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Honda CRF230F

Honda CRF230F

4.5 from 32 reviews

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2019 crf230f

Great bike to get around on the trails and hills. Prefect for beginners and intermediate Riders. I have been a Die Hard 2 stroke fan. But I have to admit the CRF 230 is way less maintenance more affordable and does with the bike is meant to do. This is by no means a race bike. My only complaint would be the drum rear brake other than that it's a great bike.

Date PurchasedAug 2018

Just great fun and worth owning one!!!

I'm 50 and just last summer bought my first dirt bike . I'm and experienced street rider but never had dirt .... I'm inlove with my CRF 230 F !! I ride extremely aggresive and it performs excellent, thank you Honda !!!!!! I think everybody should go get one , anyone can ride and have a blast !!!

Date PurchasedJan 2017

07 CRF230F

I am 14 and acquired a 07 230F only in October have only ridden it round the block a couple of times and ridden it in the strathbogie ranges once i am a very inexperienced rider but felt very good riding my 230 is was bone stock when i got it but it had been serviced be Honda regular since new with Honda parts the only mod i have done is add a set of 132 jets and unrestricted the air box also tuned it. Also my last bike was a 07 CRF100F which i out grew. My dad who is a very experienced rider enjoys riding it. Also my bike has rec reg in Victoria. Cheers

Date PurchasedAug 2017

2006 secondhand great entry level dirt bike

I bought this bike with it already been run down. Had to get the top end rebuilt and the forks resealed, but otherwise it was great. It had already been rejetted, which i probably wouldn't have done as it meant that it was using more fuel, ie about 3.5 hours worth, so great for short runs, but limited on exploring the bush.
Being that I'm a short guy this bike was great. I would not recommend a full sized bike for a beginner dirt bike rider if your feet can not touch the ground on both sides. I bought this bike in 2015 and the model I bought was a 2006 and the air filter looked like it hadn't been cleaned since 2006. Considering this and the fact that it had been rejected, I'm surprised how well it was running after a a simple top end rebuild. If I ever need to get a cheap dirt bike again, I would choose a run down 10 year old bike blowing smoke and torn seat over a brand new chinese bike.

Date PurchasedJun 2015

The perfect woods bike

I am a 75 year old rider and have been racing and riding dirt bikes for 46 years. In Minnesota we ride between tight trees. I have owned countless dirt bikes. I've always been searching for the perfect woods bike. I have found that bike with the crf230. It is light so I can pick it up easily when I fall. It flicks through the trails like a toy. I have had 250s and 350s but the 230 is faster in the trees because it brakes so well and jets off in a new direction with its power. A big bike can get you in trouble with its weight and excessive power. If you too are looking for the perfect woods bike, forget the big bikes-in the twisties you'll never use all that power unless you are a pro. Climbing a steep rock strewn hills, the 230 will motor past 250s and 400s because they are distracted by excessive wheel spin. Be smart and get a 230
Phil Little/Phil Little Racing.com

Date PurchasedOct 2011

You Get What You Pay For

This review is about advanced suspension for the 230F. I wanted factory race bike offroad suspension. I mean like the best of the best. The back end was easy, a Fox Podium X Factory Series shock. Up front I used the Emig Racing 230f conversion kit. They have an axel that will work with your stock wheel, but you'll need a caliper, most likely. I got a pair of 47mm showa forks from a late model crf450r and the caliper for that bike. I did use some shims there. Now that the front is on you will have clearance issues with the gas tank. I was told to use a heat gun but instead, I moved the tank back about 14mm, under the seat. Just scooched it back, cut some plastic here and there, lengthen the seats tank mount slot and make some brackets to re-locate the fuel tank. I made a new tank strap for the back end. Slide the forks up about 1" in the clamp, don't be shy. I did all of this work in my room with my small too box and a bike stand. The end result is so good it will blow your mind. Im putting custom gold valves from Race Tech to make the forks as plush as the shock. This did have its cost, but it was so worth it. I have some engine parts like 11to1 compression piston, cam, hi-po springs and stuff like that will finish my bike. Then there are all of the light trick bits I got for it. The bike wasn't that expensive, so I don't mind spending this much to have exactly what I want. This is now my favorite bike of all, ever. My friend said he would take my bike over a 450r anyday. I could go on forever about things like never needing fuel, or the ability to hold high speed forever. A small, light air cooled wonder bike. I'm glad to answer any questions, you can make one of these.

