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Janome Horizon MC6600P

Janome Horizon MC6600P

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No sew Janome MO6600P

Purchased from Hobbysew Kingspark 20th January 2017. Got warning E1 to return to dealer. Returned 21/10/17 and I am still waiting 10 weeks later. Machine has had all sorts of parts put in and now a new motor. Motor lost on way to Seven Hills and another ordered. This machine has had very little sewing on it and must be a lemon I am told that the new parts will not have a warranty on and the warranty will finish in January 18. Why would a new machine have all these new parts. I think they should replace this machine with another that will work. Why so long to repair. Did Janome receive it in October or did it sit in Hobbysew for weeks? I have rated it good when it sewed but I am without a machine and have been for 10 weeks how much longer and will it break down again without a warranty?

Date PurchasedJan 2017

Runs very smoothly

Great machine, runs really well, no problems with tension. Only issue is the feet are too loose and can be annoying not being able to get exactl 1/4" seam when piecing is critical. Is a heavy machine which I found makes it much more stable than the plastic machines. If you are thinking on buying one take it for test run and have a feel of how loose the foot is compared to other brand machines

Date PurchasedFeb 2012

Sacrificing quality for share of marketplace?

Nothing's perfect in this world, right? I own two Janome memory craft machines. Added the 6500P for use in class. Purchased online through Massdrop. Used thrice over six months. Froze. I received a full refund. So frustrated with my 15,000 model's needle threader, it has never worked correctly. That's all folk's!

Date PurchasedJul 2015

Fantastic machine for all levels

I have had this machine for 9 years, it is such work horse,very easy to use,no problems at all. Quilting or dress making I don't think you can go wrong with this machine, also it really is easy to use so even if it's your first machine you will find it essay. This machine is metal so is heavy-duty.

Date PurchasedSep 2016

Best machine ever

I purchased this machine almost 5 years ago. I have been sewing since 1960 and without a doubt as a workhorse this is the best machine ever. I had always owned an elna then purchased a Husquavarna Sapphire that was a dog of a machine. Changed to the Janome 6600P and loved it. I would use it at least 6 days a week and have made over 100 quilts on it. I must admit I clean my machines after every quilt, change my needle after approx 20hrs of sewing, keep it covered when not In use. All in all 10/10.

Date PurchasedSep 2011

Problem with the whole line

I bought my 6600p at end of Nov 2016. Used it 2 weeks and experienced problems. It froze up. I returned to the dealer where I purchased and mechanic said the lower shaft was bad and he would have to contact Janome. They gave me their Floor model to use while mine was gone. About 3 weeks later mine was returned complete with a new mother board and I was given a $100 gift certificate from the shop for my troubles. I did not use it for about 3 days but when I attempted to the tension was messed up. So I drove the 50 minutes back to shop and was told that they were not playing with THAT machine anymore and ordering me a brand new one. Well I brought home their floor model and here it is Feb 23rd and I still am using it. I was taking a class on the 19th and was told that Janome has received so many complaint and problems with this model they have pulled all of them and are exploring issues. So I am awaiting what comes next for me. New 6600 or a different model??? But I give praise to Amy Baughman Sewing in Cranberry PA for going above & beyond! UPDATE....... Ended up exchanging it for Memory Craft 94000. I LOVE it.

Date PurchasedNov 2016

3rd world, mass produced

I paid cash for 6600P off display shelf.dealer said it's in perfect never used condition, last one in stock. It had pitting & a patch-up blob on flat dye cast surface behind feed dogs, not large but something you'd accept if u got a plastic cheap machine.. I never noticed till I got home. the dealer packed it while i bought some fabric. I told her i lived an hour away and asked that she make sure nothing's left out . I get home and accessory box , bonus bobbins not there. Took photos, repacked it, did the email,phone dance with dealer & Janome sales manager QLD. 7days later I sent it back, got a refund

I love this machine

I adore this machine. I love it's speed, and it's capacity to handle different thicknesses. I love the accufeed system, and the various built in stitches are easy to use. Feed dogs drop easily and I have learnt to do free motion quilting on this machine with no problems. I love the throat space for manipulating the fabric. Sure it is heavy, but that is a plus as it doesn't move while sewing my quilts. If you need to lift your machine or move it, at 12 kgs you won't want this machine.
It sews the grandchildren's clothing, even the elastic shirring on dresses with no problem.
I love the needle threader, the built in cutter, and it's so easy to thread.
It is a workhorse and I can't imagine living without it, I use it almost daily.

An absolute lemon.

This machine has been in my opinion an absolute lemon.
Had nothing but problems with it . Had to replace mother board and many other components.
No real help from local dealers nor Janome.
I would not recommend this machine.
For an expensive machine I do not believe it lives up to its value.
Now the foot pedal has packed it in. As a 'professional' machine I would have expected to get better service from a machine as I have not given it a lot of heavy work I do not make quilts or such.

