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Japan Airlines

Japan Airlines

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Average in-flight service

We had a comfortable flight from Sydney to Tokyo. The ground services were good & the aircraft was new dreamliner with sufficient legroom, comfy seats and good interior ambience. In-flight food was at average level as compared to Qantas/SQ on this route. Also, We felt that the in-flight crew were bit 'lost' in their attempt to provide the service. Overall, an average experience and value for the money we paid for our discounted fare flights.

Value for Money
Seat Room
In-Flight Service
In-Flight Entertainment
DestinationTokyo, Japan
BookingThird Party


We recently flew economy from Melbourne to Tokyo with a 5 and 9 year old and loved everything about the flight. The seating was spacious for economy, the plane was clean, the staff are attentive and polite and the food was ok. Our flight home was the same. This was our first time flying JAL and I would highly recommend them.

Seat Room
In-Flight Service
In-Flight Entertainment
DestinationTokyo, Japan
BookingThrough Airline

The worst customer service imaginable

As the title suggests, worst customer service experience. My partner and I are travelling to Japan for our honeymoon and have been told we cannot sit together. We are on our honeymoon and I am pregnant. Was told by the airline that the seats are “blocked out” and not yet allocated but still they can’t make arrangements. Nobody reply’s to my emails and when you sit on hold for over an hour you’re lucky to get to speak to someone. When you do, the customer service rep offers no service what so ever. We haven’t even flown yet and still the customer service is terrible. Will never book with JAL again.

Value for Money
DestinationTokyo Station, 1 Chome-9 Marunouchi, Chiyoda, Tokyo, Japan
BookingThird Party

Great service

Booking on line was really easy.The reception at airport would put some airlines to shame. The flight to Japan was about 9 or 10 hours. On board service was good but being overnight not much required. Return flight was excellent service. Seating in economy would put many airlines to shame being better than some airline premium economy.

Value for Money
Seat Room
In-Flight Service
In-Flight Entertainment
DestinationTokyo, Japan
BookingThrough Airline

Budget airline

On the way to Japan we were not seated together, my 2.2 yr old daughter was with her mum with a stranger; over heard a. Purple on honeymoon wasn’t seated together either. On the way back my daughter threw up and a flight attendant offered me a JAL shawl to use so I don’t have to sit in a singlet, crew chief approached me few hours to Melbourne and told me that she will take the shawl hour & a half before landing and sent two other staff to reiterate the same message. I felt like a criminal who was about to walk out with a worn out JAL shawl. Terrible terrible terrible service. The Japanese staff could learn service ethics from the two foreign staff on board.

economy flight sydney to tokyo

we really had two flawless flights to Tokyo and back. The food, the service, timing, aircraft - hard to fault JAL!

Great & Reliable Airline

Great service with attention to details. Enjoy the food, my son wanted to have fo 2 people, the ice cream at night time was also refreshing. Only negative was that the aircraft we took was not modern.

Good service, worst food of all airlines

Flight from Melbourne to narita and back.
Service was good but very few snack and drink options.
Lunch and dinner meals were bad enough not to be eaten.
Won't fly again Japan Airlines.

Great Service Beautiful DreamLiners

Onboard Service was fantastic very professional very polite, We boarded on time and landed early. The Checking was quick and helpful as we wanted to change our Seats and they were very accommodating on near full plane.
Food was very pleasant and lots of it.

Wonderful staff and really like the premium economy seats

I am a frequent flyer and recently flew with JAL in Oct for four flights. They were return flights Kuala Lumpur to Tokio-Narita airport and then from Tokio-Narita to Nagoya airport. The staff on all the flights were wonderful and really embodied the Japanese culture. On one of the flights I received an upgrade to premium economy which was wonderful and much better than some of the business class seats of other airlines. The only reason why they don't get 5 stars from me are their regional airport lounges. The food and beverage options in their lounges Tokio-Narita local and Nagoya were not very good.

Very pleasant flights

Flew from Sydney to Vancouver via Tokyo return with JAL in June/July
Very pleasant experience from check-in, thru boarding to flight. Seats comfortable, good leg room and food OK (as airline food goes!). Cabin service excellent. Plenty of movies to choose from. Oh, and fares very competitive (booked direct with airline).
Would recommend.

An OK Airline

Flew with Japan Airlines in October 2015 from SYD - NRT - SYD. Probably Sydney is the only place that Japan Airlines still use the old 777-200 plane whereas the rest of the region JAL is using newer 787.

Economy seats are comparable to other airlines. Very small screen and I can't be bothered to watch movies on a 10 hours flight. Food is so-so. Seat has no USB plug. Seat configuration are mainly 3-3-3 with very limited 2 seaters for couple. There's a couple of 2 seaters right at the back of the plane or at mid section on either side.

When you book with them online, you have limited seat choice, however, 76 hours prior to departure when you do your web check-in, you have more option to choose your seat. That's how I manage to get 2 seaters at last moment.

Check in and service standard are good and on time. It's a pity JAL is still using the old plane for a 10 hours flight.


