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Insure My Ride
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Claims Team are incompetent

After having my commodore damaged by an Insure my ride customer I am still waiting 6 weeks later for some sort of resolution. They loose documents and blame you. Arrange towing when no towing is required. There claims team are useless and you get a differing answer every time you call, the claims team leader is the rudest most unhelpful of them all. I've now raised this with there complaints resolution team, only to be told to contact claims. What a joke. These people are useless and I would suggest you either involve your insurer to deal with them (and pay your excess) or involve your lawyer. They easily enough take there customers premiums but try getting a claim paid out. It's impossible.

UPDATE: After threatening to go to the Ombudsman I've been contacted directly by Suncorp (owner of Insure My Ride). Very polite claims consultant (who is now handling my claim personally). Impressed with the quick follow through but I think it is more to avoid the complaint than there customer service.

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I have never had a claim before someone stole my motorbike, naively thought would be a stress free claim, nearly two months later almost finalised claim, slugged 400 dollars for excess plus 160 for a premium deduction, and not even close to the value of the nearly new bike, comprehensive is obviously a term used as an inside joke, as total scam. Glad they are closing absolute disgrace, I loved my motorbike, but end of a dream as not repeating the nightmare.

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Best assistants

I've been with Insure my ride for 5 years and have had excellent service. I love that the assistants are not some offshore provider that has English as a second language. They are what makes this insurance company the best. Thanks guys for making my incidents as trouble free as possible.

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Outstanding service

I have had several dirt bikes insured with IMR over the last few years. Unfortunately I had my 2013 RMZ 250 stolen in April last year. As it was a dirt bike and even though it was insured I was still a bit nervous about making a claim thinking it would be a major drama to get anything happening. I was way wrong. From the time I lodged the claim IMR kept me informed all the way. When the time came to settle the claim there were no issues at all.

Then again in April this year my replacement bike was stolen again (2015 RMZ 250),yep that's right 2 in a year. This one only had about 20 hours on it and lot of aftermarket parts. As I lost out with the parts last time I had added the modification option to my policy (approx $40 for $2000 worth of coverage). Once again I was a bit nervous about my claim since it was exactly 12 months since my last claim. But I was wrong once again. No problems at all, I was kept informed all the way and the claim was settled with out issue mods included. So all I can say is what a great Insurance company with great service. Thanks IMR

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Worst service ever!

We repaired a bike insured by this mob. 6 weeks later, still waiting for payment!
Repaired a bike for Youi. Invoice sent in morning, paid that afternoon. Who do I recommend?
Definitely not insure my ride!!

Insurance claim madeNo

Problems with them paying for repair

I had the misfortune of having a low speed drop. The right side of my bike was damaged and I called the hotline and asked them to provide a preferred repairer so I would save time. I took the bike to their repairer and after waiting four weeks and hearing nothing I called the insurance company. They claimed that the dealer was causing delays by not providing photos or a quote. I go to the dealer and see why they are doing and find out that they cannot find the parts and have told the adjuster this several times. The insurance guy is that rude the dealer then refuses to deal with them so I end up having to source another option.

I call Insuremyride which is underwritten by SUNCORP and get the run around for weeks and hear countless lies. I have had to goto another repairer who again is having trouble sourcing parts. I have to make all the calls to drive the process and always the guy is not there or does not answer his mobile or emails.

Its now been 9 weeks and I am still trying to get some word on the progress.

In my thirty years of riding/driving I have never experienced such a level of poor service so avoid them like the plague.

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An update after 10 weeks I got really angry so gave them an ultimatum of paying me the money of repair or I would go to the ombudsman, this got them to act and I have the money to repair vehicle.

My preferred insurer since 2008

I have held a motorcycle insurance policy with Insure My Ride since 2008. My renewal for my superbike came in this year and given it has been a few years I thought it was time to test the market and I continue to be impressed by their low premium costs, easy to read disclosure documentation and easy to navigate website.

Not only do I feel that I am getting great value for my insurance, I also feel cared for. I had a small claim around three years ago and the first question posed to me by the customer service officer was "are you okay?" I don't know what more I could ask for from an insurer!

Not everyone has the same insurance needs but for me, Insure My Ride is the number one pick.
Easy claims process, transparent with information, easy to underwriting PDS, better rating 1 bonus than most


I saw these guys didn't have any reviews up and felt I needed to write this.

6 months ago I was knocked off my bike by a drunken driver. Luckily (if you could call it lucky) I was on my way to work so my medical bills were covered by work cover.

My bike however was pretty wrecked. Then when in hospital I was told by the at-fault drivers insurance that they wouldn't cover the claim ( likely due to the drivers intoxicated state), so I was stuck.

I had only gotten out 3rd party through Insuremyride, but they have a clause where if an at fault driver is uninsured, they cover up to $3,000 worth of repairs to your bike.

It gets better, the assessor then managed to get the repair place to completely fix my bike for $2,950.

These guys were nothing but helpful and saved my bacon. If you're a bike rider, you need to get this cover. Best $110 I've ever spent in my life.

Affordable, friendly staff, no catches

Questions & Answers

I'm concerned that Insure My Ride has demanded I pay a $400 excess 'up-front' after an accident on my motorcycle. After paying it, nearly three weeks ago, I've heard _nothing_ at all from IMR. I believe IMR is part of the GIO group. Is anyone else experiencing difficulties with Insure My Ride?
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I cannot comment on your claim. I am sure if you google the company you will find the reason for the delay.I found this link: https://motorbikewriter.com/insure-ride-closes/ Doesn't really help me find my mi$$ing $400, though!~

Who back up insure my ride?
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Hi Bo, I've checked their website www.insuremyride.com.au and in their disclosures on the bottom of the home page they state that the insurance is issued by AAI Limited. If you have any questions about their insurance terms you would be best to contact Insure My Ride directly as I am not an employee of Insure My Ride nor affiliated with them in any way.

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