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Yamaha TT-R230

Yamaha TT-R230

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Great dirtbike for fun times

Chose this for my first dirt bike. I was a moderate level street rider and never had ridden on dirt, this bike made it easy and fun I loved my CRF230. The handling as you would hope from this bike is great as is the suspension which I did aggressively and it performs very well.

Date PurchasedDec 2015

Great bike for farm work

Have been looking for a bike for a while, and having ridden Suzuki Trojans and Old Yamaha ag 200s, something wasn't just right. The Ag is a great bike, but top end wise too slow (yes they are not meant to go fast), Trojan is pretty good, but heavier and again top end not great. I wanted something a bit more dirt bike like for stock work, but without the upper speed limitation. Strange request i know. Plus, i wanted something my kids can step up to from a TTR-125 without the weight of the 250s.

I had been looking second hand, but the thing about these bikes hold their value so well that its often worth buying new.

So far i'm stilling running it it, but have used to for some stock work and just riding about. Rides well, and the top end is good,even when not working the bike hard as im doing the run in. I wanted something lighter as our place is pretty steep, and sure enough, i dropped it into a washout under lantana while riding down a steep hill a few weeks back. Best thing was I could lift it back up, drag it around and keep going. First gear is pretty good for poking along behind cattle, but second is too quick. I am not a great rider (used to ride a lot of MTB), but can throw it around a little, so it handles quite well.

The only con i can think of is that the factory headlight that comes with it is made for signaling satellites, it just doesn't point to the ground. Yamaha coudn't help, so to fix that I have made up some aluminum brackets and it at least now points downward.

Date PurchasedDec 2017

Pretty good, not made in Japan but good non the less.

I don't know what happened to my other TTR 230 review, it just disappeared. We have owned a 2006 model, (identical design) since we bought it new in 2008. It has been upgraded with a Yamaha GYTR pipe and jetting and breathing mods. My daughters rode this bike and I ride it to work occasionally, Aussie one's can, come with lights fitted. Always used full synthetic oil and done servicing as required even though we have done less than 2000 km on it. Nice bike with basic suspension, which I like. Goes great for a small bike. Mild power, low maintenance, cheap to run, good on fuel, reliable. Can't comment on longevity but should last well with a bit of TLC. I rev it out, but I don't flog the guts out of it. Haven't had to adjust the valves a great deal (once), slight adjustment to one valve required, but this could be due to the good oil used. They have a cam ball bearing, which is good. Made in Brazil so not super quality but quite OK. I found one thread stripped from new, I'm a bike mechanic by trade, maybe that's why my previous review got deleted, Yamaha want you to think these bikes are Japanese.

Date PurchasedJan 2008
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Of course I'm comparing quality with Yamahas from the 1970s, so probably a lttle unfair. I'm also expecting some refinements like hollow axles and a bit of improvement to the bike which I don't see, but for the price it's great. It's not a $10,000 bike. I don't think we appreciated 1970's-1980's Japanese workmanship enough. My old IT250 was one of the best dirtbikes ever made.

Reliable bike

I'm 15 and I've had the 230 over 5 months now its an 07 it runs great I'm 5'8 120 pounds so it fits me. I haven't had any problems with it besides normal wear and tear. This is my first bike definitely has power but not too much to scare you. Especially since I like tighter single track sort of enduro type rides this bike is great. Watch the front forks on downhills though they tend to dive. Besides that really tough bike cranks every time I hit the starter.

Date PurchasedJun 2007

Great bike

Got one of these when I needed to upsize/upgrade. Mostly use it to ride around the property and muster cattle. I’m definitely not an overly experienced rider but found this bike smooth, easy to handle yet still had enough power when I needed it. Found it easy to do a basic service myself. Electric start was also a bonus. Good reliable bike even for the less experienced rider.