June 23rd, 2016 Update: The Stock Honda CRF230F

I would like to talk about owning and riding a stock 230F. When I wrote my first two reviews I kind of came out with guns blazin'. I was tricking out my 230f and mainly talked about high dollar, extensive modifications. Okay, the stock bike has good torque and is fun to ride. If you adjust the spring sag to around 3" (the internet will show you how, if needed) I took some pvc end caps that fit perfectly into the fork, they are about 3/4" tall and give the springs some mojo. I heard a gentleman talking about hard starts. Sure Hondas are cold blooded. I did learn something...don't warm the bike up on the choke for long. I would let it idle with the choke to warm up but this put tons of carbon on my plug, and each time I did it the plug got to where the bike was harder and harder to start. That's it! You can enjoy the heck out of a very competent trail bike. If you're short, the forks can be slid up to one inch in the triple clamps. I don't care for lowering links since they rob so much travel. There's something about a stock Honda 230F that is so nice, so get out there and have some real fun mate!

October 27th 2016 Update: Race Tech Gold Valves

I've always thought race tech is the best. Since I didn't want to ship my forks, I bought gold valves and had them installed. First off, it took forever for my order to arrive. The valve stacks were zip tied and all sorted. No difference at all and the Honda techs couldn't make sense of the complicated valving chart. I called race tech over and over for some simple directions so that I can finish my bike. He keeps saying that they are in the mail.

October 29th 2016 Update: More than the sum of its parts

The 230F is a great bike for just about anyone. I have my 3rd, a 09 that I bought new in '12. Spend the money and get the pro circuit full exhaust system, well worth it. The big gunn rev box is a must have also. Take the snorkel out of the airbox. Be sure to check jetting. A lot of guys buy bikes based on their ego. That's why I beat 450s offroad on a 230f. I have the ability to ride a 450- I've owned and raced cr500's and 250's, but I love my 230. Those guys on the 450s should be on a 230, but don't look at mine. Emig racing makes a triple clamp that allows show 47 inverted forks. Those are all over ebay for very little. The clamp is around 650 and an adapter to use your own front wheel is another 250 but since the fork is the only weakpoint on this bike I say its worth it. The small bike revolution is starting, and the same sales pitch that could sell me a wr250r is the one that makes me want to keep my 230f and spend that savings wisely to make my bike lighter and faster. Even stock, you can't go wrong with this little Honda. It's a gem. G'day mate. P.S.I got a fox podium factory edition shock and I'm in heaven.

November 6th 2016 Update: my performance update

I know that I wanted inverted forks and I used that setup until I found that the "trick" front forks are twice the weight of the stock ones. I really didn't mind my stock forks except for some flex at high speed stuff, that is minor. Keep your stock front end. You can always do things with the stock forks to better suit you. The Fox shock is awesome, get one! Your money can be better spent than changing the front forks.

what happened to the "more than the sum of its parts"? why would that be removed? Am I doing this for nothing? DanThe ;08 and up are the better years since Honda made the seat/tank juncture thinner, these have a better feel and a more modern look. The changed parts wont fit the earlier models because the frame is squeezed in more and bolt holes wont line up. Ive owned two '05 models and they didn't look or feel as good. Its important that your bike appeals to you visually. You'll have some pride, and enjoy it even more. I an aerospace technician, and the parts on this bike are made better than some of the aircraft parts that passed final inspection. If you ride a stocker, pull the snorkel out of the airbox and lose the inner part of the baffle-let it breathe. Maybe you don't get Calif. specs, but they have EPA to thank for a bike that can barley breathe. If you do this then your main jet must be larger. I took my snorkel out and then cut the top open more, and I splash through water anyway. You can get the power that the engine has trapped inside. Look at 'Rick's homepage' for some more tips online but his jetting is not so spot on.Hey, the t-4 pro-circuit is the best for a 230f, they will fit all late models. Someone asked me that and my answer wouldn't publish.

This is a good bike fast parful but hard starting.

I got me crf 230 3 months ago and I love it I really like the 6 speed transmission but that are a couple down sides first off. If you live in the North like me and have nothing but cold like below 0 for like 5 months out of the year it doesn't start. Well when cold but once it is worm it is OK only other problem is teans don't shift well. Someday it might be from the cold though it works well have driving it through a river up to the seat and still ran so good. Bike also doesn't have power that 2 strokes have.


