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Best Ute I have ever owned. Looks fantastic and drives like a supercar, but I can fill the back up and drive down the dirt roads and the back roads to the beach and it handles it all. Surf board in the back, lawn mower, tip run... handles it all, then I can wash it, park it in the garage and it’s gorgeous to look at too. 5⭐️

BadgeSS Thunder
Engine Size6.0L V8 Petrol
Date PurchasedJul 2012

Seat interior

I really love holden utes but needs more room at the front I think the bench seats should come back in the utes since theres not much room with the two bucket seat ute you can sit at least third passenger in the front of the ute or more and put more things in the front.

Badge(No Badge)
Engine Size5 liter
Date PurchasedJan 2016

Nothing but trouble

my 2012 sv6 ute stalled turd it over it started sat there and let it idle for about 5 mins and it stalled again this time it wouldn’t start got it jumped started drove 30 k and it stalled again and wouldn’t start not even jumping it got new battery it started drove 5 k and did same thing

Engine Size3.6L V6 Petrol
Date PurchasedDec 2015

A real mates ute! Love my Holden

As a chic you might be very surprised one owning a ute but I needed it for all my horse gear. As I love holdens I had to buy this Holden ute. Cost about the same as any other so nothing different there. It drives very smoothly and loads of room

BadgeSS V Z Series
Engine Size3.0L V6 Petrol
Date PurchasedSep 2017

Big, Comfortable, Plenty of power

Finally back in a Holden Ute. L98
Bought at 130k %100 un modified
The VE was my first V8 Auto LS and it definitely has it's quirks.
The 2~3 shift can hesitate quite a bit at low throttle.
1st is quite low and with more than normal throttle the stability control gets involved
It has a Large comfortable cabin sadly missing Grab Handles though. Unlike the sedan that has this facility even if not fitted. This was a problem for my elderly relative.
Nice Head unit plays MP3 cd's displaying names, also displays track and artist names on audio cd's with that information. Sadly no DAB and very difficult to properly integrate. A roof aerial instead of those troublesome electric units my VZ had.
Standard Suspension unloaded put quite a rake on the car to suck an extent that the front will scrape in spoon drains. Solution is to either put 200kg in the rear or lower the rear? I lowered just the rear to get it level and give the front some clearance. My VZ was similar from new but not quite as bad.
Plenty of room in the tray finally fitted with factory tie down points. Not enough but more than my VZ had.
I do all my own servicing and have found it easy to work on with plenty of room even when changing plugs.
No dipstick to check transmission oil level from above was a surprise but I rectified the problem by fitting an after market dipstick. During service I noticed a much larger oil capacity and a very high oil level specified at the factory. Upon further investigation the increase in capacity and greatly upgraded oil spec was a direct result of a 50% increase in service interval. MMM Materials cost was up by 60% for the service I think I will do another in 10k and check it out.
The biggest concern was a %50 increase in fuel consumption over my VZ 5.7?
In traffic it is horrendous up to 19 liters per hundred and the speedo is 4klms out at 60
Normal suburban traffic driving with the normal flow it averages 14 ~ 16 liters per 100. On a country run 200kg load in the back the very best was 9 and the average was 10.5 liters per 100. I don't use fuel with ethanol when possible always on 98. I have checked o2's tire pressures brakes and the trans to no avail the thing is just thirsty. Also the operator manual states that 95 is the minimum requirement my VZ was happy on 91.
To sum up a nice ride but with a few drawbacks. Should have got a manual again.
Big comfortable cabin. Nicer seats than the VZ
Plenty of room in the tray
Easy to work on
Did I mention POWER
No Grab Handles, at least an option would have been nice.
More thirsty than it should be IMO
Torque management for the gearbox can make it change gears very slowly at times
Increased Service costs materials wise.
The stability control works well but come in to early for my taste. It can be quite savage and I now find that If I need to accelerate quickly to catch a gap in the traffic I turn it off for a more predictable car. The opposite of what should be done?
What Idiot at Holden's decided that the SS needed to have RED dash lights?

