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Joraform Little Pig 125L Rotational Composter

Joraform Little Pig 125L Rotational Composter

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Just a little dissappointed

Firstly it was really hard to use the self tapping screws and we had to drill the holes out in the metal before screwing them in. We had to ring to get instructions that you force the plastic screws through the rubber inner also as we had no idea how to get them in. Now together it seems to compost really well, is easy to use and looks amazing. Best of all no more rats!

Date PurchasedDec 2017
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Hi Robyn. Sorry to hear that you had some difficulty in assembling, but am glad you contacted us for help and we could resolve your issue promptly. We are very happy that your composting is well underway! If you have any further queries don't hesitate to contact us on 1800 802 924. Regards, Sarah | Vitality 4 Life

Efficient, used on an apartment balcony!

I could not be happier with my Joraform Little Pig. I have a penthouse balcony space of 100m2 in suburban Sydney, Australia and in one area I created a work space in which I have two worm farms, storage and the Joraform Little Pig. Every piece of green and brown material that I can find, including kitchen and household waste, goes into these composting units.
The Jorform Little Pig is well designed and not too difficult to assemble. Unlike cheaply made mass produced items, the parts are precision manufactured so all edges fit together perfectly and all fastenings are strong and fit well.
The insulated chambers makes for speedy turnaround of the material - so efficient.
I am very impressed with the turning ability of the bin - smooth and well balanced. Easy for any member of the family to grab a handle and spin the tumbler.
This is a quality product which demonstrates excellent Swedish engineering.
I am keen to convince my Strata committee to invest in the largest bin to provide communcal compoist for our building.

Date PurchasedSep 2017
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What a fantastic example of how we can compost and reduce our environmental impact even without a backyard. Your set up sounds fantastic Collectomaniac8. Happy Composting and let us know if any questions at all about the larger compost options we have available. Thank you for the feedback from the Joraform Team

Excellent design but needs some minor improvements

Some attention should be dedicated to end panel connection screws to panels. Stainless screws are prone to thread stripping out before screw has tightened. Ventilation holes are large enough to allow Blowfly access. I've placed a piece of flywire between panel and insulation to eliminate this issue. Catches on doors were fitted slightly out of square and so latch was not aligned with catch and slight mods were required to rectify. Overall a very good design and materials used appear to be of very good quality. Overall happy with the purchase though with more attention to the aforementioned issues this compost tumbler would be nearly perfect.

Date PurchasedOct 2017
Thanks so much for your feedback JD17 , we have not had this feedback suggested prior for the screws so we have sent yours onto the product team in Sweden to review and incorporate into future product improvements. The temperature in the compost increases enough to kill any flies entering the compost along with any larvae/eggs etc.A net like screen is being developed though to avoid any insect entry in general via the insulation holes for use in those climates/locations where this is a concern so your screen idea will do the trick whilst still allowing the airflow required for ideal composting process. Thank you again for the feedback JD17 and happy composting !After 3 months or so of use I'm now convinced that my concerns with flies and insects invading the compost were unfounded. Certainly a few flies were evident when initiating first batch but once composting is in progress there seems little activity by any insects other than a few ants which I have not had any problems with. Very happy with performance and ease of use and more than happy to recommend this unit for anybody that is interested.

Great composter wish I found this sooner

Great design and the quality of the construction justifies the cost. This unit was purchased to replace a plastic single bin tumbler I had unsuccessfully used for a year despite my careful attention to the C/N ratios. Perhaps I wasn't doing something right but with the Joraform Little Pig my current batch is already starting to heat up and cook. Things that make this composter great:
1) Balanced rotation so its easy to tumble. My previous one would get quite difficult as the compost sit at one end of the bin.
2) Water doesn't easily enter. My previous one had ventilation holes in the lid but positioned such that when it rains the water would pool and drain into the ventilation holes. Main reason why my compost got too wet such that I had to put a cover over the bin.
3) Insulation to get it through a Melbourne winter. Its certainly doing a great job to quickly get things to heat up and cook my current batch.
4) Two bins so I can alternate year round.
Important thing is to get some decent untreated saw dust which I get from a local furniture maker.

Date PurchasedOct 2017
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Fantastic to hear you are well on your way to high quality compost adrian.gadgets ! The Joraform definitely makes composting so much easier and sounds like you have your ratios perfect. The sawdust is the perfect addition as soaks up any excess moisture which most users will have due to level of kitchen waste added. Thank you for the feedback and happy composting.

Makes composting so easy!!

We love our Joraform Little Pig composer. The double chamber design makes composting very convenient (we are already onto our second batch). It has taken around 2 months for the compost to mature. It's easy to turn and has a nice quality feel - much better than the plastic ones you see in the hardware store. The high stand means you can easily get the wheelbarrow underneath. Our rubbish has reduced to less than one bag a week - great for someone looking to reduce their waste.

