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Joraform Big Pig 270L Rotational Composter

Joraform Big Pig 270L Rotational Composter

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Little Pig

I received the Little Pig quickly, and while it took a while to assemble (watch the video, don't use the paper instructions alone) it is up, seems really solid and looks the part. It is very easy to turn. I like that the magnet on the handles hold the doors open.
I've been using it for about 3 weeks and it is leaking and every time I open the door, I am met with a swarm of fruit flies. I have been putting newspaper in to try to fix, but to no avail.
Not sure what I should I do to correct this. Some composting tips in with the packaging would have been useful.

Date PurchasedJun 2018
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Hi Jane, thank you for your review. I am sorry to hear that you are having some troubles in maintaining the ideal environment. I would recommend adding dry sawdust or wood pellets to absorb moisture instead of newspaper. One-part sawdust or wood pellets must be added for every 10 parts waste as a general rule. It is also important to ensure the waste has been adequately drained before being placed in the tumbler. Please get into contact with us direct so we can arrange for a composting guide to be sent to you. You can contact us on 1800 802 924 Mon-Fri AEST or by emailing support@vitality4life.com if you have any further questions at all as we hope to get you successfully composting in no time. Kind regards, Sarah | Vitality 4 Life

Best purchase I’ve ever made!

I have never written feedback about any product before but feel compelled to tell you how impressed I am with this product! I live in Canberra and have been struggling with composting in our cool weather, never being successful and having almost given up. My determination to reduce our landfill waste finally led me to the Joraform. It has been steaming since day 1 and continues to do so everyday and is breaking our organic matter down so fast I can hardly believe it.

Date PurchasedFeb 2018
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Hi Nici, thank you so much for your lovely review and I am very happy to hear that you are enjoying the benefits of your composter so much! If you need any help with anything at all please don't hesitate to contact us direct on 1800 802 924 Mon-Fri AEST or by emailing support@vitality4life.com. Regards and happy composting, Sarah | Vitality 4 Life


I have always wanted one of these babies, but instead I have been buying second hand Gumtree Osborne industries compost tumbler. So far with the Swedish variety I have noticed it heats up really well, is very easy to turn and has a functional design. easy to assemble but useful to do it with someone else. All my old tumblers would break and I wish I had bought this guy ages ago.

Date PurchasedJan 2018
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Hi Justin, Thank you for the feedback, We are delighted that you are making the most of the Joraform composter and creating quality compost. The design of the Joraform really does make such a difference to the composting process from start to finish, Happy Composting from the Joraform Team

The benchmark compost tumbler on the market

Have a smaller block (400SqM inc house) we don't have room for a 3 bin external compost, so have been wanting to produce quality compost using a commercially available system. Having tried vertical composter which tended to get 'stuck' during composting as layers could not mix together properly. After a year of frustration and a fortnight of research I decided on the Joraform 270.
The purchase and delivery was super easy from the supplier on the North Coast of NSW and had it within 3 days of ordering.
Before putting it together make sure you watch the video from Joraform USA on how to assemble, it will be make it a lot easier to assemble and ensure it all goes together as it should. My tumbler had some panels not square so it took 2 people and Milwaukee cordless driver to 'persuade' all of the panels into place. But once together it is very solid with all items locked in place.
Having now been using it for about 8 weeks, I can say it is amazing. We took the failed compost out of the bin and put into one chamber of the tumbler and it had taken off! Now composting is hitting high 50 degrees! Even in Melbourne when it was single figures, the compost was super active and going great guns.
Now starting to use the second chamber with wood pellet supplement to get it started, the fresh compost is over 60 degrees after two weeks!! Considering if I need to add moisture to keep it in check.
The tumbler turns really well and good spin after adding new materials see it all mix together well. Even now as it starts to fill up both it still spins well and true. There is no shaking and gives the impression it will continue to do so for many years.
A really nice touch if the magnets in the handles on the doors, so when you go empty a chamber later on, the door stays open and allows easy access to remove compost.
I was a bit concerned about spending the money for this unit not to work as promised, but it has exceeded my highest expectations. Sure if you are on an acreage, use the 3 bin system, you have the space to set it up and use it properly. But for any gardener wanting to compost on a suburban block where space is a premium or wants year round hot composting, GET THIS!

Date PurchasedSep 2017
Thank you for the feedback Adam, We are delighted that you are making the most of the Joraform composter and creating quality compost. The design of the Joraform really does make such a difference to the composting process from start to finish , Happy Composting from the Joraform TeamI thought I would update how this going after 1 year of use. Appearance - Overall the unit is in good condition. The units leaks a bit from time to time if too much water is added without spinning it in. The spinning of the tumbler is still smooth & easy, actually performs better with a bit weight in it. The only item is the nuts on the closing buckles are not Stainless & have rusted. Simple fix but annoying. Performance - Produced two chambers worth & produces a thick black compost almost in pebble form. I use wood pellets to supplement the carbon which may contribute to this outcome. Summary - A fantastic compost tumbler which still functions as well today as the first review.

Joraform 270L -

Very happy with my decision to buy this composter. Assembly was straightforward - I
started putting it together on my own then needed some help when attaching outer panels. The online video was helpful too. Am almost ready start on our 2nd batch of compost in the other chamber. It's very easy to tumble the drum and the first batch has reached a hot temperature. Composting has resulted in a noticeable drop in our weekly rubbish, as we're also recycling (crosscut) shredded paper.
Tip - if buying from Vitality4life.com.au, it's worth checking their ebay price as it was $25 cheaper than their website price. I ordered over the phone and they matched their ebay price :)

Date PurchasedAug 2017
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Great to hear that the composting is going well Adele, you will soon have high quality compost for your garden from the first chamber and be able to continually produce/process compost waste whilst reducing landfill at the same time. Thank you for the feedback from the Joraform Team

Its nice when things are as good as they say.....

