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Husaberg FE650e

Husaberg FE650e

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Best bike ever made!

This bike can excel on the M-X track, off-road racing, enduro to adventure riding. Super light weight for it's awesome power. Considered to be the best handling and fastest off-road bike ever made. I have one that I have ridden hard for 12 years and it still rides super sweet. Due to the awesome power it is hard on tires. Hard to find bike.

Date PurchasedJan 2004

class of their own

Having had various Jap and Euro enduro/trail bikes (all good in their time and way), the Husa is all on it's own. Apart from the blazing performance, the fantastic handling and the Brembo brakes, the unusual name and appearance make it a unique weapon.
On the tarmac it is a speed demon.....you need to be careful of the boys in blue. A few quick twists of the throttle and you are way over legal (0-100 km in 3.8 secs). As is well known only the quick oil change every 500 kms is a small price to pay for a Lamborghini on 2 wheels. The fun factor cannot be underestimated. When a grab of the right hand grip sees you catapulted past any blockages in front you can't help thinking why it's called a weapon in many reviews. Although it's not an adventure or touring bike as such it's too much fun not to ride. Reliability issues are overstated and it's been dependable so far. It definitely rides and handles like a racing bike so it may be a bit zappy for some. The previous owner sold it to me because it was too powerful for him. I am about 125 kilos so my weight slows it down to a rocket.
fun factor, handling and fun again
addictive and hard to sit on another bike


Once you own a Husaberg it is hard to try & go back to Jap Crap.
These bikes are a engineering marvel.
Al that is required to keep your Berg in tip top shape is regular maintenance.
Change oil every 500km is important because they only hold 1Lt of oil.
Other than that just follow the maintenance instructions as out lined in the manuel.
The 2007 FE650E for me is best decribed as a "Monster on tranquilizers"! when you ride this bike off the show room floor onto the dirt it simply feel's sensational. Every thing about this bike feels right. Suspension, ballance, brakes & performance all hit the G spot for me.(6ft4in 99kg)
It is only when you crack this beast past half throttle that you realize you have paid for a peice of engineering excellance. Past half throttle the tranqualizers lose there affect and you realize that you need to be fitter......much much fitter to truly enjoy the Monster Berg you have purchased. This machine has more grunt than a pen full of razor backs, having said that these bikes are surprizingly forgiving if you happen to make a mistake or two which you will.They are surprizingly economicial for the amount of power they produce. 120-140km per tank depending on how you ride them.
The Brake lever is hard to find with out personal modification, there should be as std fitting a heat sheild over hedder pipe, and for aussie models there should be thermo fan fitted as std.

Questions & Answers

Why is my fe650e missing and spluttering when am going up threw gears and no top end speed?
2 answers
Hi, I am not an expert but it would seem to be either fuel or electrical. Probably fuel so it could be any number of things from blocked fuel lines to dirty filter to bad fuel etc etc. but it seems like it's starving for fuel. Otherwise a breakdown in spark under load. Choke is off isn't it? Could be completely wrong ( happens a lot). Highlights the need for everyone to know a good mechanic. Thanks MartinLook, I know the answer is way late but hopefully this answer will help someone out as I had exactly the same problem with my FS650E 2005 model. Pull the carby off and be extremely thorough with the cleaning. Once cleaned and checked buy a high quality fuel filter for the incoming line(s) and flush the fuel lines out by running fuel through them after the filter is fitted. I had the worlds smallest insect (gnat type thing) get stuck in a pilot jet and it was no bigger than a sand grain. For a big bike the paths through the jets are small so make doubly certain all jets are clean. This fixed my problem anyway.

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