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HP Spectre X360

HP Spectre X360

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Spending $2200 on a laptop i thought it would be good quality. To my disappointment i have had nothing but troubles with this notebook:
1. The speaker has crackles when you turn it up past halfway. I thought it was faulty and after troubleshooting 4 times, it was replaced. Again, the new speaker crackles, and has a terrible tinny sound.
2. The battery barely lasts 3 hours while internet browsing only. I wouldn't expect this at 1.5 year old.
3. The power button is not well designed. Many people complain (myself included) that the button wedges in behind the case.
4. Fingerprint login barely functions..

In short, the HP Spectre x360 is an expensive laptop that doesn't have good sound, runs out of battery quickly and will not turn on after 1.5 years. Well done guys!

Purchased in April 2018 at Officeworks for $2,179.00.

Problematic laptop with incompetent customer service

I purchased a HP Spectre notebook last year, in or about April 2018. Since purchase, it has not functioned reliably (track pad and pen fidelity issues) and accordingly HP agreed to replace the unit. That was in June 2019. I was advised it would take 3 to 4 business weeks to replace the unit. It has been two months and I still am waiting on my replacement laptop. The replacement unit took a long time to come in - much longer than promised - and even though it is now available, it has been with the courier for a week (ie seven days). There are evident systemic failures in communication between HP and their third-party service providers. I have been on the phone daily without any progress. I am deeply disappointed by HP and frustrated by the apparent intractability of the delivery issues.

Purchased in April 2018.

The functionality and portability is amazing

I use this laptop daily and find they keyboard and track pad to be spot on. the build quality feels really good and after 8 months have had no issues.

Purchased in January 2019 for $1,294.00.

HP x360 Great Tablet/laptop

This laptop/tablet is excellent! It is lite and has excellent features. Unlike most of the laptops on the market today, this has a 1TB harddrive as well as a SSD so windows OS loads quick while you still have the security of having your data on a HDD. Battery life is excellent. Screen brightness can be improved.

Purchased in April 2019 at JB Hifi Home for $1,273.00.

Lightweight easy to use laptop

The HP Spectre is lightweight and easy to use. It can be used as a smart device as the keyboard can be completely bent all the way. It has several sign in options such as face recognition and password protection. It is an intel I 7 technology so very powerful. The battery life lasts atleast 22-24 hours so its easy to take with you on a daily basis without having to charge it on the go. The only downside is that the fan starts too often even when the computer doesn't feel so warm.

Purchased in February 2019 at JB Hi-Fi Retail Stores for $2,400.00.

charging issues and motherboard failure at 2 years

Laptop suddenly stopped working and wooldn't charge. When I searched the internet for troubleshooting information, I found this seems to be a common issue in the Spectre after a couple of years of use. Have been advised the cost to replace the motherboard is significant. Considering the price of this laptop when purchased new and the fact it has had light usage and been extremely well looked after, I think this is a huge fault. I'm not sure if later models have improved, but it seems that at 2-4 years old, previous models just die. For the premium price HP charge, I would have expected better, if not in quality, at least in ownership of the common fault and perhaps a recall.

Purchased in January 2016 at Harvey Norman for $2,500.00.

HP X360 spectre laptop

Did lots of research before I purchased my X360 spectre
Purchased it dec 18.i found it very very slow.even slower than my hp pro book
Opening excel word etc was a challenge. It eventually die. It switched off and I could not switch it back on. I should have brought something around $1500 not $3000. I sent it back and they claim that I must take out take cord when it at 95% battery life or when reduced to10% battery power I must plus it back in. I don't have do that with HP pro book. In the end I was told nothing is wrong.
Today the x360 has just had screen freeze six times today. Clearly HP your wrong I brought a boat anchor.

