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Homemaker Benchtop Convection Oven

Homemaker Benchtop Convection Oven

3.1 from 12 reviews

Low price, average quality

Not something I'd buy again. Okay in a pinch (broken built in oven) bit it's basically just a toaster/grilled cheese maker. We did make a couple of pizzas that turned out okay, as king as the topping was light and you kept a close eye on it. Wiped the front and all.of the printing smeared, so that wasn't nice

Date PurchasedFeb 2017


I am surprised that this oven passed the safety check. The externals became so hot that it was dangerous.It nearly burnt the bench. I returned it to the shop after 24 hours. It would certainly not be a suitable product around children.The walls should be insulated so radiant heat cannot come through to the outside wall.

Date PurchasedMay 2017


I love this bench top oven. I prefer to use it rather than my kitchen oven. It's easy to clean, it works well on every setting and seems to cook faster than my kitchen oven. I have also taken it to work with me and used it there as it is light and easy to transport. Great value for money.

Date PurchasedFeb 2017

It's bigger than the rest but FAR from the best

I wrote another running review here about this. Now there is ANOTHER problem. I also wanted to get my star rating more to my taste.

It really is "terrible".

It's good for larger stuff.

There is no cook indicator light
You can't have it on for more than 60 minutes (you can jam the clockwork timer though)
One of the "settings" of the cook method switch is "Off"...there is an on/off switch anyway.'''
The light blew after no time
It slips on the bench top
it needs a more versatile tray system.
The lettering smeared and disappeared from around the dials when kit got oil on it......it's an oven...

The temp control is now stuffed. It will suddenly stick until the temp is 40 deg over the supposed setting. This is using a digital temp meter to check the oven temp.


Date PurchasedSep 2016

take your faulty ones back

The critics with obvious problems should take it back, particularly the one saying every surface was very hot. The important thing is to not put the lid back on when finished cooking. It will rust if you do because of the steam, and you get the rust flakes on the food. I learnt the hard way on my first one.
I put mine upside down and use a hair dryer to dry it. It only takes a few seconds. When the remnants in the bowl are cold you can put the lid back on.

Date PurchasedMay 2017


Haven't had it very long and so far so good, however, I would like to know when the oven has reached the temp I have set. There is no light telling you and I find this is a serious fault.
It's nice to have an oven light, but would rather have the ability to turn it off and on. It stays on all the time.
As for the actual workings, yes, it's fine.

Date PurchasedMar 2017

Oven is good enough, worth the price

This is good for occasional use, of course with this low price, it's not suitable for heavy usage.
Have been using it for almost a year now, and it's pretty reliable. Good for baking and grilling.
No issue so far and should be long lasting. It is worth the price anyway.

Date PurchasedMay 2016

Dangerous, shouldn't be sold!

A friend asked me to have a look at this oven as she thought it had an electrical problem. I found the oven to work as it should, but the surfaces became so hot, even the area around the controls, that a user could very easily suffer a serious burn. Every surface of the oven was the same, and I recommended that the oven NOT be used as it was a danger to any user who was not extremely careful and touched ANY of the ovens exterior surfaces. How this thing passed Australian safety regulations is beyond me. Absolute dangerous rubbish.

Date PurchasedJan 2017

Works well but has lacks

I have used the much smaller Sunbeam pizza toast and grill for years. I thought I would give this a go because it's much bigger at 35 l.

So. Yeah it's bigger. That means you can cook bigger stuff. It means you can have a bigger tray and or taller food. That's good. It has a light which can be useful. The light comes on when the timer is on.

But.....here are the faults compared to the Sunbeamm:

..it takes up more Bench space. Not its fault, but needs to be considered

.. while it has a 4 position heater option, one of the options is a redundant Off. Turning the timer off is Off anyway. The toast and grill has a Pizza Toast setting that has the top bars at full and the bottom at half....VERY useful. This oven has Top, Bottom, or Both full power. That Off position could have been put to better use.
,.......I admit that choosing the placement of the tray and using the bake setting can help here.

.. it has no indicator light to show that heating is happening. There is a light to show power is on, but it can be useful ,(to me) to know if the oven is actually heating. YMMV.

..The feet are VERY slippery

..The tray in the Sunbeam is offset, effectively doubling the height ability settings. While this oven has more slots, it would have been even better to allow more heights, especially with that missing heat seat setting.

Picky. It's a good oven. It's just that as a Cook's tool, for little extra effort it could have been better.

Date PurchasedJul 2016
Just wanted to add that when I turned one of the knobs on the face of the oven......the printing (Temp., timer etc) has started smearing....what the....? How shoddy can you get?And now after about 3.5 months, the light lobe has blown. Finding that my food was not cooking, I used another thermometer to check the oven temperature. It is WAY too low. A temp of 200C needws about 230 deg set on the dial. This means of course that really fast cooks of 250C are way impossible. And another thing. No vents from the cooking chamber. The oven fills with steaqm and that messes up the glass front. So. Inaccurate temp. Blown light. Writing falls off the dials. For another $10-20 this could have beenm more than junk.

Homemaker brand oven with stove tops

Not happy. Bought oven with two stove tops 20/01/08 $99. Only took out of undamaged box two weeks ago. The two stove tops would not work but oven ok. Now oven not working. My stupiity for expecting quality control. No avenue for direct complaint to company. Repair too difficult to pursue.

Benchtop Convection Oven is Fantastic !!

Needing an Oven, after searching ones that cost hundreds of dollars, we found this at Kmart for $59 and decided to try it, It's perfect, It cooked a perfect roast lamb, cake's, casserole, Cookies, it warms food up and we are very happy with it. the only downside, the top and sides get very hot fast, It will easy do anything a regular wall oven would do and its big enough for a decent sized roast Meat and dish. I would definetly recomend this to Anybody before paying hundreds from other shops paying hundreds for one - Happy Customer

Electric Oven - Cheap and Efficient

Who needs a conventional oven for hundreds of dollars, when homemaker brand sell this cheap, efficient, electric toaster oven for under $70. It has the ability to bake cakes, cook roasts or just heat up leftovers. This oven circulates the heat well, it's easy to operate and easy to clean. For the price I think this electric oven is awesome and well worth the money.

Questions & Answers

When baking or roasting do you need the top and bottom elements on it only the bottom element?
4 answers
When I realised how hot the outside and underneath of this oven became, I refused to use it at all. They are dangerous and you could end up with a house fire!I cannot answer your question as my oven did not work long enough to be of any use.It's almost impossible to answer this. This oven is small, and which elements you use makes a huge difference. Because it is so small, you need to experiment. It's more of a BBQ than an oven. My only suggestion is to try using a water bath to keep temps level and stuff moist. I can get all techo about this, because I love small ovens, but I decided the KISS principle was best at first. :) BTW my opinion of this oven is that it's crap.

Is it supposed smoke coming side of oven?
2 answers
Cannot help as my oven never lasted long enough!What were you doing / cooking?

My husband insists that the Baking pan needs to be left in the oven at all times, I say it doesn't. Who is right. Surely it blocks the heat from the bottom elements?
2 answers
Cannot answer as my Homemaker oven did not work at all!Nobody can insist about cooking. Sheesh! However. Leaving the baking tray in _will_ reflect the lower element. It depends what you want. Grill underneath as well as on top? Less temp underneath? Water in the tray will even heat and stop grilling. How are you cooking? On a grate? In a tray? If on a grate, then no tray underneath means you drip stuff onto the oven base. Not good. Unless your hubby-darling is the cook.....say no more


Homemaker Benchtop Convection Oven
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