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Jump Star Rectangular

Great starter tramp

Bought the toddler tramp for our 18 month old. She loves it. It’s not too high off the ground, so perfect height for a toddler to climb up. Big enough to bounce around without taking up too much real estate. Good quality build and very sturdy. Good value for money without compromise of quality. Couldn’t recommend enough!

Purchased in February 2019 at Jump Star Trampolines for $345.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Assembly
Main User(s)Child (Under 5)
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Hi Kylie, Thank you for the wonderful feedback. We are so happy to hear that you are pleased with the quality of the trampoline, and that you find it good value for money & sturdy! We appreciate you taking time to let us know. Thanks again

Extremely happy with it!

Perfect size for our 4 year old. So happy with the safety and construction, the staff were so helpful when we looked at various sizes. Highly recommend this product and Jump Star.

Purchased in May 2019 at Jump Star Trampolines for $345.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Main User(s)Child (Under 5)
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Hi Andrea, We are thrilled that you are so happy with the safety and construction of the trampoline! Also that you found our lovely staff so friendly and helpful. Hope your family is enjoying the trampoline!

Kids love it

Our two young kids absolutely love this trampoline and have had many hours of fun on this together. The rectangle shape is perfect for a small backyard. The sprinkler attachment is also a hit in our house.

Purchased in April 2019.

Value for Money
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HI Dave, How wonderful to hear that your children are enjoying their new trampoline so much, especially with the sprinkler! We really appreciate you taking time to leave us your feedback. Best wishes from all of us at Jump Star.


We recently purchased a Jump Star Trampoline for our 12 year old daughter. We have had another brand trampoline in the past and it was no wear near the quality of the Jump Star. We are very impressed with the quality and the service of the Jump Star Trampoline. We purchases a 8ft x 12ft and there is plenty of room for our tall daughter to do flips etc. Would defiantly recommend a Jump Star Trampoline. :-)

Purchased in March 2019 at Jump Star Trampolines for $750.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Assembly
Main User(s)Child (12 - 18)
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Hi Lou, Thanks for letting us know that you are so impressed with the quality of your new trampoline! That is the best feedback that we could ever receive! Wishing your family many years of fun and joy on your new trampoline!

Love this trampoline. Its good for adults and kids. And because of its large rectangle mat you can do heaps of tricks.

Fairly safe tranpoline.the kids go on at the same time because its large enough for all of them to go on. And the big 200kg weight rating gives us peace of mind. We decided to fit it in the ground, and it looks fantastic.

Purchased in February 2019 at Cannington for $800.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Main User(s)Adult, Child (5 - 11), Child (12 - 18) and Child (Under 5)
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Hi Calina, Thanks so much for the fantastic feedback! We are glad that you are loving the 200kg weight capacity of your Jumbo trampoline! We would love to see some pics of your trampoline installed inground! Wonderful news that you are enjoying it so much! Thanks again!

This is great! Kids love it and it has just the right amount of spring. Have been using it non stop

Very safe and stable. Doesn’t even waver with a 100kg person jumping on it. It was very solid when putting it together and they make it very hard for you to do things the wrong way. I even drag it round the backyard to mow the law and nothing comes out or becomes loose

Purchased in December 2018 at Jump Star Trampolines for $550.00.

Build Quality
Value for Money
Ease of Assembly
Main User(s)Adult and Child (Under 5)
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Hi Hudd99, Thanks for the awesome feedback! We really appreciate it! It's excellent to hear that you find the trampoline so solid and sturdy!

Great quality mat

Our 5 and 6yo have had this trampoline for several years and I'm now replacing the mat and pads but base is perfect. I looked at the larger chain stores and found they just didn't compare on quality. You can feel how much thicker the mat is. I didn't realize I needed to replace pads more often to maintain the mat but now I know to do this. Realistically, not much stands up to the harsh Australian sun so I can't complain.

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Hi Faye, That is amazing to hear that you rate our quality as so much better than other brands, and that you find it convenient to access replacement parts! Thanks so much, we appreciate your comments.

Best thing to keep my daughter off of electronics and getting heaps of exercise.

We bought this trampoline for our 10 year old daughter. Best thing we could have done as keeps her entertained and active and off of electronics. We have mostly just 2 people playing at a time but today have 3 and they are having a ball. We bought this brand (recommended by a friend) and this particular size for our small backyard and it fits in perfectly. The added extras of sprinklers and netball hoop are fantastic especially in summer keeping the kids cool. The service has been great and happy you can buy replacement parts especially when they are on sale. I don't think we can beat this Christmas present. My daughter burst into tears of joy when she saw it. That was priceless.

