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Homemaker Vacuum Sealer

Homemaker Vacuum Sealer

2.6 from 17 reviews

Was happy. Until the heat seal broke last night.

Have had this 2 years and been quite happy with it. Works reasonably well (ok; doesn’t suck out all the air but good enough, sealed well) so for the money has been good value. But....after approx 50-70 bags being sealed over the last 2 years, the heat sealing element has packed in. You get what you pay for.

Purchased in April 2017 for $59.00.

Do NOT bother

This machine does not work. After many attemps of buying the proper plastic for it and wasting my time and money this machine seals ok although the vacuum is deplorable. Do not even bother looking at this product. I gave it a fair chance and i am very dissappointed. After buying the sealer I then discover out Kmart does not even use the plastic that is recomended by the product.

Purchased in May 2018 at Kmart Waratah for $50.00.

Works well once I worked it out

Yes I had trouble with the machine not unlocking until I watched how it was done properly on you tube...just look up home brand vacuum sealer...unlocked every time when I learnt how.. or just push down the front corners until you hear it click ...and make sure the smooth side of the sealer bags are face down

Date PurchasedJan 2019

Does the job

Bought this 2 months and have been very happy with it. Very easy to use very affordable. I was a little skepital before I bought it due to a few negative reviews but Ive been nothing but happy with my Vaccum sealer. Works great with a sous vide machine or storing food in the freezer

Date PurchasedOct 2018


Kmart has gone steadily downhill especially with it's home&co brand. Cheap. Yes. Also nasty.
Frustrated and disappointed with this vacuum sealer. Bought it before travelling to save money on food.
No more electronics from Kmart for me. Took fifteen minutes to seal our first meal with air bubbles everywhere and juice all over the machine. Seals OK but the vacuum doesn't suck , well the product does though.

Date PurchasedDec 2018

Less than perfect

This machine does not work on the vac and seal function. The motor keeps working once the air has been taken out and does not automatically go on to seal the bag. On the seal function only, the top may release or not. I have to pry it open most times. The get what you pay for...cheap and nasty.

Date PurchasedAug 2017

unreliable machine

There is a long delay after the vaccum stops, to when the machine seals. The machine doesnt hold the vaccuum seal so air leaks into the package during the delay in the sealing process. It seems to have a mind of it own, it might open on completion or it might jam shut or sometimes it doesnt work and I have to reset.. Ive also noticed packages leaking air were they have been heat sealed as the seal burns through the plastic. Im not sure if this is the homemaker bags or the machine or both. Its a pity, some basic quality control and it would have been a good value product.

Date PurchasedMar 2018

Still not sure, ok for first time using this

Bought this recently, works OK, but not perfect. Not all packages sealed, whether meat or veggies.
Like other reviews said, i had to hold handle down to deal packets, then had to force lid open.

Instructions are woeful. I think if these gave a simple list of storage tips, & general increased shelf life would be helpful

But starting to read up on techniques id definitely worthwhile, regardless of brand/ model

Date PurchasedFeb 2018

No complaints, moderate use

For the price it's awesome. Using at least six months and still going strong. I bought it to get me by an order a more expensive one online, still haven't needed to replace.

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Date PurchasedJan 2017

For $59.99 It's Amazingly Easy to Use, & Worked Time After Time Without Difficulty...I'm Pleasantly

After reading some reviews, I had mixed expectations, but for the price, I couldn't see how I could go wrong so I gave it a go. Well, out of the box I wasn't impressed with the user guide, but hey, it's from China, & it had enough for me to figure out how to basically use it. Here are 2 major tips for new users.....The bag....make sure it's smooth side down, so the heating/sealing element makes full contact with the bag. This next tip is critical. Packing is minimal, but the accordion like cardboard over the latch tabs on the left & right underside of the cover needs to be removed. Not doing so would cause the machine not to lock, & the suction impossible. Press firmly at the bottom left & right sides of the cover before sealing, & it audibly will click, locking in the bag & enabling all the functions to proceed. After making sure the bag is placed in correctly, & the latches are engaged, when you press either the SEAL or the VAC & SEAL Buttons, the the light above the button will come on, the pump will sound, then a couple of seconds later the light will go out & the cover should release. If not it has been suggested to press the SEAL button again, & when the green light goes out the cover should release automatically.

