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Joop! Homme

Joop! Homme

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The smell is not like it used to be.

I have used joop for well over 20 years but my last purchase was disappointing. The smell is nothing like it used to be, i will not be buying it again. It was my favourite but it is not the quality that it used to be.

Purchased in December 2018 at Debenhams for $24.00.

I used to hate this fragrance

You might not like it at first, but it's very classy perfume,I can assure you this is the only perfume in the market for less than 50 bucks and can last more than 12 hours.

August 14th 2018 Update: Very classic smell and last for a while

I have been using this product for couple of years, and has been very satisfied with this product it has pleasant wooden smell, that will last for many long hours.

A trusty legend.

Anyone who thinks this fragrance smells bad has their nose too close to their bum. I've been using joop for decades and have had nothing but compliments at how good it smells though it doesn't last as long as it used to. I think the quality has slid a bit but i still get noses following me when i wear it. It is a trusty legend. The mens version of chanel no.5.

Quality Dropping

Hi There, I have used Joop-Homme for some twenty plus years & have noticed the quality of the product has fallen greatly, much to my expectations I would have thought that it would have become better but unfortunately that is not the case, Cheers John Balabouhin Burbank Qld Australia.

The opening notes and drydown are disgusting!

Can you smell the stench? Pass me a gas mask before I pass out! And blimey! What a stinker! All come to mind, whenever I think of joop homme! The staying power of this one is awesome, so buy with confidence, if you like getting noticed?

this is perfect :)

its just a really really nice smell unless you make the mistake of putting say three sprays on only one or maybe maybe maybe two sprays are enough if you put anymore on it somehow can turn from a really beautiful smell that gets compliments to a very very terrible scent but if you use the right amount its the best :)

Strong, long lasting, cheap

Due to the very low price and how long it lasts on the body and its strength of smell I use this when I go to the gym, for a run etc even after a big work out you can still smell nice when walking out all sweaty lol

For anything else ie going out on a date, parties, events etc Id suggest something else.. something not so common.


Long lasting masculine scent that is as unique as it is potent.
One or two sprays (Depending on your natural musk potency) is enough to last you all day.

For use with older, older looking or heavier set men. Thin and/or young men wearing this scent seem a little out of place.

I have been using it for years and it really keeps the fiancé, friends and family happy.
Thrilled about the recent price drops from $100+ to $40ish.

Something different.

The color is staining my shirts. Did the formula change. Been using for years never had a problem before. Please give advice I try other scents always go back to joop. Do you think the product could have been altered. Don't know what else to do. Love the product but hate the stains.
Great smell!!
Discoloring my shirts never happened before

Smells great

My boy friend uses this perfume, and honestly, it smells so good! It reminds me of cookies and sweets. I would recommend this to any guy wanting a good perfume, it honestly makes you appear more attractive when you smell as good as this stuff. Plus it also seems to last him forever.
Smells so good, lasts ages

A very pleasant perfume

It is a pleasant fragrance and one that is recognisable unlike a lot of others that have all seem to smell th same and are not distinctive. Pity they have discontinued the Joop Homme deodrant stick. Why is it when there is a product that people like to use they do away with them?

Its a really interesting fragrance that last for ages when worn on skin or clothing always seem to do the trick with the ladies :)Joop Homme 125 ml purchased from Warehouse Chemis, it doesn't smell at all. It was on sale, I am really disappointed. I would like complain to the manufacturer and I am unable get their contact details. Sai Rajan


I think this mens fragrance is very out of date, and reminds me of something a teenage boy would wear. If ever i smell someone that has it on it seems like they have sprayed half the bottle on at the one time and it is not a pleasant smell at all.
It seems to last a long time too, which would be a good thing if it were a pleasant smell but due to the overpowering smell of this mens fragrance it is not a positive point in this instance.
The scent is overpowering and it is outdated.


This is such a over powered mens fragrance it seems to last a long time even when sprayed in the air. It's so old now that it seems to have been around for ages not many prole are interested in it as it to strong over powering even on the skin.