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Hi Jillian, We are so pleased to hear that your daughter is LOVING her new trampoline, and it is keeping her outside & active! Thank you for your comments about our customer service and ease of accessing replacement parts! We really value your feedback. Thanks so much!

Awesome trampoline

We have 4 children, aged 9 to 18 months. The legs on the old trampoline were rusting away even though the mat itself was still good, so we saw the value in spending that little bit more than you would at K-Mart or somewhere. The sales guy was friendly and helpful, and getting it home and set up was no dramas at all. The retro style has a good strong frame so I can drag it around the backyard without worrying about it coming apart. All in all, very satisfied.

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Hi Peter, Thanks for the awesome feedback!! We are so pleased to hear that you love your new Retro trampoline! They are indeed solid and sturdy old-school fun!

Three super surprised kids!

This 8x12 tramp is by far the best xmas gift we've ever given the kids - they all love it (2, 8 & 10yo). Its 'springyness' is perfect for my gymnastics-loving daughter and it feels so good quality-wise, even my husband and I may have had a few goes!
It was easy to assemble (once we decided to read the instructions...!) and I appreciate the variety in sizes so we could make the most of space in the backyard. It's reassuring we'll be able to buy replacement parts if needed down the track. Pick up was easy and the staff were really great when ordering.

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Hi KMc, WOW thanks for the amazing review!! How lovely to hear that your children are enjoying their super bouncy new trampoline so much! We are really glad that you found our display trampolines helpful in choosing the right size for your family & the assembly was a breeze!! Thanks also for the compliment on our friendly staff! Wishing you & your family a very happy new year!!

Awesome trampoline, very happy daughter!!!

Bought this for my 12 year old old acrobatic dancer for Christmas. Picked it up on 23rd December and even though it was very busy, everyone was friendly and helpful. The referral to the picture by picture assembly on the Facebook page was a life saver, especially when it came to the enclosure

Trampoline is very strong and sturdy and the bonus misting sprays were a massive hit on Christmas morning with it being the hottest Christmas Day in Perth in 6 years.

Thank you so much

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Hi Kim, We are so happy to hear your little acrobat loves her new trampoline!! Thanks for the wonderful feedback about our friendly service and we are glad that you enjoyed the mister kit on such a hot Christmas Day!! Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

Replacement pads and net

Best Trampoline we have ever owned. Have had it for a few years now, only just had to replace the pads. Love that everything is replacable.
Our 14 and 11 yr old still love it.
Net adds the extra safety with them flipping and bouncing around. Highly recommended Jumpstar trampolines

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Hi Bel, Thanks so much for the lovely comments. That is so good to hear that you've had your trampoline for several years and are still so pleased with it! Glad that you feel that our replacement parts make owning a trampoline long-term so easy! Wishing you a Happy New Year!

10x15 Rectangle Jumpstar Trampoline with enclosure

We got the 10x15 rectangle trampoline with enclosure for our 10 year old, 8 year old and 6 year old boys. It is fantastic. So much better quality than our last trampoline and super bouncy. They love doing flips and tricks so is perfect. We are hoping it will last through thier teenage years. The sevice was great and the fact we can get replacement parts really easy is a bonus. Super happy with our purchase and i know we will have endless fun on it!!

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Hi Carly, That is so awesome to hear that your 3 children are LOVING their new JUMBO trampoline, and finding it extra bouncy and good quality!! We wish you & your family a wonderful, bouncy Christmas. All the best from the Jump Star team.

Perfect! Best purchase!

We bought the trampoline for our 10 year old gymnast and our 2 year old toddler, both absolutely love it! Plenty of room for both. We also bought the sunshade therefore both can play anytime of the day
Quality of the product is amazing, very safe and sturdy
Would highly recommend

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Hi Kaz, Thanks so much for the lovely feedback - and how fantastic to hear that your little gymnast and toddler are loving the new trampoline and sun shade!! Perfect for the summer holidays! Wishing your family a very happy Christmas.

Solid Trampoline from a local business.

The perfect trampoline for the aspiring gymnast. From the moment you unbox it, you can tell that it's built a lot stronger than some of the cheaper stuff getting around. With a good warranty, I have no doubts that it will provide plenty of fun, for many years to come.

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Hi Rbett, How amazing to hear that your young gymnast is loving the new trampoline and you are finding it so solid & good quality! Thanks so much!