Date PurchasedOct 2016

Seat was uncomfortable and the drum brake the motor was bullet proof I rode the piss outta it and i

I loved the bike I've had a yz 250 crf 450 both great bikes but the ttr i dont have to worry about my friends when they come over to ride it jerking the slobber out of there mouth im looking at purchasing another ttr 230 just to beat around on in the woods I have a raptor 700r a rzr 900s and I still find myself missing my Lil ttr

Getting way too big for the bike at 6' 4'' but it still runs great!

I think in my previous reviews I forget to mention that the bike is a 2007 model. Many would think that a bike of that age would be showing a little bit of wear. Apart from some small suspension issues and longer warm up time, the bike is still running great! i recently opened it up flat stick in 6th gear and it absolutely flew! Defiantly not a toy.

love the bike and never had any problems wit it other than wear parts

i have a ttr230 2011 and i love it, never had any problems other tham wear parts and handles. i fell a lot when i just got it. it was my first bike when i was 14 and it had a lot of power for my age and still does! it is excellent to control and can do some awesome stuff!!

awesome bike

I got this bike new six months ago. I love it, engine has lots of torque and power. Very easy maintenance, engine runs smooth and after gearbox breaks in (4-5 hours drive time) gear changes are really smooth.i do lots of single track riding and its perfect for that. I plan to keep it for a long time.
tough,powerful, good ground clearance.
rear drum brake can be weak,seat gets uncomfortable after a day of riding

Riding it in snow??

I've had several bikes in my time, and you cannot just take a stock bike and ride it in the snow - you need different treads, or spiked tires. As for sand, it's the same issue - you have to set the bike up for deep sand riding, no matter what type of bike you have. It's unfair to blame the TT-R230 for that. Just get it equipped right, and it will work!!
I do lots of tight singletrack here, and the bike is incredibly nimble. Just the right combination of power and handling.

awesome trail bike

The ttr230 I an absolutely great bike for trail riding and off-road in general. I've had to do very. Little work if any on it and overall a great starter bike

Awesome trail bike

I recently just purchased a 2015 ttr230 and I absolutly love it. I'm 5'8 and fit this bike perfectly. It's got good power to lift the front wheel in third and make a rut while you're cranking through the gears and a nice note for a trail bike. No complaints about this bike other then the seat's a little uncomfortable and it's cold blooded but other then that, it's a great bike.

Great first Bike!

After owning 2 ttr230 s the second being a rego version {[ttr230a]. Good points : low seat; bullet proff engine,easy maintance,great in the bush,looks ok ,100ks till you hit reserve, second hand around 3 gs rego cheaper for none rego Not so good points : bit heavy 116kg wet suspenshion can bootom out on big er jumps .
all in all fully recomend this bike to start out on

Brilliant first bike.

I reckon a ttr230 is an excellent choice as a learner trail rider. Easy to ride and smaller frame and low power. Awesome build quality. This is one tough bike. I've bailed off mine a few times without major problems. Keep in mind this is a learner bike and the idea will be to step up to a more serious dirt bike once you learn some skills. I'd advise upgraded handlebars and bark busters.
Electric start, Japanese quality, looks reasonable, low seat height.
No factory headlight, kick start, speedometer of any kind or horn. Front shocks are a bit average.

simply the best for an all rounder

i just bought 1 the other month and i ride allmost every week
very strong and reliable and affordable
i love it cuz it can do all i still havent figured out what to do like enduro trails MX SX ect but it might just be me getting of a 110 or the front end is a bit heavy but overall i give it 10/10
very strong and reliable and cheap

I hate it...

I just got this bike one year ago. I am in the garage more then im out side riding. it is to heave to even corner good. it's terrible in snow and sand. but if it is the price you are looking at that is still wrong because you will have hundreds of dollars to repair it ever time you ride
Heavy and reliability

I find it really easy to corner and it is really reliable for me. I haven't had to do any work at all to it and it barely gets washed. I can also beat my friends at corners and they ride really light bikes like 250 2 strokes, a cr500 and a dr-z125l and the dr-z is super light.i think it is a good bike you probably cant ride it properly Agree. I'm working on it more then im riding it.. parts are expensive.


