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Intercheck Australia

Intercheck Australia

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Good service

Only issue is no confirmation that upload of picture has occurred. Why do I have to typing 30 words, are you paying me? xxx ccccc bbbb nnn mmmm hhh rr

Criminal History Checj

Extremely happy with prompt service. When I had an issue applying online i rang their melbourne office and the guy was very helpful and it was then completed in no time.

Quick process

The process is very quick. Very convenience if compared to the traditional process. Also it is straightforward. However it is recommended to change consent process without printing the documents. It is very recommended for others who need police check.

Very Quick

Process was very quick and relatively painless. I appreciate receiving my clearance a day after requesting it. Simple online application and just uploading if required documents. I was very surprised on how quickly it was processed and emailed to me. Would recommend to others.

Quick resolution to a requirement

I require Police certificate for voluntary work and found the online system user friendly. It is easier than previous system through local Police Station and will recommend for others in future

Fast and efficient service

Website is very easy to navigate. Clear instruction provided for uploading information. Application took approximately 15 minutes to complete including the uploading of photos. Provided regular updates on application via email. Quick turnaround. Emailed certificate.

Highly Recommended

Excellent service with a quick and easy upload process for validation of documentation submitted, confirmation at all times as to the status of application and my certificate was provided in no time at all. Greatly appreciated.


Super quick, only took a few hours to respond and receive the certificate!
I highly recommend this product to anyone needing a certificate. My friend went through another service and it took three times as long.

Easiest and fastest service

Using this service was so quick- received a response within a few hours! They also had an option to have the result emailed which was very convenient rather than post

Very fast and friendly service!

Intercheck Australia offer a very fast and friendly service! They were able to reply to my emails very quickly and help me out. Thank you for your help, much appreciated.

Quick & Easy to obtain

Quick & Easy to obtain.
I needed a national police / criminal check done for a new business opportunity. I upload the information requested and due to having no convictions / problems. I received the report back within a couple of hours.

This is perfect

Intercheck Australia is very convenient for everyone. It is fast process that you can get your police clearance in just a day. You can complete your requirements right away. Thankyou, intercheck Australia.

Quick easy

On using for the first time I was a bit confused rang customer support they were great but I was surprised it took so long to get my results thanks

Very convenient

The process was very easy and I could do it from the home itself. Very quick. You don’t have to go to JP to certify the papers. Will strongly recommend this to others.

Took a bit of time

I had an email from you guys saying there was a delay as I had been matched to something else on the database. When I received my clearance it has driving offences on it. Though it would be clear??

Very efficient.

This was the second time I have use this service. The required documents were easy to upload and turn around time was very short. I submitted my application in the morning and received the result the same day.

The customer services was great and Salman was exceptional at his position

Was Salman was exceptional at his position. I was going to cancel my check but after speaking with Salman and with guidence it became a good thing since I never cancelled my check

Excellent time frame.

Got what I needed from this service in a reasonable amount of time. Understand that police database checks can take some time so I was satisfied with how long it took.

Brilliant service.

Quick service, staff are really helpful with all queries. Highly recommended. Keeps you up to date on the progress of your application. A very satisfied customer. Will use them again.

Review of service.

Got what I needed from this service in a reasonable amount of time. Understand that police database checks can take some time so I was satisfied with how long it took.

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Questions & Answers

Why will it not accept email address and its not wrong
No answers

hi i would like to delete my review as my opinion has changed. as a company wouldn't except my clearance because it wasn't done through SAPOL wasted my money had to get new one hmm how do i delete my review??
2 answers
I will request for Product review to take it down, no problems. Sorry to hear that Terry. The company should except this check, as we are an accredited Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission agency. We have been accredited for the last 7 years and because of this our checks are widely accepted. It seems that the business you provided this check to have outdated policies around accepting clearances. In addition if they are saying that they only accept SAPOL type of clearances, they should have made it more clear to you in the beginning.I requested an online and a paper copy that was sent to my address. With the latter it is different but contains all the same information as previous police checks. I wouldn't know how to take down a review.

Hi why is a fraud charge showing up on someone’s policecheck when it’s over 9 years old?
1 answer
Hi Kell, The Police History Information which is disclosed in the Police Check results is determined by each Police Agency. This is based on Spent Conviction Legislation and Information Release Policies. The purpose of the National Police Check and any other relevant legislation also determines what information can be released on a Police Check. Each Australian police agency will apply the relevant Spent Convictions legislation/information release policy prior to disclosure. Please contact your state police agency directly for clarification on why a particular offence is showing on the result and they can provide information about their release policies and any legislation that affects them. You can also obtain further information on release policies and spent convictions legislation from your State Police Website. Kind Regards, Will - InterCheck Australia