Easy to put together. Works better than I expected. It takes about 6 weeks per barrel. As the grass, clippings and kitchen waste breaks down you need to top it up for a couple of weeks before moving to the next barrel. 2 to 3 months since I started and it still looks like new on the outside.

Date PurchasedOct 2016
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Hi Ben , Great to hear you have been able to make the most of your new Joraform & create compost from both kitchen and garden waste. The dual chambers are a great feature of the Joraform to ensure your compost process is not interrupted at all with one chamber to keep adding and topping up with waste whilst the other is completing final stages of composting ready for your garden. Happy composting !

Excellent compost tumbler. Well worth the money

Before I bought the Jeraform 270L. Bought a cheap Aldi plastic tumbler to try out my task of turning those green waste into compost for my garden. It was a disaster, put waste and brown material into it, and kept turning and monitoring the temperature hoping it will turn into those black gold one day. And so it went for 4 months, and nothing. Thinking I may be doing something incorrectly. Then it came the Jeraform, to my surprise, only takes it 2 mere weeks, and it came the black gold that I have been waiting for. The difference really lies in the later one can heat the material up and held it high for as long as it is capable of. Highly recommend this product even though the cost is quite high.

Date PurchasedOct 2016
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Hi Ivan, Great to hear that the Joraform Composter is working well for you and that you have been able to compare the difference the Joraform composter makes in the composting process. Joraform are world leaders in rotating composters and this experience and their product development has created a composter range that makes composting much easier and more productive. We love the results and glad to hear you do as well. Happy composting and I am sure your garden will enjoy the black gold being produced.

Questions & Answers

I live in the Far North Queensland region so our temperatures can be extremely hot and humid in the summer months. Will this composting system cope with this? Is there such a thing as being too hot? Also have 5 acres so have a lot of garden green waste. Would you recommend putting through a garden mulching machine before putting into the composter? Sorry for all the questions just wanting to get it right first time around. Cheers
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Hi Janey. I'm still quite new to using the Jora composter and am living in Melbourne but I think it would be ok in the Nth Qld heat/humidity. We cut up our garden waste (large leaves/stalks) first so if you already have a mulching machine I'm sure that mulching would help speed up the composting process. Am very happy with the quality of the Jora :) AdeleHi Janey and thank you for your question. Heat is an optimal aspect of the composting process, so I would say it is more a benefit to the process. I would just recommend making sure your system is placed in a sheltered area away from wind chill to keep temperatures moderated more easily. Living in FNQ you would also want to make sure that it is sheltered from rain, as you do not want to allow too much moisture inside. All in all the Joraform Composter is built to withstand tough environments like Australia, so there should be no problems composting in your climate. Breaking the organic matter down before composting is always a good idea to speed up the composting process as Adele mentioned above, so it definitely would help. Please don't hesitate to contact us at Vitality 4 Life on 1800 802 924 Mon-Fri AEST or by emailing support@vitality4life.com should you have any further queries. Regards, Sarah | Vitality 4 Life

I am looking at purchasing a little pig. On your video it shows the person putting in a scoop of pellet like material. 1 what was the material,2 how often would you have to add this material? Thankyou
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Hi Manny, Thank you for your question. Wood pellets are shown in the video which are great for ensuring you have the right balance in your composter and will also soak up any excess moisture, resulting in amazing compost. Sawdust also works really well. For any composter I would add a scoop of this type of mulch material each time you add waste to achieve optimal results. When you purchase your Joraform composter we send you a composting start up guide which will give you all the tips and hints necessary for beautiful compost soil production. I hope this helps but please let us know if any other questions. You can also contact us direct on our toll free 1800 802 924 number Monday - Friday 9am-5pm and we would be happy to help. Thank you, The Vitality 4 Life Team

Hi, I've been using the little pig composter for 4 weeks now, only for vegetable kitchen waste. I add newspaper and cardboard in approximately equal amounts to the food waste but it leaks all the time leaving a dirty pool underneath and it doesn't feel hot inside, also wasps and fruit flies are always in and out of the air vents and there are lots of maggots inside. I'm pretty sure it's assembled correctly as everything is tightly fitting. Should I add sawdust? I turn it several times a day. Thanks, corrina.
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Maybe try adding equine pine pellets (a type of horse bedding made of compressed sawdust that you can get from a feed/pet store - cheap and organic) - it will soak up the excess moisture in your compost bin, while adding necessary carbon. This guy explains it really well in his video ---> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1FZznkQXZzEHi Corina, I would love to send you a composter guide specifically for the Joraform as all of the above indicates your levels of brown/green waste are out - cardboard and newspaper are not ideal to use to balance this as will not breakdown at the same rate as your kitchen waste and not soak up excess moisture. What Amy mentions above is much more suitable.To ensure your details are kept private if you would like to email us via support@vitality4life.com we would love to send you a composting guide with trouble shooting etc to ensure you end up with amazing compost and none of the issues you mention. Alternatively, call us on our toll free number 1800 802 924 Monday - Friday 9am-5pm to confirm your email address. Many Thanks, The Vitality 4 Life Team

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