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Karl F.
Karl F. · Rodeo TF (1991-2002)

My key won't turn the engine on

Chris h
Chris h · Rodeo RA (2003-2008)

Car great but sometimes when try to start will not start ,kicks over a few revs then stops wait till the 3 little bits tweet ,then wait 30 seconds most times starts. Sometimes nothing at all will not kick over once again wait for 3 tweets the starts. Any ideas?

Dean R.
Dean R.  

Never had any little beeps. But once in a blue moon mine will not register the immobilisation and I’ll have to remove the keys. Lock and unlock the doors then start. Bit of a pain if you stall it at traffic lights and it happens.

Pieter M
Pieter M · Rodeo RA (2003-2008)

My 3.0L TD Holden rodeo ran out of fuel and is now in a sort of limo mode it idles perfectly but will not accelerate past 1000 rpm. Replaced fuel filters and cleaned fuel bowl, check throttle position sensor, egr deleted, no blockage or debris in fuel lines towards injector pump, injector pump supplying fuel, Ute does not smoke or soot, and turbo spins freely, really confused on what’s happening would appreciate some advice on what the problem could be, thanks

Casey C.
Casey C. · Rodeo TF (1991-2002)

4l60e transmission from a commodore can it work in my Holden Rodeo 4x4

Casey C.
Casey C. · Rodeo TF (1991-2002)

I need to replace my 2002 automatic transmission on my Holden Rodeo 4x4 and found a 2003 Rodeo 4 x 4 automatic transmission will it fit into my 2002 ?

Rob · Rodeo TF (1991-2002)

Hi there, I have a 2002 Holden Rodeo twin cab, RWD 3.2 V6, manual 5 speed, today it won't select reverse, 5th is OK, just unable to move the gearstick down to select reverse, have moved it forward, no noises

Justin R.
Justin R. · Rodeo TF (1991-2002)

I'm wondering if 120ks to fast to sit on considering my revs are at 3100rpm ,it sounds like it's reving to hard,or is it ok 3.2 petrol engine .thanks

Anthony R.
Anthony R. · Rodeo RA (2003-2008)

How many klm can you drive when the fuel light comes on in a rodeo 2008 deisel.

rob · Rodeo

can you put a 4jj1 motor in a 99 tf rodeo ?

Robert S.
Robert S. · Rodeo

can you put a 4jj1 motor in a 99 tf rodeo ?

Jasper P.
Jasper P. · Rodeo RA (2003-2008)

Can you put and intercooler 2003 motor out of holden rodeo into a 2005 holden rodeo both 3liter desile ones 4x4 and other is 2wd but can it be done if so what needs to be changed to make it fit and run ??

Evan Chooly Getit
Evan Chooly Getit  

Not a mechanic, but have owned a cpl Rodeos. Never had to eng swap, but pretty sure the basic part of the engines should be the same. It's very likely some of the fruit on the outside 'might' be different, and I'm guessing everything from the back of crank is different. Flywheel,clutch etc.
Try asking on a dedicated forum & maybe a 'friendly' wrecker

Jasper P.
Jasper P.  

Cheers bro but they ezact the same blocks bro all i had to do was swap my old parts on to fresh engine block drop stright in no worries but thanks any bro

Peter T
Peter T · Rodeo RA (2003-2008)

how to remove oil light form 2008 RA rodeo

Jeffo · Rodeo RA (2003-2008)

What terminals do I probe to read ecm codes without a scan tool on a 03 diesel rodeo

Evan Chooly Getit
Evan Chooly Getit  

Not sure, but if you find out , please plonk the info here.

Terry S.
Terry S. · Rodeo TF (1991-2002)

Can anybody tell me what sort of oil goes into a 5 speed gearbox TF 4 x 4 V6 petrol Rodeo 2000 model

Terry K.
Terry K. · Rodeo TF (1991-2002)

Hi dose anyboady know if you can put a 2.4 turbo disel 96 model into a 93 model petrol rodeo engine conversion?

John B.
John B. · Rodeo RA (2003-2008)

Hi I only want to know how much cost for Holden Rodeo LT ( Water pump plus labour) 2wd auto two cab ute year 2003? Thanks

John BYNE · Rodeo RA (2003-2008)

Fitted a new clutch, pressure plate a trust race bearing, new clutch slave and master cylinder, now the truck shudders in reverse.
What a crap of a clutch, pull bearing instead off push

Evan Chooly Getit
Evan Chooly Getit  

Did you machine the flywheel or replace it?

Shane C.
Shane C. · Rodeo RA (2003-2008)

Can anyone tell me if there's a difference between petrol and diesel 4wd gearboxes

Michael I.
Michael I. · Rodeo RA (2003-2008)

My 2003 6ve1 ra rodeo keeps stalling at lights when I stop checked and changed numerous things coils spark plugs maf sensor iac valve air filter please help

Winnie F.
Winnie F. · Rodeo

Woke up, someone had broken into my ute. Lock on door had been jacked but key works opening and locking. Engine light is flashing and wont start. Nothing wrong with battery, tried it in another ute, to see if it was flat. There is a crack around the dash covering the ignition housing.

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