Purchased in December 2018 at Harvey Norman for $3,196.00.

fragile poorly made spectres

My 2000$ hp spectre 360 has a crack on its screen. It happened less than a year into owning it and it happened from regular everyday use. I did not drop it, there was no exterior pressure applied to it, it's a fragile poorly made part. After a short amount of research I discovered this was far from uncommon with this device. Also far from uncommon was hp's standard handout solution. Hp tells you according to there screen crack professionals it was your fault and you have to pay 800$ to fix it. This is absolutely unacceptable. If your going to charge 2000$ for a computer you need to make sure the product you are selling is good quality. If that product is not of good quality, you need to do right by your customers, not call them liars and do absolutely nothing. I had to tell the same story to multiple overseas hp call centre employees, the communication was terrible and my precious time was wasted. My computer is still broken, of no fault of my own and now I have to spend more of my time spreading this message to make sure this doesnt happen to other people. Not good enough hp, you are a greedy company that does not look after the people that make you who you are, your customers. Do not buy hp products, the quality standards have dropped and so has the customer service.

Purchased in January 2018 at Officeworks for $2,000.00.

Light weight, Gets Hot

- light weight
- 2 in 1
- good for normal daily light weight tasks. Eg. Web browsing, Emailing

- gets hot
- struggles with dual screen
- noisy fans
- lags when used Camtasia

Purchased in September 2018 for $2,400.00.

Lightweight, durable and great speed

I bought it from Costco and paid less than $2000 for an i7 processor, 16Gb Ram and 1Tb hard drive. It is fast and I use it for converting video live recordings to upload to YouTube which tasks a lot of processor power but it does it without any lag.
Having a laptop this light with the i7 processor and the large 1Tb drive is hard to come buy without forking out closer to $3000 for a similar spec and build quality and weight. One of the best laptop I have bought in a long time. It comes with it own converter cable for HDMI as well as a pen and laptop sleeve, which are often only available as an additional cost.

Purchased in July 2018 at Costco for $1,999.00.

HP Spectre X360 13-AP0007TU

Up front I need to state that the HP Spectre X360 13" range of laptops are fantastic! This was our third however this particular model (moreso the screen technology used) has let HP down drastically and is a significant disappointment as a consumer.

As an previous owner of Spectre X360's I've been completely dedicated to the platform for a long time. I was excited to get the new model and its cool Poseidon Blue colour. It wasn't until the final stages of the sales process that I was made aware that this model has the 'Sure View' screen. It was explained to me as an electronic privacy screen which can be turned on and off. There was no display unit to show me this unfortunately. It turns out that whilst this screen has has double the refresh rate (120hz) its a serious step back in terms of screen brightness, clarity and quality. There is a faint grid across the entire screen, whites have a yellow tinge and the back-lighting causes a shadowing effect similar to the old TFT laptop screens. This means you have to have the screen on an exact angle to see most of the screen in the same brightness. Even then theres abit of a tunnel vision effect. For a premium product (and one of the highest specs you can get) this is an incredibly disappointing laptop. Unless you absolutely need the privacy feature... avoid the Sure View panel at all costs. I'm returning mine for a swap or refund. Really really bad HP. Drastically improve or retire this technology from consumer grade laptops.

Update: Pic below... Sure View on left (new generation), regular 1080P screen on right (previous generation). Both on full brightness and windows night mode OFF.

Purchased in January 2019 at Harvey Norman.

Screen cracks by itself.

I have the Convertible 13-ae0xx. It's got a high specs which I liked very much. But the screen cracked while I was doing a normal internet browsing and typing notes with the keyboard. I raised to HP support but they would not cover it and was escalated a couple of times. Their support team is being difficult to deal with. Now they are offering to repair it for a huge sum of $920. Giving it 2 stars for the low durability of the screen and for poor service and support of this premium (read: expensive) machine.

Date PurchasedFeb 2018

Good 2 in 1 laptop

I bought this 2 months ago from Harvey Norman. Love the design. Lightweight 13 inch convertible laptop. Good picture and sound quality. Handy for everyday use. It heats very quickly ( roughly after 40 minutes of continuous usage) which is a negative point. Battery drains quickly and needs frequent charging.

