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Hoover Heritage 5630

Hoover Heritage 5630

2.2 from 18 reviews

Sore thumb

I agree with the previous person, your thumb gets incredibly sore from pressing the steam button constantly. I had a Bissell and it is a much better design. The 5630 design re the bottom hook for the cord gets in the way of being able to lay the mob flat to get under things. I fail to understand the triangle head. I would not recommend this mop

Purchased in November 2018 for $240.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Use
Cleaning & Maintenance
Floor Type Wood

I wish I read these reviews instead of listening to the Godfrey’s salesperson.

1. If I knew you had to hold the button down the whole time I never would have bought it. I’ve just used it the first time and my hands are in crippling pain
2. the mop pad already has a hole in it after 2 rooms. I explained I had rough slate style floors and this didn’t raise any alarms with the salesperson
3. Like another reviewer, there is no where to stash the cord so you have to hold it up.
4. I can’t pull the drawstring tight enough and the fabric head keeps coming off
I haven’t had a problem with it being too wet out I feel thoroughly ripped off and in pain. Avoid like the plague.

Date PurchasedSep 2018

First steam mop

I’ve just used my first steam mop so don’t know how to compare to others but very happy. It’s cleans beautifully! There is some wetness but there is with any mop. By the time I’ve done upstairs downstairs is dry. Lifts dirt no problem. Love it!!
I found it easy to manouvere and do much better than a normal mop. I’m happy with this purchase!

Date PurchasedJul 2018

Tooo wet

As other review says, it does it job perfectly especially with the vibration on. Easy for storage as it can fold into half.
The Cons of it are:
1. Too wet and not good for wooden or floating floor board. I have to dry it with cloths after using it so cost more time!
2. Plastic body make a squeaking sound --- to me I am so worried that it will break in half!
3. Hands feel tired after cleaning as the the weight and pressing trigger all the time.

In conclusion, I would not recommend this mop unfortunately.

Date PurchasedNov 2016

Should have read reviews before buying ad wasting $100

After using this Hoover Steam Mop my tiled floor is covered in water and while using a normal mop and bucket it takes less then 15min to dry, after an hour using this steam mop my tiles are still wet. Went straight back to where I bought it and was told it was because my tiles are cold??? Wrote to Hoover and because i’d Had it for just er 10 days they couldn’t refund an unhappy customer even though I only used it once

Date PurchasedSep 2017

Rubbish! Don't Buy!

Steam mop stripped the top polished off my vinyl leaving deep strips. Hard to manoeuvre and sticks to floor. Steam button has to be held down all the time at an odd angle resulting in tendonitis. Leaves tiles wet and doesn't get the grout clean. Haven't had a good experience with any of the hoover products

Date PurchasedApr 2017

Still happy

Re my review of November 2014 - still happy with this Steam mop after a year and a half, although the idiot that designed placing the operating lever on top of the handle should be fired, as this places a lot of strain on the thumb holding it down to generate steam. I also find the vibrating head to work well on hard to clean stains, and the handle is a little too flexible when pulling the cleaning head sideways. Otherwise still very happy with this machine!

Expensive disposable RIP gadget.

When it worked I was happy with the quality of cleaning - short lived.
Not easy to manoeuvre as the pad sticks to the floor surfaces and the creaky sound of the handle (extending to its body) was always very annoying. The steam releasing button was also a pinching threat to the thumbs. The one star I have generously giving is because the tank didn't needs to be refilled for one single cleaning session. I bought additional pads that I could change as soon as the previous one was dirty (what's the point of spreading the dirt of one area onto another?). The design does not reach corners and they needed to be done by hand.
The Ultrasonic Vibration sounds like a good idea for hard floor surfaces like floating floors and vinyl planks as they have ridges otherwise hard to reach. I should make clear household appliances in my home are well looked after, not abused, cleaned and dried if necessary because I mind my budget. So it was a surprise when the Ultrasonic Vibration simply stopped working. The technician that's seen it stated it worked 4 times in a row for him and that it can't be repaired if the problem is random. I plugged it at the store and it didn't work. So the thing is now spluttering water (they didn't empty the tank, I did). It's in the expensive end of the steam mops and it's still the same model being sold.
Very disappointed with my Hoover experience.
Bought from Godfreys.

Crap. better off with s $2 variety store mop

After a few months the mop broke. Hoover have no contact number. Their email response was to return to retailer for repairs. Crap crap crap. Don't but hoover. Absolutely disappointed. It said continuous steam for 40 mins. Thats with it set on low. It took toughly 3hrs to mop my floor due to thr mop needing to completely cool before refilling.


Just over 1 year old, this morning blew the circuit breakers in the house the steam mop has obviously failed, leaked water onto an electrical component. The cheap price now long forgotten, now have the memory of a poor product used 5 times, that's about $20 per floor clean.