BadgeSS V
Engine Size6.0L V8 Petrol
Date PurchasedJan 2018

Last of the Line

It has taken holden a long time to get it this good, and now they are going to stop production. I only purchased this ute a month ago, and all i want to do is drive it. I had a cat back exhaust installed and i am in love with it. I had a two seater sports car which i traded for the ute. While the sports car was good, the drive feeling is completely different to the ute I feel that I am driving a magic carpet that will do what ever i ask of it, but i know that I don't have to ask as it already does what I want. The cabin interior is bloody excellent, and has all the extras you could want. The heads up display is clearly the best feature. I can see what is happening with the car without lowering my line of sight. My wife even likes the interior of this car.

BadgeBlack Edition
Engine Size3.6L V6 Petrol
Date PurchasedMay 2017

VF 2 SS ute

Very happy so far , had the car for a month, great deal , 2016 demo with 9 ks on it , guess everybody test drove the SSV Redlines, much cheaper than the 2017 models , same car.
Great service from Holden so far.
Great to drive , not as bad on fuel as they say, once you're over the mountains.
Great loss once these type of utes disappear .
You have to look at them as a coupe with a big boot, great for touring.

Engine Size6.2
Date PurchasedApr 2017

SSV Heap!

Drives ok when it doesn't have problems. Areas of the car present very cheaply with squeeks and rattles likened to a low end entry level car. At Around 20000kms it did a push rod and valve spring (while under no load, stuck in slow traffic) Now At 70000kms it has suspected piston rattle (slap), maybe needing an engine replacement (which will no doubt lower the resale value of my car considerably). The ute has been with holden for over a week now with no explanation as yet. I have not modified this engine in any way and I don't thrash it. Most kilometers are freeway ones and I've only ever used 98 octane fuel. I wash this car religiously twice a week and up until now have been very proud of it, even giving it a nice new set of simmons wheels. Now, after having driven a toyota corolla (rented by holden) I hate my ute and no longer want it. I never would have imagined a car with holdens flagship LS3 engine would be so much of a heap.
So much for going out with a bang holden. You could have done much better with your last car.

BadgeSS V
Engine Size6.2l
Date PurchasedJan 2016

Makes me proud of Australian engineering and manufacturing

I bought my SSV Redline as an ex-Holden company vehicle at 5k km.

The handing is phenomenal, with sophisticated but not intrusive ESC and traction control. The harder suspension in the redline is definitely noticeable, and body roll is very low and sticks to the road but with the obvious additional hardness over bumps.

The LS3 is an amazing engine. It'll be rather docile to 3k RPM but surges in power above there, and another huge surge from 4.5k RPM (peak torque). This means you can potter slowly throughout town with lower RPMs as the big V8 has enough low down torque to pull from 1.5k RPM. If you want power you'll need RPMs, unlike turbo cars that dominate the performance market which can develop maximum torque from lower revs. I like that aspect of the naturally aspirated big V8, simply because I feel it improves everyday drivability.

I have the 6 speed manual. The clutch is extremely bitey, so it does take a bit of time to get used to the sensitivity of it. The gears are quite tall, especially if you're coming from a diesel pickup style ute background. However, the driving experience with the manual is fantastic. Unless you're facing a very steep hill, you can sit in 6th on the highway without needing to change to do typical overtaking.

The interior is a vast improvement on previous Holdens I have owned. The finish is comfortable with good attention to detail.

The heads up display (adjustable between various displays - speed/rpm, gps etc) is fantastic, and being able to keep your eyes on the road whilst knowing your speed is a huge safety improvement, especially considering the potential for this vehicle to rapidly gain speed. My only complaint (minor) there is that there is a bit of a lag or slow refresh rate which limits the usefulness of the tachometer function of the HUD.

The user interfaces I'd rate 8/10, only because of a couple mildly - and I must stress mildly - annoying but seemingly obvious oversights in design:
- No pause button on the rediline for audio (however points for mute button on steering wheel, and generally robust bluetooth connectivity
- Lane departure warning is very accurate, useful and will not trigger when you indicate, however, the warning is not loud enough in my view to alert the driver, considering that in these cases the driver is likely suffering fatigue and falling asleep or is distracted.
- There are lots of customisable settings which is very good, but there are many warning bells and chimes which all sound the same and can be easily overwhelming. It would be good to have an array of differnent tones with settings to modify each.

