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So easy to use and very convenient.

-Very easy to maneuver
-Picks up debris in a separate compartment which is very easy to empty
-Floor's are barely damp, can easily be walked on within minutes
-Self cleaning mode is AWESOME
-Very obvious low battery/low water/full dirty water warnings
-Love the convenience of being able to grab it and go, no filling up buckets and dragging them around

-Very small clean water tank so find myself constantly refilling
-Quite heavy
-Not as fast as conventional method's nor do I find, quite as good. E.G. If there is a spot or patch on the floor I have to go over it several times to clean, whereas with a mop it would be once maybe twice.
-Having to Soak the roller if you haven't used it in a little while is a little irritating
-VERY expensive

I do love it and would recommend one if it's within your budget. I f it wasn't so pricey I would have given it 5 stars

Purchased in July 2019 for $749.00.

Thank you for your review. Just a tip, for more soiled area's, put your Hizero on mode 2, this uses more water which helps clean those areas more efficiently.hi workingmum very nice to hear from you and thanks for shring your experience cheers Dino

Amazing! Best gadget ever!

I bought this after seeing my MIL's floors which were incredibly (and unusually) clean and knew I had to have one. I have been using ENJO mops and dry mops for several years now and thought my floors were clean (I mop every day, sometimes more if we've been entertaining etc) but after using the HIZERO I am blown away. It leaves the floor barely damp, so dries really quickly, all solids / bits of grit are removed and no mop marks left. It's brushes seem to clean between the boards and it is actually really quick to do the entire house.
This machine makes me so happy.

Purchased in January 2019 for $750.00.

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Hi specialK we are happy you are enjoying using the Hizero, thanks for the feedback

no longer disappointed

I bought mine from TVSN. Was told it would be charged so I could use immediately. It wasn't, and when I tried to charge it wouldn't charge. Will have to wait about a month for them to decide if they will refund as they don't have stock to replace. I'm a bit wary about buying another online after this experience. It's a shame as they looked good.

Purchased in February 2019 at TVSN (TV Shopping Network) for $670.00.

Hi BarbH i'm sorry that the product was faulty, we would be pleased to help you. We have new stock and we can replace the faulty unit. Please call Anne in customer service on 03 9894 1400. TVSN sold out of stock and therefore were not able to replace the item but we can help Yes it is a great product and you will enjoy using it regards DinoThanks Dino. I will call tomorrow to talk to Anne.Hi Barb i believe this has been sorted, thanks for calling

Bloody amazing!

OK so it's not as quick as mopping, but it's better at cleaning first time, every time. It's not as fast as vacuuming, but it does both equally as well. We've had our Hizero for around 3 months now and the low water use is great, but our polished floors are cleaner than the cleaners that come to our apartment every two weeks. We now have them come monthly, so the ROI for us is roughly 3 months. Obviously if you don't have cleaners, then it just makes the floor cleaner, and would save maybe 30% time with water filling, vacuuming and then mopping and dust busting whenever there's a spill etc.

For our aged floorboards with dints in them etc., it still won't get those grimey bits out, you'd need to get the floor re-sanded and polished regardless of device, but this thing is cleaning up stuff we didn't expect, like the pine needles from our Xmas tree whilst mopping the floor at the same time!

Great product, and would recommend this in a heartbeat! It's a great, innovative product!

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thanks Keltec

The Dyson of hard floor cleaners - it's a Mop!

Wow! I am so so excited. I went into the Laurastar showroom in Blackburn yesterday to purchase a new Ironing board cover for my Laurastar S4. What I saw I was something I have never seen before.
They had a cordless 4 in 1 Bionic mop on display which the sales lady Jenny demonstrated for me. This machine has really changed my life. It mops and vacuums at the same time. The vacuum function is merely to suck up the water it uses to mop hard floors. It cleans up virtually anything. I swear by it, I love it, so excited. Dropped eggs on the floor, spaghetti, noodles, sauce, mayonnaise you name it, it cleans it. So so quiet!!!!
It puts all the liquid waste in one container and the hard waste like the egg shells in a hard waste container. It is cordless and has a run time of around 40 minutes, more than enough time to mop my floors and I have a big house.It's super quiet. I have tried virtually every hard floor cleaner on the market, the Bissell Crosswave, the Wertheim quick clean, the Vax cordless Floormate, the Hoover cordless Floormate and even the corded Karcher FC5 floor cleaner.
They all are so loud and do such a lousy job leaving water all over the place it's depressing.
Enter Hizero and I feel I am in heaven or dreaming. It is truly a cordless mop. Today I threw away my stinky mop.
I also love the self cleaning function. I cannot believe how easy it is to use and clean.
Thanks Hizero, I'm actually enjoying mopping my floors. My friends will be buying - I would love for you to give them also a $50 discount as you gave me. :)

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thanks Roberta

Questions & Answers

I have new carpet and old uneven slate floors and was wondering does the hizero go between both and will it vacuum & mop the slate with out damaging the floor or the hizero? Thanks
2 answers
It’s only for hard floors not carpets :)Hizero is only suitable for hard floors not carpet, yes it will do slate no problems

Hi, this machine seems to. E the answer to my problems. I have bamboo floors, tiles, and laminate in the kitchen. We have a beautiful Labrador who sheds a tonne of hair.. will this 4 in 1 bionic miracle suck up all the hair and mop st the same time?
1 answer
hi Jo the Hizero does not use suction, it uses a polymer roller to absorb liquid waste and sweep up hard waste ike hair. Yes it will clean all hard floors , wet and dry.. thanks

I have quite old uneven slate flooring, how does the Hizero go on uneven surfaces?
1 answer
The Hizero works fine on Slate floors. We do offer a loan unit that you can take home and try on your floors. This can be collected from any of our showrooms, please call 1800 662 301 to confirm availability.

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