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Husqvarna Designer Topaz

Husqvarna Designer Topaz

40, 50, 20 and 30
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This is a great machine for those who want an embroidery machine but are on a budget. The sewing operation is easy and there are a wide range of stitches both practical and decorative. It is very easy to convert to embroidery mode and the hoops are easily loaded and removed. The sewing advisor assists you in making the right needle and presser foot choices for your chosen fabric. I really like the feature that allows the presser foot to lift just that little bit extra, a great feature when sewing bulky items. The fix function which secures stitches at the start of each seam and the trimming of threads with a push of a button are both great.
The price is excellent for a machine of its capabilities. Stitches are even and tension is very good. The sewing advisor is wonderful and the pivot feature is so useful. The larger hoop size (200x360)and wide range of inbuilt stitches. Embroidery function is quick and trouble free. I love the automatic jump stitch trim feature - a great time saver!
Bobbin rattles when sewing at speed or embroidering. User documentation could be better. Sometimes sensitive about what size hoop is loaded.

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Price (RRP)54996599
Release dateDec 2008Dec 2008

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