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Husqvarna Z Series Zero-Turn

Husqvarna Z Series Zero-Turn

Z242E, Z242F, Z246 and Z248F
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Been really good

I knew someone with a Victa who had deck issues and another with a Kubota who had belt issues. I got recommended a Husky. I wanted the Z254 model but the salesman advised the Z248F as it was a commercial style. It's been great. The Kawasaki 24hp engine is pretty fuel efficient as I only need to use half throttle as it has heaps of power. It cuts and drives well. Only issue was a blade came off as I'd hit some rocks which knocked it loose. It was only a 10min fix. Otherwise been great machine.

Date PurchasedApr 2018

Great for cutting tough Grass

I purchased the Z242F last Spring so it has around 40 hours on the clock. My previous Ride On went through belts every month and did not cope with the tough Gippsland Grass in our area. The deck on the Z242F copes really well with thick and long grass - although it is more capable on dry rather than wet grass. The Vanguard engine powers through each use and has not skipped a beat. The zero turn took a bit of getting used to but it is now great to mow with and handles our windy garden with ease. The mower seemed a bit thirsty at the start but has now settled and is quite efficient. I would recommend the mower if you have thick grass and are sick of chewing through belts.

Date PurchasedSep 2017

Good Machine

Traded my John Deere tractor mower on this machine. The Husqvarna definitely gets the job done quicker, but doesn't cut quite as good as the John Deere did; as in the finish is not quite as good.
Impressed about the first service being free at 10 hours, and the dealership collects the mower and returns it once its done.
Overall I am happy with the machine for what it is, If I didn't have the John Deere before this and know how good a John Deere is, I would have probably rated this machine higher.
Maybe I am expecting too much from it, I don't know. But for $7,500 grand, I expected a little more.

Date PurchasedMar 2018

A dog of a grass collection system

WARNING – DO NOT BUY A HUSQVARNA ZERO TURN MOWER IF YOU NEED A GRASS COLLECTION SYSTEM. It has clearly been produced under sufferance in that they felt obliged to offer the product but took little interest in the design which is surely the worst piece of design since the Titanic. Product testing must have been limited to twenty minutes giving a bowling green a quick manicure as I don't believe they spent any time testing it in a real garden. I get the impression the design was cobbled together on the back of a cigarette packet by a couple of drunken apprentices at the Husqvarna staff Christmas party but some hungover moron in management signed it off the next day. Net result is a product about as reliable as the French.

I have a six acre-garden, about 30% of which is formal garden that requires the grass to be collected (or raked) so I was drawn to this mower as the grass collection system was quick to fit and remove. Robust it is not. Aldi condoms have a higher breaking strain. The rubber clips that connect the lower chute to the deck do not hold tight enough to prevent a gap between the deck and the chute. The rubber clip that holds the two parts of the chute together broke after a week. I got a replacement and that lasted about a week too so I now fasten them with a bungee which I wrap around the fuel filler cap which also prevents the chute hanging too far from the machine – another design fault.

The tubular structure that the bags rest on is flimsy and prone to bending and not able to carry the weight of grass that the bags can accommodate. This results in the bags falling off the frame. If this happens in reverse you can run over the bag and damage it. I’ve destroyed three bags this way so a now use the rigid bins (at AUD 141 each) but these have less capacity, which means more time spent emptying bins but at least I don’t run over them anymore. I clamp the bins together with a G clamp to try to keep them on the frame but they still fall off from time to time which is very frustrating. The latest failure is the metal plate that holds the assembly to the rear of the mower. This has cracked (metal fatigue?) so I can’t use it at all until I have it repaired.

The mower itself is great and runs like a Jamaican on amphetamines. The deck doesn’t clog and it cuts as cleanly as Uma Thurman in Kill Bill Vol 1 except that there is no scalping with this beast. I also like that it will cut in reverse but as I need to collect the grass this was not the right machine for me. The whole unpleasant experience has left me with anger management issues like the Incredible Hulk and put me off buying Husqvarna again for fear that the muppets responsible for this pile of crap have been let loose on another product. All-in-all an expensive mistake.

Date PurchasedAug 2016

Great cut

Bought one of these a few months ago to compliment my other Husqvarna products. This has to be the best cutting and clearing fabricated deck on the market! Husqvarna have obviously done their homework because fabricated decks are notoriously bad at cutting and clearing grass. This deck does both remarkably well - the best in my experience. The rest of the machine is tough and user friendly and the Vanguard commercial engine (apparently made in a Toyota JV factory in Japan) has been trouble free. I would recommend this machine over other similarly priced and specced brands.

Date PurchasedFeb 2016

Questions & Answers

I have a RZ4219 is there a fix for the belts breaking?
3 answers
G'day, I have never had an issue with the belts on my machine. I would suggest that you have something out of alignment, or you have a pulley issue if you are constantly breaking belts.I've heard of an issue with pulley alignment. Maybe check that the pulleys align on the same plane? Which belt are you talking about? Transmission belt or cutter belt? CheersWhich belt? I've not had a problem with the deck belt but the transmission belt came off about 4 months ago. I took it to a dealer to fix as it was due the 500 hour service. He changed both belts and tweaked the alignment. Been fine since.

can a carburetter die
1 answer
Not sure if a carby can die! Depends what's wrong with it? Most carby problems are related to fuel quality / water in fuel / dirt in fuel etc. Sometimes you might get a manufacturing fault but pretty rare. Cheers


Zero-Turn Z242FZero-Turn Z242EZero-Turn Z246Zero-Turn Z248F
Cutting Width1066mm1066mm1168.4mm1220mm
Minimum Cutting Height38mm38mm38mm38mm
Maximum Cutting Height101mm101mm101mm101mm
Price (RRP)$7299$5799$5799$7399

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