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Ikea Ektorp
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Not the same as model in shop

We had wanted to get Ektorp chairs for years and when we moved to a new house last summer, took the opportunity to do just that. Every time we visited the Edinburgh branch we sat in the demo chairs and marvelled at how comfortable they were. We so looked forward to getting them home and enjoying the comfort. Well, to say we are disappointed doesn't begin to cover it! They are the least comfortable chairs we have ever had. Reading other reviews, I think what has happened is that the demos had feather topped seating, whereas the chairs we have only have foam cushions, and they are quite awful. Terribly disappointed and will never buy from Ikea again. And we tell everyone we can to be very, very cautious if they are thinking about going to Ikea.

Date PurchasedJun 2018

Disappointing...don't buy it!

I have had Ikea Ektorp 2 seater sofa and chairs for years. I loved the squishy feather topped cushions and the sturdiness. These were weighty items and lasted 15 years with a couple of changes- love the removable cover. Roll forward to May 2018..,moved house, wanted a 3 seater for a better fit. 3 seater Ektorp now had a cold down back and was much lighter weight. Cushion no longer had feather top. Beige covers I bought were nice quality. Happy with the overall look. BUT....this sofa creaks every time you sit down or move. The cushions are already so flat I have had to pad out with a duvet. Reading other reviews I doubt Ikea consider there is a substandard issue but having had more use over Christmas and it annoying the heck out of me with its creaking I'll be contacting them about this. Such a shame they changed for cheaper materials.

Date PurchasedMay 2018

Utter rubbish

We bought this sofa 10 years ago but it was in the a room where it was rarely used. We moved it into the main lounge three months ago and it has literally fallen to bits: there’s only two of us and it’s only occasionally sat on in the evening. Made of particle board and soft wood it was never built to last. So it’s off to somewhere else for a replacement; I will never buy ikea again. It is cheap rubbish.

Date PurchasedMay 2007

Ektorp sofa cover is made of very cheap material and is getting pills (little material balls) all ov

I love my Ektorp sofa but I am very disappointed in the fabric. It is cheap and looks terrible already. I've only owned the couch for a few months and live alone so it's not getting much use. Pills are developing all over it....careful about buying this product.

Date PurchasedApr 2018

Bad inferior cushions nothing like our previous sofa

Very inferior cushions very disappointed nothing like our previous sofa have contacted IKEA to complain and agreed to inspect them with independent company. Very impressed at the moment with Ikea's response.

Date PurchasedNov 2017

Very good but badly packaged

This sofa displays a flat pack label. I thought that would be good for transporting in my car. Went to collect it and shock horror the bloody package was just over 2 metres long, almost a metre wide and 50 cms deep. I dropped all the seats in the car, driver seat almost touching the steering wheel and pushed the box in. Still had almost half a metre sticking out the back, strapped the boot lid down, said a few prayers and drove home. I eventually struggled to get the box into the house and opened it to find the damn thing in pieces inside the box.


Very easy to assemble and very comfortable.

The red fabric covers look as though they will be hard wearing.

Date PurchasedSep 2018

Please read this review before you part with your money

My Ektorp two seat sofa was six years old and I decided to upgrade to a three seat sofa. Unfortunately, I gave my two seat sofa to charity but now wish I had kept hold of it. The three seat sofa I bought only three weeks ago is vastly different in quality to my old sofa. The cushions are SO uncomfortable, the cushions are so thin giving no support at the back and therefore since I had it assembled only a week ago, I have endured constant backache. How IKEA have let people down due to them cutting corners for profit and providing a sofa that is not at all comfortable. How the quality has changed in the last six years.

Date PurchasedJul 2018

15 year on it's still a great sofa

I purchased a 3 seater Ektorp sofa in 2004. I bought 2 sets of removable covers in white. This meant I could bleach a whole set (in the bath) when the kids spilt stuff on them, while having the other set on the couch. It's big enough to lie down on and the cushions are only just starting to lose their shape.
It's the perfect soft for a young family - you can upgrade when the kids leave home.

