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Kawasaki KLX250S

Kawasaki KLX250S

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Fun bike, but other 250's are better. 2007 Modal

Good on fuel. Easy to maintain and like any bike lots of fun to own. :)

But it was always a pain to start on cold starts, my mates owned a 2006 and 2009 KLX250's, both of theirs didn't like to start too when cold, which was a pain when you work late shifts and trying to start your bike at 1am in the morning and all you want to do is go home and sleep. :s

I sold it and bought a DRZ 400, it is just as reliably as the klx, a little bit heavier, but the power of the DRZ and the fact it always starts in Really cold or hot weather is a deal breaker.

Would i buy another? Nah, I'd look at other makes before going KLX 250 again. But in saying that, if you don't have the money for other makes, the KLX250 is a cheap bike for the money, i paid $1,700 with rego.

Date PurchasedApr 2015

Really good bike - reliable and easily modified.

I bought this bike for my son (12year old).

His progression of bikes has been :
age 4-8 - Honda QR50
age 8-12 - Kawasaki KLX110 Manual
age 12-14(currently) - Kawasaki KLX250S

The bike is rec-reg'd just in case i want to use it in the bush, and Ive modified it with the following :
- Airbox lid removed
- changed out the stock main jet to a #130 and the pilot to a #40
- removed polution/smog crap
- kubalink air screw
- FMF Powercore4 exhaust
- rim locks on front and rear rims
- fender eliminator with rear brake light only (indicators on rear removed)

Since my son has had it, he's smashed the LCD console ($300 odd to replace the LCD component only $600 for entire console) by running into a tree, many broken plastics and a few tires.

Needless to say he's on mowing duty to pay off his parts..

The bike itself though is very reliable as you'd expect from Kawasaki, the above modifications though turn this bike into a new machine. A much more responsive throttle means you can point and twist and youre there, you dont have to wait for it to 'wind up' anymore.

The beauty of buying a name brand like Kawasaki is that you can get parts and support anywhere.

Date PurchasedFeb 2014

So far so good

Had no problems so far. Good on fuel. Did my riders course on a Honda and the Kawasaki outperforms it. Handy helmet lock. Will eventually upgrade when off my learners but for now- great bike to learn on. Registered for road use as well as offroad but havent tested it on dirt yet. Happy with purchase.

Date PurchasedJan 2017

Great for the money

After returning to dirt after 15 years I wasn't sure if I would like it so I got the Klx250 to test it out , cheap bike with full rego and RWC , now you can get faster, bigger bikes for more money so if you need the best go get it, but this sits low letting you have both feet on the ground, is light enough, wont scare you, lets you get your skills up and makes riding like a nut fun. and none of this "just had a rebuild" like other bikes. it just keeps going
I come in at 105kg so the rear suspension doesn't like jumps but for most bush bashing and dirt road cruising it does well. sits on 120kmh and loves to ride at between 6000 and 9500rpm, low down torque is missing for up hills but it will do all hills if you drop down gears and sit at 8000revs. You don't care if you put it down because it's cheap and strong. I don't like it on the Highway for long but that's what the Road bikes for. Have kept it longer than I thought I would because it so much fun and does everything I need it to.


Great beginner bike, I learnt to ride on my KLX and have built up some good skills, both on & off the road. I will eventually upgrade to a euro naked road bike of some sort, as I prefer riding on the road to the mad world of trail riding, but im grateful I purchased a bike that can do it all first up, letting my get a taste of both worlds.
cheap to buy, cheap to fix, built incredibly well for the price you pay. comfortable commuter around town, tyres a perfect balance between trail and road grip.
fuel tank is small, 6 or 7 L at the most, i still get 120ish km per 5 L b4 i fill up again. not overly powerful stock, but a pipe & carby re-jet sorts that out.

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Kawasaki KLX250S
CategoryTrail Bikes, Enduro Bikes and Learner Approved Bikes
Engine Capacity249cc
Release dateJun 2010

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