BadgeSSV Redline
Engine Size6.2
Date PurchasedNov 2016

Love it

Great car, a pleasure to drive, excellent performance, comfortable well equipped with great handling. Beats the european stuff and costs far less. Good after sales service. I especially like the quality of the interior, and the smooth comfortable ride. I take it to Melbourne from Sydney regularly and it's a real pleasure to drive.

BadgeSS V
Engine Size6.0L V8 Petrol
Date PurchasedSep 2015

Great car for the price!

This review is for the lower spec Falcon and Commodore, I haven't driven a Commodore SV8 or a Falcon XR6 Turbo.

I have owned two Fords (AU Falcon Sedan) and a (FG Falcon Sedan) both were great and when i went to buy a ute recently i naturally went to Ford to see if previous experience could be repeated.
A big let down, the FG Falcon was a better vehicle than the VE (dad had one), but the VE Series II claimed that title back a few years later.
After test driving a Ford Falcon FG Series II LPI and Petrol models, I also test drove the new VF Evoke Ute Petrol (3.6), I wanted to hate the VF and it completely won me over.

What i liked
Engine was smooth
Gear box was smooth (not as good as the Falcon ZF but still very good)
Road noise was very minimal inside cabin
ride was really good
Interior very nice
Safety features
dual climate control
turning circle was good
power still pulled strong across rev range
superior looks
front parking sensor
Automatic Park Assist
Hill Start Assist
Easier to put stuff behind the seats
6 airbags

What i didn't like
Thick apillar
small side mirrors ( blind spot monitoring technology make this issue only minor)

The Falcon's LPI motor on paper should have smashed the VF Evoke but in the real world the 60 n,m extra didn't feel that much more responsive i tried testing this from 60 -100 and 70- 110 (all running in 5 or 6th gear) basically overtaking speeds
Petrol was the same but the difference was even less.
The Ford felt less refined, more bouncy due to leaf spring suspension and a lot of road noise, the cabin looked and felt old and bland (the XR6 is greatly improved due to the touch screen).

Holden has tried to improve their cars and utes since 2008 with new engines, suspension tweaks interiors, exteriors etc. and the VF really shows all of those improvements.

Ford on the other hand have had basically the same engine for 15 years with minor tweaks, only offering four cylinder turbo petrol and six cylinder lpi as alternative for fleet buyers. Other than a touch screen added to the 2013 Falcon XR6 FG II and FG X, the interiors are very similar to the FG from 2008.

To sum up
The VF commodore ute a real value for money and from objective criteria is significantly better than Fords offering.

Engine Size0

Commodor 2010 SSV Holden Ute

I've always owned Holden's. I brought this Ute when I retired. It's very comfortable and good on fuel when cruising Performance and handling is superb and I love the sound it make when changing gears!
The interior is very roomy, the leather seat are comfortable too. The instrument on the dash are very well lite up easy to find and read. It also has a great sound system. I love, love, love, my Holden Ute.

BadgeSS V
Engine Size6.0L V8 Petrol

VF 6.2L SS

The VF is the best handling ute I've owned. I thought my last V8 SS, a VE was good but this one is great. So far it's a little heavy on fuel but with 304KW, it's a jet. The seat back-rest adjustment is my only complaint, it's the old ratchet type, bring back the knurled-nut infinitely adjustable.

BadgeSSV Redline
Engine Size6.2 L V8 Petrol

ss ute

Ihave the 2008 ss ute..love driving her everywhere,is an auto with triptronic which i have not worked out how to us.
But have had the rear lights fixed as they leaked water the back window refitted as this leaked buckets of water , the stereo does not turn off when the door is opened, the speedo keeps failing to work, and when going up the Gillies range which is 19km of winding road all i can see are the door pillars. But a beautiful car/ ute which is wicked fast. Lopes along at 1000revs,wld like to drive it fast but the speed limits around here are 80, handles beautifully very stable on the road..I could drive it to melbourne just to enjoy the experience of it, has the chev badge and engine

Engine Size5.7L V8 Petrol

awesome ute

I have a 2009 SV6 ute it would have to be the best car I've owned handles well has pick up when needed and awesome on fuel i've never had a problem with it the only thing I don't like about it is the front side pillars there to wide and makes it hard to see on a roundabout. Other than that I love it.

