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Husqvarna Sapphire 875 Quilt / 855 / 835

Husqvarna Sapphire 875 Quilt / 855 / 835

875 Quilt, 835 and 855
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My machine has jammed ever since purchase New

I purchase my Sapphire 875 Quilt supposedly brand new. It jams with bird nest thread all the time. I thread it correctly, new needle for right fabric type, and re thread the upper thread correctly, (red-do this all the time). The machine machine starts to jam then stops and says Main motor overload" Please wait, and the knob cant be turned during this time. When the message goes, i might be able to sew more. Then there are random times I can sew with no problems for a few hours. The machine has been cleaned, there is nothing stuck under the bobbin etc. This machine cost $1000 and I can't even use it.


I was ecstatic to get my new machine 875 But I have had nothing but frustration the auto threat won't thread , bottom thread keeps looping & breaking .
I have changed the needle adjusted the tension changed the thread , cleaned under the foot , Does anyone have any suggestions ? I have taken it back to the dealer a couple of times ,he tells me there is nothing wrong & suggests I buy all new threads !!
PS I am 62 & have been sewing since I was 10 yrs old .

a very fickle machine

Fantastic and worth the extra money.

I was given my Husquvarna Sapphire 875Q for mothers day this year and I have completed many of my UFO's since. Beautiful design with easy to navigate programs and large table extension(extra). I love the easy to manage free motion stippling and the large throat makes light of the biggest projects.
Reliable, simple to program, automatic cutter, large throat, great lighting.

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I've had my Husqvarna Sapphire 835 for about three years after burning out my old faithful 2000 series (35 years old). It was a toss up between a Bernina and the Husqv., and I went the Husqv. for value for money and familiarity. Here are my main pros and cons... Pros: Plenty of stitch options Easy to use Extra bench space (great for altering wedding dresses and bulky items) Button holes are easy! love snap on feet. 5yr parts warranty 2yr computer warranty Cons: Doesn't like the tough stuff such as bulky denim Sometimes unthreads itself and I need to re-thread uptake lever Had to buy the 'traditional' narrow zipper foot (wide foot IS included, but I prefer narrow) Back-tack can be fussy and feet dog is very w-i-d-e "Motor Overload" warning will give you a ten sec pause to wait for Also, it's not really a "con" as such, but I get annoyed with the opening in the presser foot sitting to the left (where you slide the thread in and out), as it always comes out of the foot when I draw the garment away and I'm forever slotting it back through the line in the foot. I wish Husqv. would make a foot to accommodate the 7mm wide stitch with a thread notch in the foot in the dead centre rather than to the left. I've had to adjust my style ;) - if that makes sense. In my occupation it's a time consumer. I was a bit afraid of going from a golden oldie machine to a computer, but we've made friends. I do about 12-30hrs sewing a week as a made-to-measure dressmaker so you can rest assured I'm putting it thru its paces. Do I wish I bought the Bernina? Ha ha :) Not for what they charge, though the stitch was lovely. The equivalent was about $700 more if I remember rightly. Would I recommend this? Sure. It's easy enough that my kids can operate it (and hubby too). You do need to slow down on some of the decorative stitches rather than racing through so that you get a better, more precise stitch, but I don't do much of that. If you're taking up jeans with topstitch/upholstery thread, put on the larger denim needle, and crank your top tension up to 9 (as top-loader bobbin can be hard to adjust and top-tension is easier). There are times the machine has refused to sew heavier work and I think that for a machine being sold as a quilter, I'd like to know it could do a number of layers before purchasing, so if you're testing machines, take some denim, take some polar fleece, and take some poly fill or wool filler when you do your tests. If you're forking out for such a big purchase, you need to know before you buy it.

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Is there another brand of machine feet that fit this machine eg. Brother?
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thanks for feed back

Has anyone had trouble with the presser foot jamming after the machine hasn't been used for some time (months). Get all set to sew, & nothing happens. This is my 2nd time now, so rather frustrated.
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Hi! I personally have not had this problem. What do you mean by the presser foot jamming? I am guessing it might need a service. Hope that helps,Thanks for your input, my machine is at the dealer now awaiting repairs.


Sapphire 875 QuiltSapphire 855Sapphire 835
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