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Husqvarna LC 141Li

Husqvarna LC 141Li

MPN: LC141Li
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I bought this Husq LC141li three months ago, the agent let me borrow one to mow my lawn, which hadn't been mowed for 5 months. It takes an hour and a half to mow my lawn and when I'm done (on a single charge) there is still enough battery to trim the edges. I hadn't realised how far battery power technology has come. My lawn is in two halves divided by a long staircase and I always relied on my sons to help carry the old mower up (the sons were always willing but were hard to find and when found were never wearing shoes) but I can easily carry this one on my own. I know it's a wimpy way to mow yer grass, I know real men need petrol fumes, oil, anger at not starting and that they, in the absence of other intoxicants, like to get high on exhausts but this mower is wonderful. Internal combustion's days are numbered.

Date PurchasedAug 2018

Good for small jobs

The mower itself is lightweight and easy to use. It cuts the grass well and is much quieter than the traditional lawn mowers. The mower has an eco mode which helps conserve battery, however it will automatically change back to the normal mode if it needs more power. The main issue is the battery, sometimes I would have to charge it in between mowing the front and back lawn and it would take a good hour to charge it sufficiently.

Date PurchasedJun 2017

Among the best but can be better

I have just bought a battery mower LC141Li after lengthy investigation of the similar products available in Australia. I followed my son who last year bought a battery mower, the Stihl RM410C which I have used a few times and found the battery range of both mowers is more than enough for my lawn around 140msq. At the same time I enjoy the convenience, lightness and quietness of cordless electric mower and decided to abandon the petrol mower. Both machines are easy to manoeuvre and maintain, virtually just clean them with a blower and a rag. However I chose a Husqvarna so that I could compare the two different products. Of course they have advantages and disadvantages. First the Stihl seems to be a little bit lighter, possibly with all plastic parts instead of a steel deck of the Husqvarna. The Stihl also has a clever handle single arm that can be folded with one knob pressed, the Husqvarna has conventional handle with two knobs and require loosening the bolts to fold the handle. If you don't need to fold the handle for transport or storage then it would matter much. The Husqvarna has a steel deck and a steel blade which I considerl better than those of the Stihl which are plastic especially the plastic hex bolt that hold the blade and you can easily round the hex head with your normal spanner or socket. You need to take the Stihl to the shop for removing the blade. Both have very easy to use cutting height adjustment but the one hand push down and pull up design of the Stihl is definitely more modern, more clever design. A bit small in volume but I prefer the Husqvarna grass bag as it is easier to unload the grass and very compact when not in use due to the use of cloth on the sides and plastic on the top and bottom whist the Stihl's bag is fully made of hard plastic. The design of the release of the battery in the Husqvarna is better, instead of pulling the battery up as in the case of the Stihl which sometimes a bit hard and clumsy, with the Husqvarna, all you need is pressing the two release buttons and the battery will jump up for you to grab, light work and convenient. The Husqvarna also has a removable key inside the battery chamber to stop unauthorized used, an additional feature over the Stihl. Battery condition can be checked with four LED lights on the battery themselves however the Husqvarna also provides this feature replicated on the handlebar so you don't have to reach to the battery to check. I bought the 5.2 Ah BLi200 battery and the charger QC330 for the Husqvarna and found my battery last longer than my son's Stihl 6 Ah AP300.

In conclusion, a mower made up of a Husqvarna body and a Stihl handle and Stihl cutting height mechanism would get my five star rating.

Date PurchasedDec 2017

Do Battery Operated Mowers Work?

I no longer have my mower guy, my 10 year old son wants to earn pocket money by mowing the lawn and I am getting to old and tired to push a heavy 2 stroke mower around. So what are the alternatives?

I have often considered an electric mower as I only have about 80 M2 of lawn which is Qld Blue Couch and not a tough grass. Living in Qld, my lawn does tend to grow for longer in the season and if we have rain it can shoot up overnight. Well, years ago I did have an electric hedge trimmer and used to joke with friends who had such gadgets about how many times we had cut the cord and how awkward they were. I could not buy anything for garden work that involved a cord - so that left battery powered. I have DeWalt drills and drivers etc that are battery powered and they work well. I have 3 robot vacuum cleaners, all battery and all are brilliant. But a lawn mower!!!???