Date PurchasedSep 2018

Laptop broke less than one year

The screen starts flickering vigorously less than one year after purchasing the item, got to send back for warranty claim. It seems working fine now, but occassionally the screen will still flicker out of no reason, but not as vigorously as before, will see how far this can last me.

Date PurchasedDec 2017

Computer says Yes

Great laptop, brilliant speakers. Keyboard is easy to use - the change between the pad mouse and the touch screen mouse is very sensitive where as moving the cursor when using the touch pad is not sensitive. Screen size is perfect, wonderfully light weight. Does everything it says it should.

Date PurchasedSep 2018

it has a new problem each day!

There is something wrong everyday and I'm either on the phone or chating with HP support!!

The screen goes black all of a sudden even though it has battery and you can still hear the fan, so I assume its on when that happens. Although it is not responsive to any key or touchpad nor mouse. And it only works if I plug in into the charger cable for a few minutes and I don’t carry my charger everywhere because I assume my laptop is charged!
And the fan is very loud at times even though I don’t use the laptop for any heavy work and my main use is mail/calendar/ one note/ excel and Microsoft edge. and its so loud at times that if I use it in a quite space ex. the library, everyone starts staring at me! and aside that it gets really hot so I had to buy a stand because i cant put it on my lap directly.
The email and calendar was glitching and the hp technician reinstalled the app and at that point instead of it working properly it wasn’t working at all and I rely on my calendar all the time everyday and he said he will get back to me with a fix but I got nothing back so meanwhile , I was able to fix it myself after spending hours online which really wasn’t convenient. But still every time I set a color for my accounts in the calendar it changes and doesn’t stay on the color I assign it to! So my calendar has a different color each minute and it is very confusing since I have multiple accounts logged in and I need to know which event is from which account.
Very slow and the screen freezes and quits program randomly. I called about a month ago to have there issues fixed and they raised my touch pad sensitivity which has no effect on the fact that the screen doesn’t scroll smoothly and freezes in between.
Part of the slow responsive and freezing is causing my pen to not work properly either. I write and it doesn’t show any ink on the screen or you can only see patches!
I also cant afford to send my laptop in and not have it for 2 weeks!

my case has also been elevated but its been 3 weeks and no results yet!! this is really frustrating because I could have gotten an apple instead of this and not have any of these issues.

Date PurchasedDec 2017

It left a bad taste in my mouth.

I made my brother buy me a brand new Hp spectre x360 from America to Ghana.
I used it a little over a month. Now my camera isn't working. I have tried everything to rectify but it's still not working. I installed a new windows but still not working. I tried everything.

Date PurchasedJul 2018

HP Spectre X360

The HP Spectre X360 Laptop has a 15” screen it has stunning visuals.With windows 10 and has a touchscreen.There are many great features and I would highly recommend this Laptop and if you like a computer that has fast boot ups this is the one for you.It will handle your day to day tasks

Date PurchasedSep 2018

Best computer I have ever owned

Best laptop I have ever purchased. Just like a macbook only cheaper, with a quality touch screen and windows OS. Very compact machine, converts to a tablet PC, perfect for taking to meetings etc. Screen quality is brilliant and it is a very stylish looking computer. Cannot think of even one reason why I wouldn't recommend this.

Date PurchasedJan 2018

White Spectre laptop overheating

Purchased the white Spectre in March 2018. Beautiful looking laptop but overheating badly. Contacted HP in July when scorch marks appeared on the underside and the motherboard was replaced. This seems to have fixed the overheating but I am very cautious now and do not use it for long in fear it may catch fire. During repair it was scratched, the silicone underneath not longer sticks and windows can not be activated because of the new motherboard.
HP does not replace parts where there is cosmetic damage so I now have a laptop that looks years old.

Date PurchasedMar 2018

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HP Spectre X360
Price (RRP)$2299
Product Type2-in-1 Laptop
Screen Size13.3Inches

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  • MPN: 1HP12PA

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