswered. The remote for the TV is very easy to use and has its own independent Netflix and YouTube button which is great for my kids when my hands are dirty and can't answer their desperate cries of 'mum please help me put children's programs'

Date PurchasedJul 2018

excellent value for money.

Had this tv one week and couldn't be happier with it. Beautiful 4k picture, very easy to set up, 4 hdmi inputs. The salesperson recommended a sound bar for it, but for general tv viewing the built in speakers are very adequate. I use 5.1 surround sound for watching movies. Excellent value for money, with a 3 year manufacturers warranty, I'm now a Hisense convert.

Hisense series 7 50P7 fantastic

great TV
i changed from Samsung after 6 replacements to this Hisense 50 inch 2018 model .Why didn't i do this earlier what a great tv just so much better then Samsung ! Great Picture fantastic to play xbox on .Can only recommend Hisense , customer service is great they are helpful and friendly .And did i mention the 3 years in home warranty .

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Well i was to quick , tv broke already , tech came out to replace motherboard took him one hour to open the tv he had no idea what to do !!! after he left tv still not working . and the back of the tv was open on one side what a joke he did not close the back propped !!!

Questions & Answers

I am facing the issue of poor quality on live channels and clouded effects in dark secens. anyone faced same issue or do anyone know how to fix it.
No answers

Anyone have trouble with it not turning on occasionally? Won't turn on from remote or the actual t v. Unplug it from the power, wait a few moments plug it back in to power and it turns on !!! A nice tv, for the money, but I will be keeping an eye on this annoying problem.
3 answers
Try turning off fast boot.Many times, I had to have the tv updated , which means you have to call their service people.I just had the exact same problem. Wouldn't respond to the remote. Might contact Hisense to see if there's an update.

Can i use this tv as monitor for desk top computer?
1 answer
Yes, I'm using mine a monitor, make sure you have hdmi out on your pc


50P7 (50")55P7 (55")65P7 (65")75P7 (75")
Price (RRP) $1,099.00$1,599.00$2,199.00$3,299.00
Screen Size 50"55"65"75"
Type of TVSmart TVSmart TVSmart TVSmart TV
Energy Rating5 star(s)4.5 star(s)6 star(s)4.5 star(s)
Wireless OptionsWi-FiWi-FiWi-FiWi-Fi
Refresh Rate 50/60Hz50/60Hz100/120Hz100/120Hz
Number of HDMI Ports4444
Number of USB Ports2222
Wall MountableYesYesYesYes
Weight15.2 kg18 kg26.3 kg35.7 kg
Dimensions (without stand) 655 x 1116 x 52 mm719 x 1230 × 52 mm845 x 1450 × 54 mm963 x 1678 ×80 mm
Dimensions (with stand) 719 x 1116 x 204 mm790 x 1230 × 223 mm921 x 1450 × 376 mm1031 x 1678 × 350 mm
Manufacturer Warranty3 year(s)3 year(s)3 year(s)3 year(s)

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  • MPN: 50P7
  • GTIN13: 9337640004442

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