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Yamaha FJR1300A

Yamaha FJR1300A

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Perfect even for a petite female rider!

I had/rode an ex-police XJ900 for many years and decided to upgrade. I told the salesman I was looking for a bike with/that "4 cylinders, shaft drive, set up for touring and suits a short-crap". He immediately pointed me at a 2nd hand 2001 FJR1300. I took it for a test ride and felt completely at home on it. Perfect as an only vehicle: long trips, shopping, 2-up etc. I did heaps of distance on it. Couldn't fault it. I now have a 2nd hand 2005 FJR1300. While it's now not my only vehicle, it's my preferred vehicle. Am in the middle of a 4000km round trip and it's brilliant. Love it. My perfect bike. Have had, and ridden, a variety of bikes and the FJR1300 is the best.

Date PurchasedApr 2016

One of the best bike's I've owned.

Love this bike but it does take some getting used to, IT IS A BIG HEAVY BIKE, but for me isn't a problem,wide seat rob you of some seat height, Engine cannot be faulted in any way,enough power to have fun,loads of low down torque and ok on fuel,In my opinion the new 6 speed box will be even better still on fuel. My advice would be to hire one and try it over a weekend as I did. You either love it or hate it.... I love it.

Date PurchasedFeb 2015

Lexus on two wheels

A bike that has been refined over 30 years the 2016 FJR AE i have 3 bikes each has its own unique values to me but the fjr is the best all round bike i have ever owned well done Yamaha you hit the nail on the head with this one... example. . Electronic es suspension, led headlights, ABS,traction control. .

This is the all weather bike i have ever ridden.
And when you ride the machine gives you a real sense of confidence with 25000klm on the clock well done Yamaha

Date PurchasedAug 2016

The bike that defines sport touring

It does what it's designed too almost flawlessly. Eat up the kilometers in comfort, safety and at speed with excellent handling. I managed to pick up an ex police one quite cheaply and love it. My 2nd choice would have been the Bandit. Happy riding!


Love mine. I have an '03 since new. Now done over 100,000k. 70% of that two up with trailer. Done lots of miles all over Aust. Also done lots of Sunday morning squirts through the hills. It's a BIG bike so no hope of catching the sports bike but it does pretty well. Pops good wheelies with no effort too so an easy show off at the lights. Keeps up with an R1 to 100kph so you won't be shamed at the lights..
Looks, handling, rideablitly all great. Realiable and easy servicing every 10,000k. Shaft drive with panniers, adjustable screen. Great tourer and everyday ride to work bike. Goes hard, tons of down low torque for a 4cyl. Tows trailer with pillion easy.
Models before 2008 you get a lot of heat off the motor and tank when low on fuel. '03 model better than previous. Pillion position is not as good as a full on tourer. Pegs are a bit high and wind protection a bit average. Will only apply to taller pillions or with long legs, otherwise seat is good. Some pre- 2004 ( including mine) had defect heads. Very obvious ticking sound was a misaligned exhaust valve. Well documented on the forums but Yamaha avoid talking about it. They did (eventually)fix mine under warranty at 70,000k .. after winging about it since the 10,000k service..

The best do-it-all-in-style bike ever made

Lot of people saying if you can have just one bike this is the one to have and that's the pure truth.
Rock stable tourer for one or two, take boxes and harden suspension settings and it's ready to join sport bikes on race track too.
A very proud owner of a 2007 model with 40000 trouble free kms.
Powerful yet smooth engine, faultless gearbox and drivetrain, good wind protection, tonns of laggage space, it's heavy but stable.
Wants to be ridden more than I've time to

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All that I can say is WOW what a fantastic bike. So much so that I went out and bought myself one of these fantastic babies and am I pleased that I did.

Questions & Answers

How do you rate the seating for long haul trips.I am a pretty big guy and am looking for a S/T but with great seats.
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Seating is average like most bikes.I get s sore butt after an hour. You can get a yamaha comfort seat but I haven't got one yet to comment. Hope this helps.I’m a petite female but I find it OK. I shift around while riding and try to break for 10-15 mins every 2-3 hours and move around during my breaks. That and using a Camelbak to hydrate well while riding makes a huge difference.

I am looking forward to the 2013 FJR1300A arriving on our shores. Reports from o/seas state that Yamaha don't recommend having a top box and panniers on at the same time as this places too much stress on the sub-frame. Appears a bit on an oversight by Yamaha - it is a touring bike after all. When you're riding and travelling 2-up, just the saddlebags ain't enough. Those of you who have ridden the FJR1300 for quite some time, can I have your feedback in this regard? Thanks. NG
2 answers
Hi, yeah I am not sure what Yamaha are trying to cover there. They also say to stay under a certain speed too but I have done well over 50,000 touring kms with panniers, top box with a pillion towing a trailer around this big brown land at a decent rate of knots with no problems. I do tend to keep light weight stuff in the top box but have on the odd occasion used it as a beer cooler. It takes 20 cans and some ice (just.. and not really recommended) My FJR has clocked up 120,000 now and going strong, although semi retired since a new steed has been purchased last year. A great bike although a 6 speed gearbox would be nice and I am not a fan of fly by wire ( another term for electronic governing I think..LOL)I heard similar stories years back too but I was running the bike with top box and panniers all the time. Few long trips with my wife where on the GWM limit and never had any issues. If I'm allowd to speculate on this I would say it appears to me more like a certain bike batch issue due to a bad weld job rather than a design issue. I reckon recent models like yours will not have any issues of this kind. Hope this helps Cheers, Dan


Yamaha FJR1300A
Release dateMay 2007
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