Date PurchasedAug 2016
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Hi Lisa, Great to hear you are now creating your own compost at home whilst also reducing your landfill waste.Having that second chamber really does make the process so much easier so you can tumble both the working and the finishing chambers at once and not need a second bin or to stop composting like you do with single chamber of compost bins. We love the many benefits of the product and the positive contribution to the environment so are very happy to hear us customers appreciate this as well. Happy composting Lisa !

Insulated, Spins and Two Bins!

Great small size composter, we have produced good compost within a month, the two separate bins assist in planning production.
The insulation enhances the unit's performance with even break down of all raw materials.
Sturdy and balanced construction adds to it's ease of use, the raised barrel makes the unit easy to fill, tumble and empty.
Here's to many years of compost magic!

Date PurchasedOct 2016
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Hi Feliton, We are delighted to hear that you are producing good quality compost, quickly and easily with the Joraform Composter. Happy Composting !

So glad we purchased this composter

We have a small backyard and were keen to find a method of composting our kitchen scraps in a vermin proof composter. It was essential that it had twin bins so one lot could develop while a new lot is started. We had read reviews that the composter was tricky to assemble but watched a youtube clip on its assembly and had no problems at all. So far - it has only been a couple of weeks - all is going fine. The scraps and sufficient "brown" material are being added and the compost is tumbling away. I am looking forward to making some great compost to put on my garden pots.

Date PurchasedJan 2017
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Hi MA Grant, It sounds like you are well on your way to creating amazing compost for your garden. The twin bins make such a difference. With the ability to process whilst continuing to operate a working chamber and also tumble them both in one action saves so much time, energy and space - we love this feature, glad to hear that you do as well !

Questions & Answers

We bought a joraform little pig 6 weeks ago. We now have an infestation of blue bottle fly. Can you tell us how we prevent this happening in future
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Hi there, I'm basically trying to toss up between the 125L or 270L in terms of size. I live in a household of maximum 5 people. However, as its a share rental property, it may easily one day change to 4, 3 or, if I'm lucky, 2 people one day. I'm also not entirely convinced that our eating habits fill a chamber quickly, but maybe they do? Basically, is better to go with the smaller one that we know we'd fill, or a bit bigger to keep on the long term safe side? I also live in London, UK, a weather system similar to Melbourne, so perhaps that helps in determining?
1 answer
Hi Nathan thanks for your inquiry. I believe going for the 125L Little Pig would be most sufficient as it will compost for up to 4-6 people. The larger one will compost the capacity of a 10-12 person household which would be too much for you. So definitely keep to the 125L I am sure you will find that optimal. Anything else we can assist with please do not hesitate to contact us. Happy composting the Vitality4life team.

I've read that the Big and Little Pigs will compost meat, bones, pet waste and pet litter in addition to kitchen veggie scraps (including onions and citrus) and garden waste. Is the compost created by the Pigs suitable for use on gardens where our veggies are grown, or just in ornamental garden beds? I'm also unclear on which size is best for our household - can you recommend? We are three humans, three cats, veggie garden, ornamental garden, lawn. Thanks!
2 answers
In my experience over the period of around 18 months of ownership of a Little Pig it would NOT be my recommendation to add cat or dog waste to a compost that I would use on a garden that included vegetables for human consumption. I have added small amounts of meat and some small bones and provided the composting cycle is in a heated state, decomposition of those items is adequate. Adding meat at the beginning of cycle when organic matter is raw and cold will result in rotting smell and will attract flies and other less desirable creatures. Without an estimation of how much raw material you wish to feed the composter it's difficult to estimate what size you require. I think there is a somewhere that indicates that the Little Pig is good for around 2 kg max per day and that seems about right from my experience. When compost is in middle of heated composting cycle it will consume larger quantities. It all comes down to management and that will determine the amount of volume that will pass through the process. Having two compartments is a great idea as it is easy to start a fresh cycle in an empty compartment by adding in some active compost from the previous batch. So in summary and from your description it's probably likely you'll need the Big Pig if you're adding grass clippings and other matter from your Veg garden as well as your day to day household veg material. Composting in the warmer months is faster as compost temperature rises and so production is higher in summer. Certainly which if size you might acquire will work well but results will be determined by how well the composter is managed. As a tail note, you might consider adding at least two of the cats(preferably 3) to the compost if you are to consider adding meat.Not a cat lover, JD17? Our cats are exclusively indoor and enclosure cats, so they won't be crossing your path or that of any wildlife :). Thanks for the compost advice. Hopefully Vitality4Life will also reply so I can make a decision soon. Have a good (cat free) day!

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