No need to say it but this bike is awesome: great, great and great. Perfect for a kid a who wants to upgrade. Cannot think of a better bike. HONDA has done an excellent job with this bike and it has lots of power, it is reliable and easy to handle and control.


I'm 14 years old I bought a 2010 crf230f it has lots of power I hardly maintain it but never lets me down I do proper trail. I go through mud, water and a lot more I hope this review helps you to one of a hell bike.

Great all around bike!

I have a 05, i have owned few bikes but this 230f is perfect for all riders beginners or advance, perfect for trail riding, has decent power & the top speed is also pretty good. I would denfinitely recommend this bike..

Extremely reliable!

I bought an '08 crf230f about a month ago. I didn't want any liquid cooled racing machines because all I do is ride trails all over, not race. I've owned and loved crf's and xr's ever since I got my first bike as a youngin. I'm extremely impressed with the handling and over all performance of the bike. Low maintanance, perfect handeling, pretty much bullet proof bike. My only quirk is it has no kick start for back up if the battery dies

2014 Honda CRF203F

Bought my crf230f brand new in October 2014. Before I bought it I done a lot of research on this bike, and the two words I seen pop up many times about the crf230f was "bullet proof". I've only had mine for a couple of months and during that time I have done many hours of riding on some very challenging tracks, very steep rocks hills, big mud holes, water, sand and dirt!! Through all this, it has not missed a beat! At one point I got stuck in mud that completely covered my front and back sprockets and chain, had to have friends help me pull the bike out and sure enough it started first press of the button! Poor thing, I have put it through it's paces so far with great results :) Down sides are, it's a fairly heavy bike at approx. 125kg, and it's no power machine. They are a trail bike, and are perhaps a tuned down machine which in my opinion makes them more reliable. The power is still good enough to have plenty of fun though :) Very low maintenance bike. So overall, these bikes are no big power machines but they will go anywhere the bigger bikes do that I can guarantee you! They are a great bike for learners. An easy to ride bike from fairly young kids through to adults! I feel they are a very fun bike to ride with the reliability to back it up! I hope my review can help others with their decision, as it did with me! Awesome bike, you won't regret it :)

Awesome bike

I've owned mine since 2010 and it has been an awesome bike. I usually ride on tight single tracks and it performs quite well. Very good trail bike handles rocks/logs well. Extremely easy to ride, starts fairly easily when cold, takes a little to warm up. Never had any problems with the bike apart from light globe's and fork seals, been very reliable. Engine very low maintainence, great for beginners. Very capable straight out of the showroom.
Very reliable, Fairly light, handles well, very good when the going gets tough, good on fuel, easy to learn on, nice torquey motor
Not over powerful, shocks could use some work, not overly fast, sixth gear seems a bit short (always going for another gear)

Honda CRF230F

I bought a 2003 CRF230F for Two grand, The only thing wrong with it was the valve stem seals. Meaning that oil leaked into the motor and was burnt upon starting it.(blows smoke for about thirty seconds after firing up) but the bike itself is an absolute ripper! it's a real torquey, strong motor and it has plenty of grunt. me and my mate race around all day, and he constantly asks to ride the 230 over his KTM 85sx.
I just tell him no!!! The bike is too much fun to ride!!
Power, reliability, 6 gears.
Valve stem seals, heavy, only electric start.

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I've got a 2008 cfr230f and i can not fault it. Always starts first pop even if its been in the shed for a while. Servicing the bike is easy and any ding bat could do it. Obviously this bike is less power full than a 250. But being on a "slower" bike you have to think of ways to keep up. This bike at the end of the day makes you a better rider because to keep up you are forced to go into corners quick and hit the gas earlier in order to keep up in the straights. This bikes front end grips very well and get through everything you chuck at it. This bike is simply bullet proof!