Date PurchasedAug 2004

Top quality

The Ektorp armchair and sofas are superb quality and great value for money. Comfortable and durable. You can remove the covers for washing or even buy new covers. The are also stylish.

Date PurchasedApr 2014

No longer a goto sofa.

Fifteen years ago we bought two Ektorp two seater sofas. They were comfortable and well made. Cotton covers to cushions, the seats had feather topping to covers which made them very luxurious. White canvas covers were durable and didn't pill. After a dutiful 15 years of family life we returned to ikea to replace and buy all our sofas and chairs for our new house. We started with buying one Ektorp two seater and took it home . We unwrapped it to find out that the quality has vastly changed for the worse. The arm foam was all sagging and the overall construction materials are very cheap and nasty.
As we live in the country we are not going to waste time and cost on returning it. We will no longer buy more as after 6 months of owning the 'new Ektorp' the foam inserts have discoloured and feel compacted and are uncomfortable . The canvas slip covers are prone to pilling and we do not wear clothes that cause this such as track suits . We have the previous old sofa that proves the quality difference. Typical of all businesses downscaling quality to keep pricing low and combating rising freight. Sad and disappointed will not be buying more Ektorps!

Date PurchasedMay 2017

Low grade cushions decompose. Squeaks in the middle

Bad cheap cushions after 1 year have perished. Squeaks in middle seat. Cheap sofa, called ikea, they sent someone to look. He took photos, agreed there was a problem. Next day ikea called said because i lost the receipt i should shut up. Very rude and unapologetic or sympathetic. Shame on the business ethics code for repeat business.

Date PurchasedAug 2016

Sturdy sofa but the covers discoloured easily..

- it was quite sturdy
- bit hard to put together
- ours came with a striped cover which looked great

- once you take off the cover, it looked quite cheap
- it started to sag a bit and wasn't as bouncy
- the cover got yellow quite quickly and even after washing it seemed quite yellow
- you have to move it as one piece (the pillows come off but that's about it).

For the price, it isn't bad. Just don't expect it to survive many moves. Despite the aesthetics it does feel very comfortable. Family is very fond of it.

Date PurchasedJul 2012

Best sofa I have purchased

In the last few years I have gone through several sofas trying to find one that had a combination of being comfortable, being easy to clean, and the ability to be re-stuffed if needed because so many sofas on the market lose their firmness and you can soon start to feel the frame through the arms and the seats. The Ektorp was fitting the bill but was on the firm side when first purchased but now, several weeks later it has settled down beautifully thankfully.

The covers come off in a jiffy to wash and go back on just as easily. I leave them slightly damp and they go on much easier (a warm day is needed, obviously). The sofas are comfy for long movies and even crashing out on for the night and with a few throw rugs and cushions you can change the look of the room simply and quickly. The seats and back cushions are able to be plumped up as they unzip to enable you to add extra filling in the future if needed.

I am extremely happy with these sofas (I purchased two) and would certainly purchase them again when these eventually wear out but that's not something I envision when the covers are replaceable and the frame is very well made and doesn't make a sound. It feels and looks solid and can see this lasting through many years of abuse from my children.

Highly recommended.

Date PurchasedMay 2017

Ektorp furniture

Complained ektorp furniture was sagging sent so body round said cushions problem no resolution a few months later cause discovered frame completely snapped took to store Leeds weat Yorks said nothing wrong since engineer went round pointed broken frame no resolve. Never use IKEA again warrantry a joke.

Date PurchasedOct 2008

Totally Agree Why Is Ikea Ignoring The Flatness Of The Cushions.