Heavy and hard to use

Its a heavy machine with a horrible plastic handle that you need to keep pressing for steam. It does a good job cleaning the floor but its tiring pushing this heavy monster around the house while pressing fir stream. Regret purchase. Got it from Godfrey for $199. Over priced! Do not recommend anyone to buy it unless you want to work on your biceps and thumbs.


Doesn't clean. Just spreads the dirt around. Even after vacuuming the hard floors first. Leaves them wet and the vibrate function does nothing. Dont waste your money. For the time and effort a traditional mop does a much better job. Its now back in the box collecting dust. Hate it

No issues part from steam button, not ergonomic

I have just purchased this, and am more than happy with it, apart from the steam button, altho the sales lady did point this out to me.

It is the quickest way to clean my vast floor area. Anyone who says it leaves the floor dirty streaky etc, needs to think, if it is the floor that was so dirty in the first place, and if they are using the steamer to its full potential.

I bought the extra pads, and replace them numerous times while washing the floor. If you continue to use a dirty or wet soaked pad, it will simply spread the dirt around. user error, not the machines error.

I have never owned a steam mop before, so can't compare to other brands, but for $200 I am pleased with the product so far, and I can see the difference in the floors. And because it is easy to use, I am washing the floors more often. I think that's a huge plus, the floors aren't so dirty in the first place.

My floors don't end up soaking wet Nd then streaky!

Doesn't even deserve one star. Horrible

Replaced my old steam mop with this Hoover. Extremely disappointed. It uses heaps of water, which is obviously why it leaves the floor extremely wet and streaky. The trigger at the top needs to be constantly held down by your thumb when mopping, which becomes extremely painful and your thumb goes numb. There is no where to clip the cord in at top of handle so constantly mopping over it or standing on it. The cloth triangles always slipping off. Terrible. KEEP CLEAR, not user friendly.

worst mop ever

leave the floors wet with wet streaks. not very ergonomic and to have to constantly push the button is annoying.very heavy . made the floor look worst than before.. didnt expect this from a brand like hoover.. they should be recalling this product, cant understand how it ever launched........................... ...

Soaking wet floors

I purchased this direct from Godfreys, first time i used it my floor was soaking wet, it was heavy to use and after using it 4 times the scrub button does not work at all, hate it,. I found it didnt clean my floors very well either, i have tiles and lino, my arm was aching after each use.
Not much
Heavy, soaking wet floors took 1 hour to dry

I would never buy this product. Moved here from the USA and husband purchased it before I arrived. Very heavy to push, have to keep steam button pushed in all the time or no steam, thumb and arms get sore from holding button and pushing this heavy thing around. Does not do well in corners, leaves my wood floors steaky and dull looking. Hate this machine, loved my one at home but could not bring with me....i couldnt agree more.. My opinion is the same. I will be going back to Godfrey's to return this product. I will rather use my old traditional mop instead of this..

Beautiful, streak-free floors in no time!

This steam mop is easy to set up, begins producing steam quickly, and glides across the floor easily. There are three steam settings: "dust" (minimal steam), "mop" (moderate steam), and "scrub" (heavy steam). There is also a vibrate mode which I found helped me to clean stuck-on stains. There is also a plastic attachment used for steaming carpets. It comes with only one cleaning pad but extra pads are cheap online. The only con to this machine is that the water tank is slightly clumsy to change. Otherwise, worth every penny!
Excellent cleaning power, easy to set up and use
Water tank clumsy to change

Good quality product. Quick & convenient way of cleaning hard floors.

I bought the Hoover 5630 after trying a cheaper steam mop currently being promoted on TV that turned out to be faulty out of the box and very poor quality. Judging by some of the reviews I’ve read I’m not the only one that has had a bad experience with that particular brand mop. After getting a refund on the cheap and nasty mop I looked for a better quality one made by a reputable company and I wound up buying the Hoover 5630 (a model so new I couldn't find any reviews).

On using it for the first time I was pleasantly surprised to find that the unit produces continuous steam within seconds of filling the tank and pressing the steam trigger making it a quick and convenient way of cleaning a hard floor. Steam is turned on and off with a trigger and for continuous steam you have to keep the trigger pressed down. An improvement in my opinion would be an option to make the steam continuous without needing to keep holding the trigger down (which can be annoying when cleaning a large floor).

Like all steam mops it leaves a residue of moisture on the floor but this dries quickly (unless you drench the floor by going over it multiple times). Despite all of the claims made in TV commercials after using this (or any other steam mop) if you want a uniform looking streak free shiny floor you may still need to give the floor a quick final wipe with a dry cloth or pad of some sort. I've also found that the carpet ‘refreshing’ function involving using a plastic glide to moisten and 'sanitise' a carpet while looking impressive when demonstrated on TV doesn't really do much of any practical value. For cleaning hard floors however the Hoover 5630 works well and after using it the cleaning pad is covered with dirt.