Only one pump is enough to last a long time as the smell goes on and on and on for ever it seems even when you have a shower the smell is still there.
Its ok


I like this smell on men as it is quite subtle (for those who know how to apply it properly) younger guys sometimes reek of this. And it is a nice masculine scent, I find some men's fragrances are too floral for a male for my taste. This is one of the few men's fragrances that I don't mind too much. It is probably middle of the road as far as cost goes.
This is a great men's fragrance, it is quite masculine
As long as the guy realises it is a fragrance not an aftershave it is OK


I must say this is one of my least favourite men's fragrances; it is too common and too overpowering. I like fragrances that are individual and that smell different depending on who is wearing it, that works with your body' natural scent. Joop doesn’t do that.. It smells just like Joop (which in my opinion isn’t good!) It is way too strong and makes you feel like you have been pucnhed in the face with a bottle of it! If you are a fan of Joop – Try Go or Jump, as they are so much nicer and subtler
The colour of the Fragrance
Everything Else!


This fragrance always takes me back to when I met my husband but I have always liked it on men. It has a reasonably nice bottle and is pretty long lasting. It usually retails around the $80 mark but you could probably get it a bit cheaper from a discount perfume retailer.
My husband used to wear this scent all the time when i first met him to I am a bit nostalgic about it. I also had the women's version for a while which was very nice as well.
Not much. It can be a bit overpowering so less is definitely more in this case.


My husband loves his fragrances and joop is up there witgh his favourites it smells really good on and is long lasting it price is reasonable and i find the bottles are nice to.
love the smell of joop on my hubby
can be over powering if to much is used


My brother use to wear this all the time so I am very familiar with the fragrance and it does have a nice scent however if applied too heavily it can become a bit overpowering. It's good quality however the prices have come right down so it may be getting a bit too popular.
this is a very long lasting mens fragrance and you don't need to apply very much to achieve this. Very nice quality fragrance and good quality too however you can pick them up quite cheap nowdays at the discount pharmacy's
can become a little bit over powering if too much is put on but it certainly won't wear off in a hurry


My husband bought Joop a year ago and loves the unique scent. We found that one spray definitely last the whole day and that anymore than one spray can make you feel ill as it stays on your skin until the next time you shower. It is really strong stuff! Because of the potency, you will know if you are getting the genuine product or a replica!
Very attractive bottle, one spray is definitely enough to last a day, very unique smell which is original
Any more than one spray and it is very overpowering and lingers in the air for ages


Ever since one of my friends and my brother started wearing this, I stopped after I realised that it doesn't smell that good. Even with a light application, it's very strong and hangs in the air for a long time. There are better, more masculine and pleasant smelling fragrances out there for men.
I found the fragrance to be quite original, suited to younger men, the cooler months and something you would only where out to a night club really. It's quite potent if you are into that type of scent.
It's uncomfortable to wear in hot weather, almost giving you a choking feeling because it's such a strong scent. It's not a fragrance that you could wear to work because it is not exactly a well accepted scent and you may find your co-workers trying to avoid you.

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Have they changed the formula in Joop Homme when I first started using it many years ago I only needed 1or 2 sprays and the fragrance would last all day now I need at least 5or 6 sprays I think they have made it LESS fragrant so they sell more of their products? Joop has lost me Calvin Klein now
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I bought it lately from FragranceX.com, you have to use the whole 125mL to smell like one spray of the original one. It is either greatly diluted or a fake one. I will never buy any perfume from FragranceX.com ever again based on my terrible experience.Even the aftershave lasts longer than Ladies perfume, so it must be your body chemistry that hasnchanged. Oh boy! what an awesome piece of kit! Can you smell the stench? Hats off to Joop! for pulling it off, when others including the big players have failed miserably! You have really knocked the ball out of the park with this fragrance! Your kids are going to love it, and so are The Girls!

is behind the ears better than neck or vice versa for perfume application for better silage?
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Personally I don't think so, specially if you have long hair. I pref spraying it on my neck. Spray areas you are less likely to sweat, everyone's body type is different.

how many sprays of joop homme are needed and how applied?
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2-5 Sprayed on your wrists and neck (Pulse area/s)3-5 sprays neck & chest2. I get headache if I spray more than 2. spray from a distance if you want to spray more


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