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OnePath Landlord Insurance

OnePath Landlord Insurance

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Disgusting treatment of customers

Having held various types of insurance for the last 30 years, this was the first time I have ever had to make a claim. I thought a company the size of ANZ and QBE could be trusted, how wrong I was.

I thought my claim was fairly straightforward. Some lost rent, rent default and damage totalling around $12,000. It should have been sorted out within a matter of weeks, but has taken a little over 2 years.

The loss adjustment company Cerno originally offered me less than $5,000 to settle my claim, it took them 12 months to get to this figure. They refused to pay me for items clearly covered in the PDS such as relacement keys and damage to blinds. The claims officer was rude and arrogant just as others have stated.

I followed their dispute resolution process detailed in the PDS, but they ignored my emails, so I contacted the Financial Ombudsman Service, who finally got things moving. QBE still continued to stall and not respond as to why they hadn't covered many of the items. They quickly got their lawyers involved for added intimidation, who weren't interested in what the policy actually covered but just wanted to settle the claim for the minimum they thought they could get away with.

I finally asked the Ombudsman to make a determination and they told QBE to pay the full amount of $12,000, plus $1,000 compensation and interest. So I finally got what I was entitled to, but it was a long stressful process, and had I been desperate for cash I may well have settled for something less, which I'm sure is why QBE engage in such unethical behaviour in the first place. Nearly 3 months after the FOS determination QBE had still not paid up, so I had to get the FOS involved yet again.

I must have dealt with at least a dozen people at QBE each of which appeared as incompetant as the last, but surely the odds of this happening are miniscule. So I can only draw the conclusion that it's company policy to lie to and deceive their customers and make the claims process as unpleasant as possible.

QBE give the whole insurance industry a bad name, as well as ANZ who they are partnered with on this venture.
Policy had good coverage on paper.
QBE don't care what their policy actually covers, they outright lie, deceive and use intimidating tactics to try and get you to settle for less than what you're covered for.


Had tenants take off with weeks of rent owing, holes in the walls backyard like an overgrown tip, light fittings broken. OnePath will not pay saying I have to prove it malicious damage. The assessor is incredibly rude and unsympathetic and questions everything. They will do anything to get out of a claim, disgraceful company, and I've cancelled all my policies with them.

Poor to act once we lodge claim

We had a Rent default and Malicious damage claim after one year with them on Oct 2011 since tenant caused damage with holes on walls, broken toilets, blinds, carpet damage. When we lodges claim they sent Loss advisor from QBE. Once he is done they sent builder to assess. Guess what nothing happened I followed up every two days to get update no reply and loss advisor won't answer or return call. When I rang one path they say I should contact loss advisor.it's been over three weeks and when I spoke to One path they said my Malicious damage claim rejected and it's a poor hygiene by tenant and when I request written letter they said five days initially. After five days I haven't received then they said two days.third time I rang I was told one week again. Not worth when I requested to put me through manager they said no one I could talk to even supervisor.

I had enough and sent a written letter to claims manager and I got call next day advising claim rejected and my rental default in review. I said what after 6 weeks now I was told rent default in review. since it should take only ten days to process.

Next day they processed my Tenant rent default and paid out.

But for malicious damage I had let it go and got my own builder and paid for it.

The whole claims process was poorly handled and delayed. I lost rent for 8 weeks the time I got everything fixed.
We take the insurance to be stress free at time when we need. But not to be stressed because of insurance claim process handling.

I hope there is a legislation where insurer needs to make clear malicious damage and poor hygiene.
Bad service

Insurance claim madeYes


Just a follow up on my last post. I wanted to let everyone know that my claim which started on the 3rd July was finally paid out on the 29 December 2010.

Between my last post and the pay out, my husband and I took turns to call and chase information on what was happening about 8 more times - most of the time we got the impression nothing had been done since the previous time we called them.

6 months to start and finalise a claim. I hope no one else has to go through this.
Find it hard to think of any right now
Takes 6 months to start and finalise a claim


Well, as a policy it seems good, for claims I can't comment - but we've had the policy for 3 and a bit years then recently set up a second one for a new property. The premium for the second one was quite a bit cheaper than the original one, for exactly the same cover - why? Do a comparable quote online for the first policy and it's $150 cheaper per year than what I'm already paying on an existing policy!!!
Upon further investigation I find out that new policies are subsidised and renewal customers are stung (but you get so-called loyalty points). I'm told that to get the lower premium, cancel the existing policy and issue a new one - maybe we all have to do this every year to avoid being stung for being a "loyal" customer. I'm advised to be aware that I will lose my "loyalty" points - but hey I'll save $150 per year (how many loyalty points would that be worth?).
It's possible it's like this with other insurance companies so don't think that by changing insurers it will not happen - I found this out from the Financial Ombudsman Service so it's reliable information.
As previously said by others the policy itself is good on paper and worth looking at being that the cover is quite extensive. No complaints there - I did a lot of research to find one that had such extensive cover.
Very quick and easy to set up - all can be done online.
Fortunately we've not had a need to claim but will take others' comments in mind and be prepared in the event that we are unlucky and need to.

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