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IntelliGender Gender Prediction Kit

IntelliGender Gender Prediction Kit

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Wrong Result

I got wrong results. I got boy result but actually it is a girl. Don’t trust this product. They are just making money with this expensive product. Please don’t buy.

Purchased in August 2019 at Chemist Warehouse for $49.00.

Worst customer service ever!!

I ordered this product offline and never received it! I paid for it and everything. I reached out to the company and no response from any of the employee. When I took the actual test with my son over a year ago it was accurate so I have nothing bad to say about that but their customer service sucks. The girl blocked me on Facebook after I reached out. The “co founders” never responded. Totally ticked off and a waste of my money!!

Wrong !

I took the test at 14 weeks and it said boy. I recently had my 19 week ultrasound and the sonographer was confident it is a girl! I would say don’t waste your money and don’t trust the results. I was always sceptical but thought it would be interesting to try out.

Purchased in April 2019 at Chemist Warehouse for $59.99.

Ease of Use


I took the intelligender at almost 14 weeks and the test read I was having a boy but come to find out I was really having a girl through gender blood work and ultrasound so much for spending 30 dollars please don't waste your money

Purchased in April 2017 for $30.00.

It was right for me

I tried it twice for the same pregnancy and it said the same gender both times I tested and it was right. Would differently recommend this product. Very happy customer

Purchased in March 2019 at Chemist Warehouse for $69.00.

Ease of Use


We did the test at 12 weeks and it went green for boy. I got ahead of myself and even went out and bought some boy baby clothes but it was wrong, turns out we are having a girl! Don’t waste your money on this test.

Purchased in February 2019 for $50.00.

Wish I saw the reviews first

Took this test last night to see and it said i was having a boy. Today had my scan done and guess what it’s a girl. This product just takes your money claims to be 90% accurate. Save that money don’t buy this as what they claim is nothing but lies. Even the pharmacist told us these rest are very accurate and correct. Yeah right

It really does work!

We bought the test at Chemist Warehouse for $48 last week. I am 14 weeks and really desperate to know what we are having. I did the test first thing in the morning and followed the instructions just like it said. We got a bright orange girl result which was very clear. I have read all the reviews where the test didn't work so I was worried that it might be wrong for me so, today, I went to this place in Prahran where they do gender scans from 14 weeks and they showed me I was clearly having a little girl. I am so excited as I have 2 boys and this was my last chance. I know that people only write reviews when things don't work or when they are upset so I just wanted you to know that I think this test is fantastic

October 17th 2018 Update: Love, love, love this!

Got this at my 16th week at My Chemist 3 weeks ago and I'm having twins. Test was easy to take and exciting waiting for the result. The result came back orange which means the babies were both girls and I have just walked out of my 20 week ultrasound and guess what I am having 2 girls!! I am so rapped!! I have told all my friends about this - well done IntelliGender Great product!!!

Don’t waste your money

Took the test at 10 weeks and it said boy got my lab work done at 12 weeks and the doctor just called me today and said I was having a girl! Not accurate save your money. I would not recommend this product to anyone or will I use it again

Don’t waste your money!!

I took the test about 2 weeks ago and my result was very unclear so I emailed the company and was promised they would be sending another test for free. Well it’s been over a week so I emailed them again and asked when I should be expecting it. They only gave me the run around and I finally just told them to keep it that I would be getting my ultrasound conformation soon. They do not stand behind their word. It’s around $45 and it’s not 100% accurate huge waste of money. My result was very dark and the “lady” said it was a girl result. Well if you look at the samples a dark result indicates boy so I honestly don’t think they know what they are talking about.

Waste of money

The test is in acurate because the test said i was having a boy and I got an ultrasound not to long after and found out I'm having a girl. Don't waste your money on this test. They don't give you correct results and costs too much for a test.

Did not work for us.

I felt confident using this test, as it claims to be over 90% accurate. I made sure I did the test properly and the result came up “boy”. I have two boys already so I must say I was a little disappointed. Went for my scan yesterday and we are having a girl! I’m absolutely over the moon! I am just glad things didn’t go the other way where Intelligender told us “girl” and I ended up having a boy. The unnecessary negative emotion that could be caused by this test is worrying. If it was just a fun, non-scientific test (like the bicarb test) I would not have put much faith in it at all, but because the website states it is scientifically tested and very accurate I did put a lot of faith in it, albeit stupidly in hind sight.

Correct result!

Took this test at about nine weeks and it said boy. Went in for a 3D gender ultrasound at 17 weeks and I am indeed having a boy! I recommended this to a friend and she got results of a baby girl. She is only 13 weeks so we shall see!

Never buy it & do NOT recommend

This is nothing more than a PH test which is not related in any way shape or form to the gender of the baby. I bought it and it said we were having a boy and now found out that my wife is pregnant with a girl. Did the ultrasound 3 separate times; girl, girl & girl.

Its wrong for me

I done my test in 11 week it was show i have baby boy but when my 20 week scan it show i have baby girl so its not working in my case but my 4 friends use this and its true now m 36 week and i hope its boy

Intelligender does not work! Don't waste your money!

Ladies don't bother wasting your money on this test! It predicted boy for me at 15 weeks. Did my 20 week scan today and it turns out I'm having a girl. Just be patient and wait for an accurate scan. This product predicts boy 99% of the time... Goodluck mums!

Don't waste the $40

I took not one but TWO of these (one I bought for $10) and both results were GIRL. I had my morphology ultrasound yesterday and I am in fact having a definite BOY. It was fun haha but don't go buy clothes and paint the nursery based on this test.

Intelligender - Wrong result for me !!

It turned out to be wrong for me. As per the DNA blood test its a girl which is 95% accurate however this test said boy. Very wrong. Hard to read as both colors show up at some point or the other during the 5 min window. Not worth your time.


The product was easy to use and very simple. I took the test about 15 weeks. The results said a Boy. I had my 20 week ultrasound today and sure enough it is a boy. I'm very thankful that the $40 spent was well worth it. I would recommend.

Waste of money!!

So I've bought several of these tests for, family & friends. But over the last few years, it's only been right on, 50% of the time! It gets the parents all excited for blue or pink, and some, even me, spend lots of money buying gender appropriate items, according to this test, only to find out at the 20 wk sono, that the test was wrong!!! You already have a 50/50 shot at a boy or girl, so this test will be accurate 50% of the time. However, the 50% that it's wrong, is a huge shock for everyone! All directions were followed perfectly each time. The test was never taken too early. Please, just buy diapers, or a baby item, and do not waste your money on this test!! It's a gimic, and a novelty toy. Pregnancy isn't a game. I'd give zero stars I'd that was an option.

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IntelliGender Gender Prediction Kit
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