Anyway, I saw that the Stihl Battery mower had received good reviews but after examining it, I guess I was put off by its looks - sort of something you may have bought for your daughter to add to their "Barbie" set up. I have no doubt it is a serious machine, but it only has a 13 inch cut and the grass catcher is not practical. Visits to other mower places was disappointing as they had no battery mowers to look at and seemed a bit dismissive of the idea. My friend had just bought a Husqvarna ride on mower and suggested I visit the mower shop (at Beenleigh) she had purchased it from as they had various brands that might interest me. It was here that I came across the subject of this review - the Husqvarna LC 141Li.

I am not going into the specs of the machine or do a promotion for Husqvarna, but I was impressed with my examination and the information supplied by the sales staff, who were really into all machines that help in the garden. Whilst this machine is not quite as light as the Stihl, it has a 16.25 inch cut width and the mower skirt is steel and solid. They had it in a package form that included a 36 volt 4.2 amp battery and charger for well under $800. I also noted they had a great battery operated line trimmer (115il) for $199 that would take the same battery as the mower. My 12 year old Stihl is getting to a point that I might replace it and this trimmer seems ideal.

I have only used it twice since purchase, but I am very impressed. It takes me less than 30 minutes to run over the lawn without catcher and I was still showing a quarter battery remaining. I intend to do it every week and mulch the lawn as it is quicker, less tiring to operate in this mode and the lawn gets a boost as well. My 10 year old started on it the other day but had to go and complete his homework. He can easily handle the mower and will earn some pocket money in future.

The things that I really like:
1. It is light and amazingly easy to handle
2. Getting started is dead easy, no petrol to mix or fill up, no choke, no fumes, no flammable storage problem, just switch on and depress the "go" bar
3. It is very easy to clean and a wipe over leaves a very attractive piece of machinery in the garage.
4. Although there is an amount of plastic which helps with the weight, it is sturdy and very well made.
5. The handle easily folds away and leaves a minimal profile for storage.

I will revisit this review in a few months to advise on how it is performing and if there are any problems. I hope I can still be impressed then as I am now

Questions & Answers

Hi. I have approx 1000 sqm of lawn/grass (yes, one thousand) in a semi arid area, gets mowed once a fortnight to once a month depending on growth/water availability. Could you recommend a battery mower for these conditions? Thank You
2 answers
I can; but you would need two batteries. Some come with two batteriesIf you don't want to wait for the charging, it's simply a matter of getting high capacity battery or even two batteries to cover for the area. I would recommend Husqvarna and Dewalt. My battery of 5.2Ah can cover an area of 200sqm with average grass height. You may need to buy two 9Ah to cover 1000sqm. Good luck with your choice.

Does this mower have a mulching function?
1 answer
Hi Daniel Yes, it certainly does. You will need to purchase a mulching kit for around $30. This consists of a mulching blade and a plastic piece that clips into the rear chute to stop clippings exiting to the rear. At the time I purchased LC 141Li, it was new on the market and the mower shop guys could not tell me anything about this kit. I assured them there was one available in Europe and the US as I had seen it on line. They told me to give them some time and they would find out. Being a bit impatient, I rang Husqvarna Aust. and unfortunately got the employee every company should avoid putting at the front desk. She was very uncaring, told me that there was not such an item for the mower. I relayed this to the retailer who said they would follow up and indeed they did and I finally acquired the mulching kit. The mulching function works fine as long as the grass is not too long. I mow once a week here on the Gold Coast during summer and it means a 20 minute job, the mower is light and easy to push and there are no trails of mulch. I have never used the catcher so cannot tell what job it does but I am sure it would work perfectly well. I also have the Husqvarna 115iL 36V Li-ion Cordless Grass Line Trimmer and I can use both on the one battery and on the same charge. This would depend on the size of your lawn. Regards Bill


Husqvarna LC 141Li
CategoryBattery Lawn Mowers
Price (RRP) $767
Power SourceBattery (Removable)
FeaturesBattery Life Indicator, Blade Brake, Foldable Handle, Mulching Capability and Quick-Start Motor
Catcher Type Collapsible
Catcher Capacity50 L
Cutting Deck MaterialSteel
Cutting Width410 mm
Height of Cut25 mm to 75 mm
Noise Level94 dB
Weight18.6 kg
Voltage 36 V
Manufacturer Warranty2 year(s)
Engine / Motor
Engine TypeLithium-Ion Battery
Engine Name36V Lithium-Ion Brushless Motor

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  • MPN: LC141Li

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