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Indian Roadmaster

Indian Roadmaster

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Indian Roadmaster , Classic Style , Modern function , Touring excellence

I am on my second Indian Roadmaster , a 2016 and now a 2017 Black / Cream Roadmaster . The bike had a major upgrade in 2017 ,that is the main reason that I updated . The other reason is that I love the Black / Cream COMBO . The level of std equipment is outstanding . The bike comes with an electrically adjustable windscreen . [ about 100mm] An outstanding sound system that has blue tooth as well as IPOD plug in and am/fm radio including AVC that is Automatic Volume Control that increases and decreases Volume by measuring speed . The bike has Heated Grips and Heated Rider and Pillion seats . Huge amount of centrally lockable saddle bag / Top Box storage , Several MFD screens on the huge 7" display including Tire pressures , Audio Screen , Trip computer , and Full Sat Nav that fires up in a few seconds . ABS is std , Also std is probably the best Cruise Control , that I have ever experienced on a motorcycle . Additional storage in the lower leg pods , that incorporates a dual vent system . They can run a bit hot especially on the RHS , so these vents are helpful . Keyless FOB ignition incorporating locking and Alarm setting options . . A very large range of accessories are available , but some are pricey .The bike is powered by 111CUI of American V-Twin that's over 1800cc's with a 6 speed gearbox . Just turn up the music , lock in the cruise control and sit back and enjoy the miles ahead .

Date PurchasedNov 2016

Best of the best...

I bought a 2017 Roadmaster from the good folks on Parramatta Road - stage 1 fishtail exhausts, stage 1 big air filter, stage 2 performance cams, rider backrest and all-weather cover, for a good deal on a trade-in. This has the sat-nav and 200w speakers as well as the usual great performance and comfort that you would expect from an Indian. The Thunderstroke 111 is brilliant, transmission is the smoothest out there... it is a big bike, and heavy, but you can always strip it down by taking off the accessories, which is a breeze to do and only takes a couple of minutes (really). Can't say enough good things about this bike. Take one for a test ride, methinks, and you will see what I mean.

Date PurchasedSep 2017

Indian RoadMaster 2015 with standard exhaust.

I purchased the 2015 Indian RoadMaster in July 2015.
15000kms on the clock, for the most part the motorcycle runs pretty well.
Has developed a squeak in the belt when it's cold.
Has developed a groan from the brake pads ( presumably they are too hard ).
Fob for the keyless ignition tends to not be identified on initial startup (more annoying than anything else)
Engine is rock solid.
Build Quality is good.
Windscreen marks quite easily on the inside - seems quite durable on the outside.
Fuel economy is quite good @ 300kms per tank (17 litres - leaving wriggle room about 5.6 litres to 100kms)
Tyres seem to be wearing well.
Good and solid on the road - weight is down low so is able to be managed in tight spaces reasonably well (for a 430kg motorcycle).
Panniers and topbox are good and of solid construction.
Can fit two full face helmets in the topbox with room to spare.
Paintwork has a few chips (to be expected) but on the whole the paint is holding up well.
Chrome work is not flaking or discoloured at this stage.
1800cc Air Cooled Motor.
Central locking of all panniers and topbox from the fob.
keyless ignition.
heated hand grips
heated seats
Leather seats and back rest
cruise control
tyre pressures at the console
LED headlight and driving lights
Stereo with two front and two rear speakers.
3 12v power supply points (one on dashboard, one in pannier and one in topbox)
Bluetooth connectivity to hook up your phone, head set, gps etc.
IPOD connectivity (USB - can be used with flash drives also)
Electric operated adjustment on the windshield

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Belt issue was fixed under warranty. Brake pads were replaced and seems to have resolved the issue. Fob was replaced under warranty and seems better.

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