Yamaha missed a few things on the TTR230. Luckily, they're easy fixes for anyone with a little wrenching ability, and the result is one great trailbike. Namely...fix the absurd stock gearing by replacing the c/s sprocket with a 14T or 15T. A little surfing will give you alot of info on airbox/stock exhaust mods..do them both, then rejet. They're easy/cheap mods and the end result is dramatic!
Many scoff at this bike. If you're a speed-freak or love big air, get a motocrosser. If you want a bulletproof bike, minimal maintenance, performance and handling that will excite the average rider..all for a budget price..go buy one, you'll be glad you did!
*Ultra-reliable, virtually bulletproof *Very low maintenance *Great powerplant *A few easy mods make this one great performer! *Easy to find "like new" late models cheap. * Confidence inspiring.
-This is one under-appreciated bike! (don't listen to em)
-front suspension, stock tires

Best bike to buy if you like enduro.

The TTR230 is a beast of a bike. I got one to learn on cos i thought it wouldn't scare me or put me off, and i haven't looked back since. My brother rides a wr 450 and he often gets on my bike cos he loves the power of it. Its easy to maintain, (im a girl who doesn't understand mechanics) it goes just as good as any other 250cc if its got the right rider. Perfect for single tracking, reliable, a good height if you have short legs, starts first go, pretty good on fuel, jumps alright but got to be careful with the suspension, everything on that bike will surprise you. I ride with boys on 450cc and bigger and at the end of a ride my little beast will be raring to go and they'll have to change airfilters or something like that. Seriously a good investment!
Reliable, good if your legs are a little on the short side (like mine) affordable, easy to learn on, a gutload of power, perfect for beginners through to experienced,
A bit heavy, suspension


The bike is absolutely outstanding, i have ridden many bikes and the TTR has been one of the best i have ridden...you can take the bike anywhere you want and as quick as you want And get some big air along the way without any problems. To all the people that say the bike is a lemon and doesn't have enough power i say to you that you mustn't be able to ride very well if you can't harness the power and use it..the bike is easy to ride and learn on if necessary the clutch feels nice and the gear box is very easy to use. Tye seat is very comfortable and the reliabilty of the bike is outstanding. i give the bike 5/5
Everything.. all over the internet people keep bad mouthing it saying it has no power at all..These people are wrong i can put the bike on the rear wheel whenever i want and the bike just flies... I have it doing 130km/h... The bike is designed for trails meaning that i have taken it through some pretty tough spots and have come out no problems at all... The bike isn't designed to be jumped but i do anyway and it does it very very easily.
Nothing i think the bike is great

Solid Bike

Got it Christmas, had it about a month now and i am very pleased with it. When i first threw my leg around it floored it and i got a shock! This thing can move! Everyone told me how this bike would suck but when they rode it they were very suprised, this thing has taken me through some rough spots and pushed its way out just fine!
Great Power, ultra reliable, Good speed, very very good bike
I found it heavy but i can now pick it up very easy and im 13!

When I was twelve I could tear up a 250SX-F (ktm four stroke) and people brag about being able to ride a 230 at 3 years of age, I think its a great bike but where I come from (obviously Australia) this bike is definitely for youger or female riders, no offenceits not about the power its about the rider, my friend has a drz125l and he can beat his dad and his dad rides a drz250true

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I have both the Honda CRF230 & Yamaha TTR230. They make an aftermarket CDI for the Honda that really helps with the power but i can not for the life of me find one for the Yamaha. It does make a huge improvement and definately worth buying. Any clue as to where i can find one for the Yamaha? The CDI i bought for the Honda is made by Big Gun. Thanks
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What do the ugly boots do on the Yamaha ttr and can I ride with them off?
1 answer
They help keep abrasive mud and grit out of the seals and bearing surfaces of the forks. The forks will leak oil and wear out sooner if you ride with them off. Some parts of bikes look dumb but do an important job. You can't see them when you ride so why worry? Leave them on IMO.

How many kilometres out of reserve on ttr230 2007?
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Yamaha TT-R230
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