Perfect size trampoline for older kids and a small garden

Now our 4 kids are older, between 12 and 7, we needed a good quality trampoline with enough room for tricks - but only have a small garden so this is perfect. We bought this brand based on a friends trampoline which we have had great experience with over the past 12 months. Whilst buying our own trampoline, we found customer services very helpful and polite when dealing with our purchasing queries.

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Hi Racheal, thanks very much for the lovely feedback! It's the nicest compliment for us that you purchased your trampoline based on a referral from your friend, and that you found our customer service to be so polite and helpful! We hope your family has a wonderful & bouncy Christmas!!

Great Trampoline - Highly Recommend

Our 2 year old loves the toddler rectangle trampoline, we can never get her off. Fits perfectly in our small backyard and was very easy to assemble. Would highly recommend this trampoline to anyone looking to purchase for their toddlers or small children. The height is perfect as she can easily get in an off without assistance. The team at Jumpstar were extremely helpful when deciding which one to purchase.

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Hi Charfran, thanks so much for the amazing feedback - we really appreciate it! We are thrilled to hear that you're so happy with the customer service you received and the ease of assembling the trampoline! Hope your daughter has loads of fun on her new trampoline! Thanks again!

Excellent service

Purchased for my grand daughter now 12 and needs a larger tramp to do her tricks. She uses it every day. We chose the larger stable tramp as she gets older and this helps her exercise. Stabilisers will assist especially in winter when the rains soften the lawn.
Service from staff excellent.

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Hi Helen, Thanks a lot for the amazing feedback! Wonderful to hear that your grand-daughter loves her new trampoline and that you are pleased with the service that you received here a\t our showroom & warehouse! Have a lovely Christmas with your family!

Great product, easy to set up

My kids (12 years and 7 years) love the 8ftx12ft trampoline, its great for flipping and playing games on.
All parts are of great quality with it being very easy to set up and the replacement parts are very affordable.
The team at Jumpstar where extremely helpful when dealing with them.

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Hi Drewcilla, Thanks heaps for the great feedback! That's awesome that you found the trampoline to be top quality and very easy to assemble! Thanks a lot also for the lovely comment about our friendly staff members!! Have a wonderful Christmas.

Great trampoline - Highly recommend

We have had our rectangle Jump star trampoline for about 4 1/2 years now. It provides hours of outdoor entertainment for our 4 kids. The quality is excellent and the trampolines are very good value. The mat itself has lasted so well despite being positioned under a gum tree with a lot of falling gum nuts. We have only just now had to replace the spring mat cover which was easy to purchase in store and was placed in the car for us by the friendly staff. Highly recommended to anyone looking to purchase a trampoline.

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HI Sarah, Thanks so much for the brilliant feedback! We are so happy to hear that your trampoline has been so well-loved for the past 4 1/2 years! Also lovely to hear that you found our parts easy to source and our staff at the warehouse friendly! Thanks again, wishing you & your family a wonderful Christmas!

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Questions & Answers

I have a 12 and 14 year old daughter that dances and wants to learn more acro tricks on a trampoline. Looking at the 14ft rectangle trampoline but thinking no to the enclosure. What are the opinions on really needing an enclosure for that size and aged kids? The trampoline is also going to be on flat brick paving.
1 answer
hi. we didnt buy an enclosure with our trampoline because we fitted ours in the ground. I find it much safer for kids that way and also for little toddlers as there's no height to fall from.. We are really happy with our trampoline and the kids love doing tricks on it. Would recommend buying the enclosure though if its going to be above ground as its much safer and kids can easily loose their balance if doing tricks and acrobatics.. :)

Hi there - we recently purchased a rectangular 14ft trampoline however after a few jumps the frame starts squeaking when jumping on it. We did pull it apart and greased the joints which was marginally better- what else can we do?
2 answers
I wish I knew! Ours is really noisy too...Hi Lana! Thanks for getting in touch! Freshly dipped galvanised steel can be a bit squeaky in the beginning, with a brand new trampoline. This will subside with use of the trampoline. If it is bothering you, you could use a liquid lubricant to ease the squeak. Please feel free to call us on 08 93585660 or email our support team on info@jumpstar.com.au and we are always happy to help with anything at all! Many thanks and wishing you & your family a lovely new year.

How long does it take for a trampoline to be delivered to perth?
1 answer
Hi Dancer25, Thanks a lot for your question. We are located in Cannington, Perth. So we are able to offer 24-48 hour delivery within Perth!! :) Or you are welcome to collect from our warehouse where we keep everything in stock. You can just pop in and purchase like any other store, and we will have your items in your car within minutes! Please feel free to call us on 0893585660 if you have any more questions, or check out our website : www.jumpstartrampolines.com.au


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