The Hoover 5630 is the only steam mop available with electronic digital touch pad controls giving it a high tech look and feel that sets it apart from other mops I looked at which either have manual controls (that can be broken) or don’t have adjustable settings. The touch pad allows you to choose from 3 settings: 'Scrub' (the setting that produces the most steam), 'Mop' (which produces slightly less steam but still a lot) and 'Dust' (which produces the least steam). I’ve been impressed with how long the steam lasts enabling you to clean a fair sized area on one tank of water. The mop also has a ‘Vibrate’ mode that causes the head to vibrate slightly and very rapidly as you sweep and this is supposed to help remove stains and stubborn dirt. I’m not sure how useful this feature really is apart from making it easier to move the head around and I haven’t found it necessary to use it to remove stains or dirt.

One feature that I believe that could be improved is the method of filling the water tank. To fill the tank you have to remove it by inserting your finger into a bulge at the top and pull hard to dislodge it from its cradle and then you unscrew a plug at the bottom and fill the tank by holding it upside down under a tap (tap water is okay because the unit has a water filter). Having to remove the tank to fill it every time you use the machine in my opinion increases the chances of the tank and the clips that hold it in place being damaged or broken. On one occasion I had to pull so hard to dislodge it that the tank popped out and rolled along my hard kitchen floor. When putting it back in you need to make sure it's positioned correctly before pushing it back into its cradle otherwise you risk breaking one of the plastic lugs that hold it securely in place. In my view a better system would be a removable plug on the front of the tank with a hole to pour water through without needing to remove the tank.

Unlike some other steam mops the Hoover 5630 isn’t designed to be converted into a portable unit by pulling the head off and adding attachments so you can clean things like grout on wall tiles, basins etc. I bought it solely to clean floors so this didn't bother me and if anything I see this as an advantage because more things can go wrong with a mop that can be turned into a portable unit. Anyone that buys the Hoover 5630 needs to be aware that it's basically a floor cleaner only. By experimenting a little I did however find that even though the instructions make no mention of it you can turn it into a portable unit by removing the head. Removing the head exposes the brass nozzle and it then becomes a large basic portable steam cleaner that emits a jet of steam at anything you aim it at on pulling the trigger but no accessories are provided for using it this way.

After the salesman demonstrated the mop I told him I was interested but wanted to think about it and he must have figured that unless I bought it then and there I probably wouldn’t come back so he said he’d give me a ‘special price’ and went away to check how much he could take off the price (I’m guessing he knew this anyway) and on returning he said he could let me have it for $149 instead of $169. This extra enticement was enough to convince me to buy it. The mop only comes with one pad which has to be washed after each use and the salesman got some of the $20 discount back by selling me an extra cleaning pad for $10 (which in retrospect was exorbitant). I have since discovered that you can buy extra cleaning pads much cheaper elsewhere (on eBay you can buy 10 pads for $14.99 plus $6.95 postage which works out at around $2 a pad). The cleaning pad is fastened to the head with a cord and I think this is a more secure system than the Velcro pad method used by some other mops.

Steam mops are currently all the rage and the benefits are somewhat exaggerated in my opinion but overall I’m happy with the Hoover 5630 even though $149 is a lot to pay ($169 if you pay full retail) for what is basically only a hard floor cleaner (that can at a pinch be turned into a basic portable unit but with no accessories). For really dirty floors I’d still use an old fashioned traditional mop and hot water mixed with detergent but for cleaning up to a moderately dirty floor the Hoover steam mop is quick, convenient and does a good job allowing you to give a hard floor a quick clean without the hassles and mess of using a traditional mop and bucket. I’ve got no major complaints so far and if something goes wrong I have the peace of mind of a 2 year warranty. I'd recommend the Hoover 5630 Heritage as a good quality steam mop made by a reputable company but if you want a mop that can also be turned into a portable unit with accessories (which also means more things that can go wrong) I’d look elsewhere.
2 year warranty, produces steam seconds after filling the tank, cleaning pad strongly secured with a cord, advanced digital touch pad controls, handle folds down for easy storage
having to remove the plastic tank to fill it increases the chance of accidental damage unless careful

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agree totally with Mareke's review of this product. i have used the steam cleaner a couple of times but have not met with any problems filling the water tank. all in all, a good product from Hoover. george.

Questions & Answers

We have had a Hoover 5630 steam mop for the past 3 years and overall find it good and effective to use. However are we able to put any type of detergent/cleaning fluid through the mop's reservoir?
No answers

Can this be used on wooden floor boards?
2 answers
When the sonic vibration worked it was very useful with my wooden floors. With little steam and using the coral pad with the sonic vibration the dirt was gone very easily. The coral pad without the vibration sticks to the floors and it does not do a proper job. Having said that, if it's given to you for free you have time to save for something more reliable. Otherwise, I wouldn't get one of these again.Sorry can't help, I have Tiles thru my home and it works OK on them, in another post someone use a special pad and the vibrating function, you could try that!


Heritage 5630
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