Great reliable Trail bike

I bought a 2004 model crf230f about 6 months ago and have done plenty of riding on it and am very impressed with the reliability of this bike, Its is a fantastic bike to get if your not doing anything to extreme on it, Only bad thing about this bike is the weight and the fact that it is only electric start.
Strong reliable unstoppable engine, fuel effeincy is amazing, quiet stock exhaust
Weight, only e-start

Great bike

This is an awesome bike for someone who isn't doing huge jumps and just wants to ride the trails. The bike can be tame but when you want it to she sure dose move. Definitely recommend for an everyday driver. One down side is the bike is harder to start when it is cold but most Hondas I've owned have like choke.
Easy to start when hot, easy on gas, corners great, suspension is plush, many aftermarket parts for it, e-start
Starting when it is cold, slower to get to top speed,


this is a great bike to start out on it, its VERY VERY tough u can thrash it all day every day if u want, and up some tight hills ull prob beat any of thoses race bikes, its not a MX bike but if u want to do Mx on it as i do itll do it ok just be pepared 4 come hard landings
mantaince free (excpt things like oil and air filter)never had a problem with it and i ride it hard it keeps going just takes wat ever i thro at it i ride every weekend and befor uni most week days my brother has a 06 and ive got 05 we race em against each other whit them mostly pinned and they just keep going go to Mx parks and try all the big jumps and ive even tried racing a pro (i got my arss kicked) nothing like my mates WR 250 which has had so many problems with valves ect. in generall i thrassh the creap out of it and havent had a problem with it yet and i have only ever cahnged the oil every 30 hours (some times its longer than 30hours) i cleen the air filter fairlly regerally as i dont have the baffell in th air box. o and if u cair about fuell i use about 1 to 1.5 L per hour with 95 octain riding up and down steep hils
its not a race bike it dose lake power some times when im raceing my mate on his WR250F the spension is CREAP for MX it bottoms out so easlly espcelly the frot so if ur not going to make a jump or u over jumpted it land on the rear suppersion, but it dose all right cing how it wasent made for MX and im talking about fair size jumps eg 60 foot long (and above) and about about above 2m high it will bottom out if u dont try hard 2 stop it.

Very impressed, heaps of torque and brilliant suspension

And I say this standing 6"3" and tipping the scales at 124 kilos. The 230 is a terrific bike with plenty of power to haul my ample carriage around a track and the suspension is fine. Easy to maintain, frugal and fun.
Easy to ride, excellent torque, great stoppers, not too loud.

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how is it on sand?


In the time I have owned this bike it has been an awesome ride. Maintenance ie changing the oil or air filter has been incredibly easy and in general it still provides a thrilling ride even after 1.5 years use. The drum brake on the rear and the suspension are the areas in which honda has cut back on but it still is an excellent recreational trail bike.
Bulletproof engine with a simple but effective design. Good steady power that suits agricultural use, learners or people who prefer a more controllable motorbike
Suspension is not designed for mega jumps but it still does an excellent job for everyday trail riding or small jumps

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Great little bike. I added the power up kit, Works Pro Series rear shock and upgraded the front forks. Now I have a great riding and performing bike. 2007 CRF 230


over all there is no reason not to buy a bike like this unless ur going to be jumping to the moon
i would buy high bend fatty bars it gives the bike a nicer feel i put tag t2s on mine and rip the snorkel off the air box it helps at high rmps
it never let me down even never gut las or unreliable
not much not to like its a strong bullet proof motor and its a 6 speed and it can take on almost any hill im a hill climber in Canada b.c. and it rocks the hills
it is a sporty look and has great handling and with the eclectic stat it makes start up as easy at sitting on it and putting it in gear it also makes u want to ride hard and makes u feel comfortably riding hard great for beginners and advanced rides
no kick stat so if batter goes u have to bomb start so its not to bad it starts pretty good with a bomb start and poeple say not to leave the key in it wont make ur battery die i left mine in and on sents i bot it and it never went dead after 2 years so its not a big deal but still not back up kick

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Questions & Answers

I’m fixing up a crf230 of my mates that I’m getting and I was wondering what fuel to use cause heaps of people have told me different types?
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my 230f seized up and im rebuilding it at the moment but im wondering do i have to buy a whole new top end or is it just a barrel i can replace?
1 answer
I'd say save the barrel by boring (and rechroming if necessary) and get next size up piston. Local shops will help you with that. Never toss out good parts Phil Phil Little Racing.com

is there any difference between a 2016 and 2017 crf 230f? I'm looking at buying a procircuit t-4 exhaust system and it says it suits up to a 2016 but I wanted to check if there is much difference and whether it would still suit a 2017 or not
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