This was a huge waste of money

Been sewing for 50 years. Attracted to all the Bells and Whistles, I bought my first expense machine(MCJanome 6600 Professional) 5 years ago as a retirement gift to myself. I have spent more time rethreading and saving my fabric from being eaten alive, than I have spent actually enjoying sewing with this machine. Thread tears, material is swallowed, thread snaps back up into the machine when I use the automatic cutter. Maybe this is an Arabian where a Clydesdale is needed, but this is NOT the machine that I was told to expect. Hate this machine. Have worked with it, gone to classes and given it ample chances for 5 years now. I give up. HATE this machine. Thank God I kept my Old $30 Brother which still bails me out regularly. Total Fail.

Prefer the 5600

I wanted to upgrade from my 5600 memory craft and needed a back-up machine. I do a lot of switching backwards and forwards between straight stitching and free-motion, so need to change the foot a lot. The main reason why I hate this machine is because it is so difficult to switch feet, the reason being that there is a "post" in the way of the screwdriver which holds the walking foot at the rear. I now only use the machine for straight stitch, which is a real shame!

Janome Memory Craft 6600

I absolutely love this machine. I love the features it has and I have not any one bit of problems with the machine. I quilt a fair amount and I love that I can set the stitch width to the nth to get the exact seam I need. I love the thread cutter, the lock stitch, the up/down needle, the independent bobbin winder and more and more. Can't say enough about this machine.

Nothing wrong with the machine; if I were to comment on a con, it would be that it is a bit heavy - but this is only an issue if you are packing it up to take it to sewing functions.

User friendly!!

I unpacked my machine from the box and straight away was able to use the embroidery feature. I have made quite a few quilts on this machine and I have had no problems. I agree with the weight issue, but that is minor. I also sew my grandchildren's clothes without a hassle. I love my Janome!


Excellent quality, value and practical. much better than the other brands I considered.

A great feature is the resumption setting.. the machine will re-start with the last settings you used already there. while you can turn this off.. I've found it a positive leaving it on.., sewing with the accfeed 1/4" foot on and having adjusted the needle position perfectly.. means I can turn off my machine and when I turn it it's where I left it.

This machine also has 2 very good lights.

Some reviews I've read complain about setting up the accufeed, but it's not really any more effort than changing feet... well worth the effort for the great results I've gotten...

the 6600 comes with a flat bed extension table as standard.. some other brands have them but it's an additional cost...

All up I recommend this machine... it has many many more features than it's competitors in a similar price range, the accessories are reasonably priced too (which is always worth considering.. you may not need them at the start.. but you can add to your collection as a new project comes along).
* amazing stitch quality
* great monograms
* love the wide throat
* accufeed really works
* very simple to use
* extension table included
* wide range of accessories
* screen is good
Three very minor things.. but what would make this machine.. truly perfect for me is..
* free arm
* in machine storage for the feet/accessories
* weight.. at about 12 kg's it's heavy!
silly, but the fold up thread holder (near the cotton spool) frustrates me all the time.. I raise my machine from it's cabinet, begin sewing and always forget the arm so the stitches are out... if it could warn me like it does for every other thing..

Sorry but I disagree! Or maybe I just bought the lemon of the litter! I have had nothng but trouble with mine. Does well on cottons but introduce anything thicker than 2 layers of polar fleece and it runs and hides! I can physically watch my needle tension wheel go around, very frustrating to start a seam on tension 4 and end it on tension 2!! Spoke to the shop that sold it to me. They called me back and told me to take the knob off and spread the pin! What would that do to my warranty?? Seems the tension is the problem with the 3 Janome machines I have. I love sewing but find it very stressful with threads breaking and tensions changing all the time.Karen, I certainly Agree with you. Nothing but trouble. I have taken my machine back to the dealer because of broken threads but he can't find anything wrong. Even sent it back to the factory. When it came back a clerk in the store said "let's check this out before you take it home". She threaded the machine, sewed about two inches and the thread broke. She rethreaded and sewed another two inches, the thread broke. She called to another clerk and asked her to try it. Same story. She called the owner and his answer was that we don't know how to thread the machine. He showed all three of us how to thread the machine which was just as we were doing. Naturally, the thread didn't break for him. He said there was nothing more he could do so I took my machine home and I've become an expert at rethreading. Last week I put the binding on a baby quilt and my thread broke seventeen times. Karen, you don't have the only lemon.I have the 6600P and love it. Not experienced any of the problems you are having. Sadly, you may have a lemon. Four of my friends have also got this machine and got theirs quite a while after me and have had no problems either. So sorry that you are having this problem. Can your dealer not get them fixed or replaced?

Questions & Answers

Hi I have the Memory Craft 6600, I haven't actually used it for embroidery yet (haven't had a chance) but I do Shirring with it. My question is, is there a way to tighten the bobbin tension? The manual shows you how to tighten/loosen the needle tension but not the bobbin tension. Thanks Karen
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I have not had the need to alter the bobbin tension, I patchwork and quilt and find the Tension Regulator Dial meets all my requirements so far. I hope you are able to find a solution.


Janome Horizon MC6600P
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Price (RRP)2999
Release dateApr 2007

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