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KTM Freeride 350

KTM Freeride 350

4.7 from 6 reviews

Best thing since sliced bread

This bike helps you look like a great rider even if you aren't. It just eats the knarly hills and has great grip and balance. Nice and light to pick up when you do drop it! ! Couldn't be happier with it. Back brake problems are only a problem when they are adjusted incorrectly - previous owner of my bike sold it because of this - took me half hour to pull the master Cylinder apart and see the problem was purely over adjusting the linkage which blocked off the reservoir outlet and poor bleeding technique. You need to Vac bleed them. They are now fantastic.

Date PurchasedOct 2017

Fun bike

I had the 250R not the 350, but I believe they are pretty similar. They are a small bike, smaller than most bikes like the EXC, which makes the less intimidating for smaller riders. They don't have the best suspension since I believe they don't use full size bike suspension, but still a really fun bike to ride if you are using it for the right kind of riding.

Date PurchasedSep 2016

Very capable bike

This bike will teach you to ride better. Encourage you to stand more and use your gears better.
You will be faster through tight sections and hard hill become easier. Where the bike does not shine is the open trails and any fast tracks. Front brakes are below average fuel range is also average.
Great to have as a second bike even at a pro level.
Perfect if your riding partner has the same bike.

Date PurchasedAug 2014


Great little farm bike. Makes a break from the CRF 230's Stockmans etc.
Fun to ride, quick up the hills and fun to *iss about on.
Limited fuel range takes it away from be a "all day " bike but it would be terrific.
If you need a great hill climbing 110 kph bike to simply have a lot of good times on and push it hard if you want to,then this is the bike.
Great learner bike, but it will also hold its chin up with the big girls in the scrub when ridden fully.

Date PurchasedJun 2017

2014 ktm freeride

well coming from a ttr230 [great bike to learn on] ive had 2 weekend rides on my new ish ktm first on flatish ground , the secound at sunny corner on prob grade 3 hills in the wet at easter, what a bike climbed every thing with ease, great in pine single track. the more i ride this bike the better it feels . ill see how it goes at belanglo next weekend . Only put 6 hours on it so its still new for me will update again a few weeks.

Ok 33 hours on her now and loveing this bike. learnt does not feel good on the road above 80 ks , this bike is not a fast bike in the dirt but will do wot any fully blown bike will do, hills ruts logs rocks trees. If you want a smile on your dial i would recomend a ktm freeride . also very easy to work on .well up to 44 hours 1200ks now and loving this machine even more, the more you ride it the more you want to, but no good on the road. well up to 80 hours and still loving this bike, WARNING make sure you oil up both air filters, i dusted my engine needed a top end rebuild from not oil ing filters dust got in engine sezed piston ring .

Very good happy owner 2014 model

Happy very happy owner of this latest ktm freerider 2014 model . After just 10 hours I love the thing light, small, easy to control and if u are standing on pegs while riding u are like pro and ktm freerider will go you never thought its possible. Big hill or down hill this thing will eat it.
Small, light, very easy to ride
Front tyre, but after change with m12 brilliant

Questions & Answers

I've got a really nice, low km TTR230 with a GYTR exhaust. Are these Freerides any better? I find the TTR a little slow on the road but not too bad does 90kmh easily. Cheap rego too but a little underpowered. The KTM dealer didn't think you could wheelstand a Freeride which sounds pretty gutless, what do you think?
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The Freeride is no road bike - You would only ride it on the road to get between trails. If the dealer said that he is an idiot and doesn't know what he is talking about. Doesn't sound like he can ride too well. By the sounds of that I doubt he has ever ridden one!! Of course you can wheel stand it.