Engine Size3.6L V6 Petrol

Good ute but too many recalls

I bought my VF SS ute new in 2013 i loved it and still do but they should have put a few more extras in it considering your forking out for a V8 with the SS your basically buying the SV6 car with a V8 engine. You dont get any extras unless you upgrade to the SSV/redline. Also the gen1 VF is riddled with recalls mine has been in 9 times and thats not bad i was told. Worst was my steering locked up while driving.

Engine Size6.0L V8 Petrol

Nice drive factor! VF SSV Storm

VF SSV Storm, I had a ford xr6 sedan from new, very under rated car. I have had the ute for a week, still getting used to the manual as its been a while since I had a manual. This car is bloody awesome, and I just want to go for a drive all the time. The WOW factor is definitely with this car, something I didn't have with the ford. Didn't realise how much I missed it. The accessories with the storm are easy and the standard satnav saves me sticking one on the inside of the windscreen.
+ WOW factor appeal, plenty of usable accessories
- TOO bloody quiet, people buy the v8 to hear it.

BadgeSS V
Engine Size6.0L V8 Petrol

Loveable Rogue

Bought my MY 9.5 VE SS back in August 2009.
140,000 km and over 5 years later it still puts a smile on my face!

I opted for an M6 transmission as the auto boxes really dull the whole package down. That's probably the only area Ford consistently beat the general!

I looked at both the XR8 and XR6T options at the time but agricultural leaf springs and ugly cosmetics made the Holden a no brainer!!!

For the record is have a BA 1 tonner tray top as a work Ute and it is truly the perfect work horse.

The SS is more a sports Coupe with a really big boot.

Effortless low down torque means she almost idles along at under 1300 revs sitting on 100. We consistently get better than 13l/100km mixed use driving. Pretty good from a 6litre pushrod donk!

All in all its fast fun and visceral... not too sophisticated or subtle but tons of fun and with a less restrictive exhaust than from factory makes a truly addictive note that tightens the pants time after time!

Build quality is also excellent - for a Holden! No major mechanical issues in the 5+ years and 140+ kays as the running gear is pretty much bullet proof (LS V8s and tremec T56 from even more powerful 'vettes are legen-dairy!)
The CD player cacked itself under warranty and the drivers lumbar support also lost the will to live. These are the only 2 issues I have had...

On balance it has been fantastic and I'll truly miss her when she's gone!

Engine Size6.0L V8 Petrol

Very Happy

VE Series 2 SV-6 Thunder Auto. Very happy with my purchase, drives and handles like a sedan with power to burn. Compared to earlier models, the late models are truly world class now. Recently drove the vehicle on a holiday with extensive highway driving. It returned 8.7 litres/100K (32.6 mpg) for the journey.

BadgeSV6 Thunder
Engine Size3.0L V6 Petrol

VE Commodore Ute

2009 Ve commodore Ute 6 speed manual V6
This has been the best ute possibly best car we have ever owned!
It gets serviced every 15000ks and we drive it! That is the owning experience in a nutshell!
gearbox shift was very firm when we first got it but by the time we had done 7000 ks was now quite a sweet shift!
Tows very well, brakes are superb, and is very good on fuel!
was bought as a work runabout and now I drive it out when ever I get the chance for the smile factor!
Fuel economy is brilliant we are averaging 8.6 litters per 100ks (thanks to fuel card figures :P) this is average from new for over 65000ks not a trip or single run best run etc!
we are stocked it goes well services have been well priced! Just is good value for the money
Fuel economy, performance and rides very well, even have got 65000ks out of the original tyres and they still have a bit of life in them!
Don't like the thick windscreen pillar! have to move a bit when looking as it can obstruct on some intersections that are at funny angles

Badge(No Badge)

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Hi. I am looking to purchase a 2009 Omega UTE for my daily drive. It has 230km on it. The engine sounds good, and both the interior n exterior has been well maintained. Never owned a UTE before, so am looking for some advice. Thoughts?
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Hi I recently purchased a 2008 ss VE ute, very clean with 170k's. the car is great, but in the 3 weeks I've owned it i have experienced a failure to start...the engine fires, then dies, as if the fuel pump has been shut off. After 2 or 3 attempts it always starts, but this is an intermittent fault....it will be fine for a few days and then it recurs. Would a plug in scanner like an OBD 2 reveal what the problem is? The car is my pride and joy and i was just hoping for some advice. Cheers p.s. Car is 6 Litre auto
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