Don't ever travel with JAL! Our 3 premium economy milage points (from Sydney to Europ via Narita) are not only invalid but a treatment we received at Narita was unacceptable. A young female with attitude if you're still there, hopefully JAL may have retrained you as a thoughtful member of the ground staff by now. At the counter she made us repack our baggage which was even though within our weight limits on our way to Paris three years ago. Very dissatisfied with this experience, it took us a while to realize how milage points are not beneficial even can be costly as we paid for family milage membership until now. We would not recommend JAL. What is premium economy to the ground staff? Undoubtfully our decision to switch to ANA to Japan is a most sensible one.

Attentive professional service.

Brisbane to Narita to London, with an overnight stopover in Narita. Economy Class, but the cabin service was regimented and efficient, as only the Japanese can do. I requested a Scotch with Dry Ginger, and was given it by the British Flight Attendant , but warned by her that, "We are not allowed to serve Dry Ginger in Economy, only in Business Class, so if you want another drink of the same, make sure you call me, and not one of the Japanese Cabin Crew!!"

But there was too much merchandising and hard selling of duty-free products on board. When they were not serving meals, the flight attendants spent most of their time in selling mode.

I loved the choice of Japanese / Western meals, and would certainly fly with them again.

Great airline

I've flown with JAL a few times now and have never been unhappy with the service. Firstly you are allowed 42kg of checked baggage, which reduces the amount of cabin baggage that some people bring on board as when you have to pay per kilo. Check in staff are helpful. The cabin crew, although not always great with English, are always friendly and helpful. The inflight entertainment is sufficient and free, unlike Jetstar. I find that the amount of food you get is more than sufficient. The funny thing is you can order beer and get a whole can of Asahi as you wish, but if you want a coke it's rationed out very sparingly by the half glass - not sure why that is! As a vegetarian the meal is strangely not actually vegetarian (ie. gelatine, crackers with prawns) but the food is good. Like all planes economy doesn't offer much by way of leg room and they are not always observant of people reclining their seats during the meal service, which is actually annoying, other airlines seem more strict with that policy. Overall, I will always fly with JAL over Jetstar, Qantas and other similar airlines.
Great customer service, competitively priced.
Seat allocation is odd with most seats blocked out until the day before the flight meaning you are never sure if you can sit with your travel companion until you actually get to the check in counter

Jal are the tops

I always fly Jal ,smooth flights free stopover to London or Paris ,Very nice crew , clean plane with good entertainment . So far we have had no problems at all with any aspect of our flights and I suspect if we did it would be dealt with quickly and courteously
Inexpensive ,on time,modern aircraft ,great service

If you're going to Japan to ski - don't travel with Japan Airlines!

Despite checking with the airline, when we went to check-in, we were told our ski bags were too long and we had to pay extra. Very unpleasant start to the holiday. Several others in the queue had the same problem. Man at the desk was very sympathetic but it's a pity that we never get apologised to for being mucked around!!!
Left on time.
When you book to go skiing and check you can take your skis, they shouldn't cost extra!!!

Ok, but not the most helpful

I have gone on two JAL flights the service was quite good, "special meals" (I had Vegetarian)we're served quite quickly , and the normal meals were served quite soon after, The aeroplane was clean but felt quite cramped with a seat layout 3-3-3. They didn't have many snack during the flight like other airlines which have a snack station in the kitchen. It was great that they had personal T.V but the screen was a bit small with their old T.V system. The think which bug me the most was that the aeroplane was very hot , we asked the air hostess twice and they did not help. It was the middle of summer as well.
To conclude there are some good aspect however I would of liked better service.
Clean,energy efficient
Cramped, hot on plane,


Our flight from Cairns to London with JAL included an overnight stop over with breakfast in Narita so we weren't so tired and jet lagged when we arrived in London. The service was amazing, the staff were as kind and helpful as they could possibly be. And being able to actually see the countries we were flying over was brilliant. I'd fly with them again just for that it was so interesting.
The JAL plane we flew on had a video camera on the bottom of the plane so that you could actually SEE the country you were flying over, it was amazing, fascinating and better than the inflight entertainment


I have been advised good reviews of this airline and will try them out one day. They come up the cheapest!
JAL come up the cheapest option for us when travelling to London the last time!
They went in receivership just before we went over to london. We were told we would have to sign a waiver form to enable up to fly with them. So we flew wih another company. We would have been fine if we did sign it as it all worked out ok. I wished we had of done so now as the frew hundred dollars in my pocked for travelling would have been nice.

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Questions & Answers

Flying business class JAL from Melbourne to London, If I have done web checkin can I checkin my bags 5 hours before the flight departure time?
No answers

We always fly JAL. This time to London. There used to be a free stopover at their hotel in Narita. Does this still happen?
1 answer
Jud, We have not travelled this root with JAL.

Do the checked bags go straight to destination if my stopover in Narita is 18hrs?
1 answer
Yes, check in luggage goes straight to final destination.

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