I have three Ektorp three seater sofas, One in my house in France, bought in August 2001. I remove the covers and wash them once or twice a year with great success and not too much effort. I note that the seats and the back cushions have extra padding that is puffy but firm and keeps this sofa looking fresh and feeling comfy.
On the other hand my sofas here in Maryland, purchased in 2005/6 have half the thickness and no extra "puffy but firm" padding at all. This failure causes sagging and is especially notable in the center cushion. Really a disappointment..I've had Ektorp sofas since the store in Elizabeth, NJ opened in the early 1990s. Those two sofas are now looking great in Harrisonburg at my nieces' house.
Shame, IKEA. I would rather pay more for a better product than have my living room look Shabby (but not chic).

March 8th 2017 Update: Found a simple solution to back cushion floppiness

Take an old flat pillow and stuff it into cushion, smoothie out, et voilà! I said earlier that my 2000 yr purchase was much better. This later model needs better, firmer cushions.
See my earlier review.

Date PurchasedApr 2005

3 seater chase and 2.5 seater

Purchased in July.
Now November and the cushions are completely flat.
Disappointing considering the chase was 900 dollars and the 2.5 seater was 6/700.
Washable covers are the only positive

Date PurchasedJul 2016


bought an ektorp sofa bed, the bit at the front under the cushions which hides the metal bed frame from view won't stay in place, as soon as you sit on the sofa it falls apart under your weight revealing the bed.

Date PurchasedMar 2016

Great supportive sofa

Fantastic sofa. I've just bought a 3-seater and have twice owned a 2-seater when living overseas. I need good support for a weak back and the Ektorp does this. Great support for lower back and decent head support too. I wouldn't have any other sofa.

Date PurchasedJun 2016

New sofas look like 10 year old sofa after 1 month

I have been a fan of Ikea sofas for years. Indeed I have at least 6 of them in different houses. But this last one is so cheap and understuffed that it looks like a beaten up relic from the Sally Ann after only 1 month of use. No more quality here. So sad......

September 29th 2016 Update: Sad, Sad, Sad

I have owned a total of 6 Ikea Ektorp sofas over the last 30 years. Usually got rid of them because I was sick of seeing them. They were tough, held their shape and had a timeless design. So in September 2016, I bought no 7 and 8. Bad, bad, bad mistake. After a month, cushions were flat and looked like a 20 year old sofa. It arrived, flat packed to be assembled. Another big mistake as the screws you have to put them together with, squeak non stop when you sit or shift around. I could not believe how the quality has gone down. So, so sad!

Date PurchasedAug 2016

Worst buy of my life

Please guys don't buy it. Cotton balls starts appear on the fabric. We tried to exchange it but ikea quality team first said its due to friction as you are sitting on it. When i said that what am i supposed to do with it then they changed their version. They said you must have kept something on it or might have used some bad cleaning product. When we defended this then finally they came up with the excuse that fabric is not included in guarantee. So basically customer has to bear the price of poor quality products.

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Questions & Answers

Hi, I have the ektorp corner sofa. I seem to remember being told when I bought it that you could buy a bed-part, that would turn it into a sofa bed as well. It would be stored under the sofa I believe, and the pulled out when needed. Is that still possible to buy, can't seem to find it anywhere. Thank you, regards Anna.
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Do the foam cushions on your Ektorp liveseat have deep wrinkles? No matter how smooth the slipcover is, the wrinkles make the couch look terrible.
1 answer
I put the covers on dry and steam iron them. I have Laura Star iron that gets creases out . However the fabric quality isn't as good as it used to be , it keeps pilling. I have a little pill shaver that gets that off

I love ektorp model, it’s my third one, sold first one and replaced it with a sofa bed ektorp-but unfortunately that was not comfortable to sit on. We got the chaise lounge model a year ago and I love it-so great for afternoon naps with the critters. However I have a problem with the chaise part, where it joins the sofa. Where I sit is lower than where my feet are, which is not great, and probably not great for my lower back. makes it awkward to get off couch as well. Any ideas to raise the seat part?
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