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Horleys Sculpt Protein

Horleys Sculpt Protein

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Great Taste and excellent meal replacement

I find this to be one of the best tasting out there I only add water (But you can add milk) which is perfect as I cant drink milk and it still tastes great. I currently enjoy the salted caramel, banana and vanilla. They are perfectly sweet without being sickly. There is no cardboard after taste either. I find I am full enough but not uncomfortable. Easy meal replacement for me.

Best I have tried!

I have tried quite a few similar proteins but this one is by far the best. I love the ingredients list and it also isn't too sweet. I've tried others that are far too sweet and gritty, but this one is also nice and smooth. I like to mix in some Maca powder with the chocolate.


I like it I have it for breakfast in a smoothie with frozen fruit almond milk spinach chia seeds and Greek yogurt usually just one scoop! Then after gym I'll just have another scoop with water! Keeps me from not snacking throughout the day! I do eat clean but have bad food now and again but still loosing weight! I have lost 2.5 in a week! Which is grate! And about the mouth ulcers and stuff nah I'm fine! Maybe I'm just lucky! But give it a go!

Pretty Stunned

I was pretty amazed with my 1st shake of the vanilla. I was so full and satisfied, I have decided to use this as a meal replacement for my dinner and have two in between during the day. As a solo mother of 2 and up at 5am home at 6pm full time worker and working out 5 days a week doing weights, squats and running Im still having trouble loosing my weight I hope this will help show results. Planing on starting tomorrow. Will repost in a couple of weeks time with results.
The taste, the fact I feel so full.

Alright but Really Bad

Very good for keeping my hunger at bay, was using as a meal replacement for breakfast. I wasn't snacking as much when I had it that morning.
But it has Food Colour 102 in it, which is one of the most dangerous food colourings and is known for causing ulcers in the mouth (I have 6 incredibly painful mouth ulcers at the moment!) I'm stopping it now and I am so disappointed because this was really working for me. If your body is sensitive (sensitive skin etc), this is not worth the money, because I have only been taking this for a week and my mouth ulcers are only getting worse.
Kept hunger at bay for the whole day, nice flavour
Dangerous sweeteners, Food Colour 102 which gave me terrible mouth ulcers

1 week and lost 2 kgs

Am happy with it but wasn't told that the artificial sweetener in it is dangerous. So I'm finishing off this tub and trying something else. I have lost 2 kgs in a week so that's great. Flavor is great. I've been having two a day. Morning tea and afternoon tea. Then have my normal breakfast lunch and dinner.
Weight loss and flavor. Energy while on it
The artificial sweetener is highly dangerous

I wouldn't bother if you already eat a well balanced diet.

The flavour is alright. It filled me up, but then, so does a tuna salad and a banana, so it's not really a miracle weight loss product, it's pretty much just a meal replacement.
I guess it's handy for when you're in a hurry, or if you don't already eat fresh fruit and vegies. If you already maintain a healthy, low sugar diet with no processed foods, it's really not going to do anything special, actually it might easily have adverse effects for you because it contains additives that you wouldn't find in fresh, unprocessed foods.
I guess it's aimed at quickly replacing meals which are highly processed, with little no no nutritional value. In which case, I guess it's better than empty calories.
It's quick and easy.
Contains colour 150 - which can destroy the B vitamin complex, which kind of ironically is needed for supporting and increasing your metabolism and muscle tone among other things. Also be aware that the sweetener used in this product is Acesulfame K, which is one of the most dangerous sweeteners on the market.

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I did have borderline b12 and was using this product frequently. So had to stop having sculp.


time will tell, i have the choclate flavour and its tastes good so fingers crossed itll assist in weight loss
I love the fact it is quick and easy as my breakfast, tastes fantastic
am yet to see if it will assist me in weight loss


I found the chocolate flavour to be great, although I haven't tried other flavours yet. In general it's better to have as an addition to breakfast or lunch or even mid-afternoon snack. It is very filling, but you do need something else to fill the void or you will feel hungry in about an hour. I really liked the product and will buy it again.
Easy to use. The chocolate tastes great. Very Filling as a snack.
Better not to use as a meal replacement as isn't enough to keep you going.


Have been using Product for 3 month know and will keep on using it. Tastes great compare with other products I have used.
Taste great, easy to mix with low fat milk. Good results in suporting to tone body
Bit on the expensive side. Does not mix easy with Soy Milk. Does not fill you up when hungry.


good will keep using it will keep using it. great after workout snack and satifies choc craving i sometimes get.
great choc and banana flavour is best, vanilla was a bit plain.
expensive it would be better to be able to buy in a bigger tub.


Best diet formula to take thats not over produced with chemials like the fat burners (pills) are, warning to all the girls dont take fat burning pills if you plan on having babys too many burners can really muck up your hormones..trust me! Taking it as a snack in between your 3 healthy meals and not snacking on anything else the weight will fly off, but in saying that theirs no quick fixes just good choices in food and this is a great snack choice if you pre make it for the day its helpful as taking the time to make a shake isnt for everyone so thats when you tend to buy bad foods, but using the PUMP water bottles makes it easy to shake up and mix, drink then throw away, no washing.. yayyyyyy!
Great taste, have tried all the Sculpt flavours and Banana is my fav nice tatse for the summer weather, the formula is not sickening sweet like some of the powders I have used. Also is a good snack choice that you can make up in small pump water bottles for the day with skim milk could do different flavours for what you feel like during the day, use in between your 3 meals a day as its low carbs but not really as a meal replacement its just not enought to keep you going.
The price and they should have added some Greentea in the formula for that extra calorie burning power.