This machine never failed, if anything I did. I successfully cut 40 bags, sealed the bottom sides, then placed items of food or whatever inside, I vacuumed & sealed the top of each beautifully, without any problems outside of initially getting used to the process for the first 4 or 5 tries, which I fully expected. Like with everything practice makes perfect. You don't need any special skills to succeed, but you do need to expect the normal break in period where you & your machine get used to each other, & use your basic common sense if those bumps in the road appear. Very Happy, & I find I made a good decision for my very first machine of it's kind.

Date PurchasedJul 2017

Dont waste your money

We purchased this item and it broke on 4th use.....we had it replaced...and it broke on the 1st use.... we will be getting a refund this time. I think I will spend the extra to get a branded one. This one promises the world and does not deliver. Not worth the time

Date PurchasedJul 2017

Seals but not air tight

I have just brought this product in the last week and have tried vaccum and sealing raw dog meat but finding the bags still have a bit of air still in them. Are they suppose to be airtight or should they have alittle bit of air in bag.
Thankyou .

Date PurchasedJun 2017

Dont bother... absolute rubbish

I bought this product about 6 months ago and today was the first time i attempted to use it.... does not completely seal, and the lock mechanism will not release at all so i had to forced it open. Total rubbish and is a total waste of money. In the bin it goes

Date PurchasedDec 2016

Poor product.

I bought it at Kmart and it was hopeless. I had to hold it closed as the latching mechanism would not work and it was generally flimsy. Moral is you get what you pay for. I returned it and bought a Russel Hobbs from J.B.Hifi and it is a great well made product that always works well.

Date PurchasedFeb 2017

Well, it does the job, with a little bit of effort.

I put it together easily, read the instructions and tried to seal some smoked fish.
I just could not get the lid to click cloded. I tried for about 8-10 minutes, and finally started vacuum and seal while I pressed the right side of the lid closed. It worked!.
2nd fish, same os the first, except the lid would not open. I pulled the fish out (seal was okay!) and then hit "seal" again to get the lid open. I put the 3rd fish in and closed the lid (Left Hand Side clicked, RHS did not) I held it closed and the bag vacuumed and sealed as did the first two.
Had to have several goes to open the lid again.
I may be doing something wrong here, but it took the gloss of smoking salmon for hours, only to find I had a problem with the vacuum sealer.
I will Google and see if anyone else has the same problem.
It worded, though, which is what it is meant to do, but....
So, the next day I exchanged the sealer, and got another brand new one. The lid doesn't rise after sealing with this one either! I think I will get a refund and buy another brand.

Date PurchasedJan 2017

Was skeptical about this product.

I wasn't sure if I would be wasting my money on this but I needed a cheap one for a short time and rationalised I could take it back easily if it didn't do what it should. After a bit of practice I can get pretty much every bag sealed properly. I've only had it just over a week but have sealed over 40 bags so far. ie I've used the 5 included and then used a whole roll of the separate twin pack and some of the 2nd. In total I've only had about 5 bags that didn't seal properly, but that was usually because I had a pleat in the plastic so it was technically 3 layers. It is really important to ensure the bags are even and flat before sealing. The first bags I did over a week ago are still completely sealed tight.
Overall it does a good job and is suitable for home/kitchen sealing.

Date PurchasedOct 2016

Not brilliant, but works

It took me a while to get a bag to seal with a few ruined bags which are not that cheap. I'm tempted to take this back but I'll use it for a bit longer to make sure it's not my fault.

The vacuum works well, the problem seems to be with the metal heat strip sealing the bag - it's a tiny strip and doesn't seem to produce enough heat to create a good meld on the plastic - very tiny strip on the finished product. Probably comes back to the fact that the electricity supply seems to be suited to several markets - 220-240 Volt, 50Hz and 110 watt.

I was excited when I brought it home - working in a commercial kitchen using professional vacuum seal equipment and bags I was thinking that Christmas would be a breeze this year - lots of food prepared, long slow cooking, no watching - but this piece of equipment is not giving me confidence yet.
I have vacuumed some prepared fruit - the seal is still holding 10 days later but the bags haven't been handled as they would be in a commercial environment.

Questions & Answers

Whats the detachable tray for
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Where can I order bags for this Sealer.
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Kmart should sell and stock the homemaker branded bags for this machine. BTW I have returned the Homemaker machine to Kmart and they were efficient with the refund. I have upgraded to a Sunbeam sealer and never had an issue with the homemaker brand bags which work well.

Whats the size and kind of bags for this sealer?
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