Great product, exactly what I wanted. Will using when ever needed. Would be great if you could get all flavours in the larger containers.
Worked. Tasted Great
Not big containers all flavours. Cost


for all of you that buy from a store u are crazy, $22.95 from vitaminking.com.au or another place called citylife.com.au that give you 5% mor off with the more you order, health food store here in Darwin charging $39.95, now that is a rip off
Got my order today, the banana is great and not sickly sweet


This product is awesome, i have tried so many diet products and I was amazed to like the taste. It is quick and easy to prepare with water or milk. Not many shakes tatse good with water , but this is an exception to them all! Give it a try with water, the Banana flavour is yum. The Coffee flavour is a great substititue if you are a Coffee drinker. The Vanilla one is so versatile as you can add berries. I make mine with frozen berries and its nice in warmer weather! the bars are also great if you are in a hurry. There are also matching sculpt fat burning tablets which also help the weight loss. Definatly give this a try, you won't be dissapointed!
This stuff is great, good price, great taste and it works too! It can be addictive , if you like milkshakes. Its low in carbs too, lower than other brands. The ready to drink sculpt are fantastic time saver and taste so good you feel like you're not missing out. It fills you up, which is great if you are a compulsive eater like I am and need to eat until you are full! Drink this and you won't need to keep eating. Can drink either in between meals or as a meal replacement.
It tastes so good its addicitve, one day i had five shakes, which is not so good.
Shop around and do your homework on prices, some places are cheaper than others and offer discounts if you buy more than one. I just wish it was more readily available. I used to get mine from a Ladies gym, but I have found a cheaper price from a healh food store.


I love this stuff! I have tried many protein shakes and usually can't drink them because the taste is so bad. I had seen some reviews on Horleys Sculpt so thought I would give it a go. Tastes really good (choc flavour). I am using it as a meal replacement and it is really filling because it is made with milk. I highly recommend it! Be careful where you buy it from, some health food shops charge a huge amount for it, I found it at my gym for $22.95 a tub!
The taste!
Having to have it with milk - adds calories to the shake

Great tasting protein with L Carnitine and vitamins

I enjoyed drinking this protein (when mixed with Rice Milk/Almond Milk/SKinny Milk) , however it does taste horrible with water. Not so good if you're trying to cut down the calories!

All in all, it helps slightly in recovery but is an excellent meal replacement. I normally have it with some oat bran and some type of milk (int he fridge at the time).

The only downside is the additive of artificial sweetener and anti caking agents which can't be a good thing.

I'm looking for other options so far but it seems other brands out there don't taste as good as the Horleys which is a big factor for me.
Tastes good, good meal replacement (cheap dinner)
Artificial additives

Love it

So basically i been using sculpt for a week. Granted ive been dieting and excercising for over month but only this week did i see real results. ive lost 4kg this week. I think whats good about it is that its easy taste good and fills u up to where u dont feel hungry which is soo muc easier than deciding what foods to make for yourself everyday. So i been using it as a meal replacement for breakfast and lunch and then a good healthy dinner at night. will let u know my progression after ive finished the first tub.
Inexpensive, tastes great, feel full.
Cant think of any.


I've only had it for a week so I can't say if it's had any effect on me. I'll continue to use it to see what happens. No side effects from ingredients which is awsome (aimed towards the hydroxycitric acid).
It mixes well with a shaker but the foamy bit that forms has a really horrible bitter flavour (I got the chocolate one).
Keeps you full for quite a while so you won't get those urges to reach for the snack you probably shouldn't eat.
I have it for breakfast (along with some fruit) and it gives me a good surge of energy for the day. I take it with a little more l-carnitine fumarate because the amount in the shake, I think 50mg, isnt enough to make a significant difference. (The recommended dosage is between 2-4grams)
Parts of the shake will have some bitter after taste
Chocolate flavour tastes a bit off like slightly chemical-y, but add a lil nesquik and you'll be alright.
Unfortunately it's a mix of milk and soy proteins which is a downer. Would have been better to use just whey or some casein as casein curdles in the stomach and keeps you full without the added carbs.

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hey I have seen girls using sculpt but I can't buy coz I have lose my job and I am single if u can send me a simple too try and see I can lose some weight I hope u do understand , thank u my email address is pink_teddy53@hotmail.com. Thank u

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How many calories in one serve?
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I love this product and salted caramel is my favourite. However, recently the colour of the lid has changed from green to white, and the new batch doesn’t fluff up the way the previous ones did. It used to get really thick and milkshakey, but now it’s more like other brands - flat no matter how hard I shake or whisk it. Have you changed the recipe?
No answers

Hi anyone know if all the flavours have the ingredient that causes mouth ulcers, I have the worst mouth ulcers I have ever had after 4 days of using this, (salted caramel flavour), and want to know if it is because of an ingredient in this shake? Or if it’s coincidence, and if all the flavours have the fools ingredient?
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