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Oz Trampolines Summit Round

Oz Trampolines Summit Round

6ft, 8ft, 10ft, 12ft, 14ft and 16ft
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Perfect Christmas present

What an awesome present for my 2.5year old girl!! She has played on it every day and I'm happy to say it's stable, strong, and has a great entrance system with no sips which avoids having openings to fall through. The no zip entrance system was originally the main reason we first brought the trampoline as it is one of the first things to break, also young children just don't close them. So far I'm extremely happy with my purchase and would recommend to anyone.

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Thank you Dave for your review. We are happy that you daughter and family are enjoying the trampoline. Happy jumping.

Christmas present delight

The trampoline arrived promptly with all the parts intact and was quick and easy to put up. Our boys, aged 8 and 10 have played on it every day since Christmas. Although it is a bit squeaky, it is sturdy and safe. The ladder is a nice touch to help the smaller cousins get on.

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Thank you for your review. We are pleased to hear the boys and their cousins are having a great time on the trampoline. We suggest that you tighten the frame T pieces and screws and this may help with the squeak. Happy jumping.

Love our new Oz trampoline

We love our new trampoline, at first we were not looking forward to putting this together but found it very easy on Christmas Eve

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Thank you Christy for your review. Great to hear you put trampoline together easy. We hope the family have many years of fun. Happy bouncing.

Kids Love the 12ft Trampoline

Our kids, aged 2 to 4 love the trampoline and continue to use it each day. Its good fun and good excercise. Very happy with the purchase, its quite a solid and safe trampoline, was relatively easy to put together and is Australian made. Highly recommend to those looking for a new trampoline.

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Thank you for your review Matt. Great to hear the kids love it and hope the family have many year of jumping ahead.

What a great trampoline

What a great trampoline looks great in our backyard my kids love it he’s of fun I’ve had other trampolines over the yrs and this is by far the BEST definitely worth every dollar I don’t think I would of brought another one if I didn’t come across your site these are just awesome.

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Thank you for your positive review. We are pleased your kids are loving it, and looking good in your backyard.

Fantastic Trampoline Fantastic Company

This is such a fantastic product and a great company , the service was so fast and friendly.I bought trampoline for my 2,5,9 and 16 year old and I even find myself jumping on it its brilliant for whole family .It was really easy to assemble .Thanks so much Oz Trampolines!

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Thank you for your positive review. We are pleased the whole family are enjoying this time together.

Fantastic product and service

I have 3 kids, 5,4, 5 months. My older two love this trampoline, we ordered the trampoline and was delivered in 4 days, I had an issue where 3 of the 5 boxes were delivered but the courier didn’t have the last two boxes, I called up oz trampolines and they handled the situation exceptionally well and had the missing two boxes delivered the next day! Well done and thank you!

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Great to hear your kids are enjoying the trampoline. Always happy to help.

Great quality and safe

We got this for our sons for Christmas. It is so much sturdier than our last trampoline and the net looks like it will last a long time. The kids love the numbers on the mat so they can play jumping games on it. Would recommend to all of my friends

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Thank you for your review. Pleased to hear the boys are enjoying the printed mat and making up games with it.

Hours of fun...

My daughter is six, this is her first trampoline, it has easy access & lots of optional extras like the water sprays & soccer net, the oz trampoline is sturdy & was simple to build, with a higher load rating, it will definitely be used for many years to come...

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Thank you for your review. We are pleased your daughter is having hours of fun and you like the water spray and soccer net.

Excellent. Great for Small backyards

We purchased a 7x10 oval trampoline for our kids Christmas present. They are the only company we could find that sold an oval shape that would fit in our yard.
Wow what a great company to deal with fast delivery to Adelaide and at the time free delivery.
Our kids 8 and 4 love it. It’s big enough for them both, very sturdy and well made.
We are very happy with our purchase.

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Thank you for your positive review. We are pleased the kids are loving the oval trampoline. We offer free delivery all year round.

Great size and great product. Was easy to assemble and great after service.

Great size and good strength and weight ratio. Very easy to assemble with great and easy to follow instructions. Had a problem initially with part of the padding, but one photo and one phone call and it was immediately resolved. They provided great service with quick delivery. Would highly recommend them.

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Thank you for your review. We are here to help with any problems that may occur. We pride ourselves on customer service.

8 x 12 Oval - Simple, smooth, No problem, Love it

I researched trampolines broadly and settled on Oz Trampolines due to great reviews, simple website, good customer service, 200kg weight limit, value and the option for an Oval trampoline. Six months latter our kids have used trampoline most days, as have big kids and bigger kids (parents). Setup was relatively simple (getting that last piece of the frame together without help was a challenge). If there has been an issue its only that once leaves get into the trampoline they need to be manually cleaned out - if your setting up under overhanging trees a cover may be a good investment,

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We are pleased to hear the whole family is enjoying the trampoline. Thank you for your support.

Best trampoline for your miney

Just set up our new trampoline and our daughter, 10 yo, couldn't wait to get on it. She loves the pink colour and we love how stable and solid it is and how easy it was to put together. You also get heaps of spare parts. She hasn't been off it all day. The support and customer service during purchase and delivery was A1. Thanks heaps for making such a top notch product and making the whole process so easy.

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Thank you for your positive review. We hope your daughter enjoys her pink trampoline for many years to come. Customer service is always a high priority to our company.

Got the kids out of the house, dont regret building it early!

We used to have a trampoline so knew the kids were going to love it. Since we've built the trampoline as an early xmas present its been used non stop. Getting the kids off the computer and out of the house is just what we wanted. Still struggling with the free basketball install though! Installation of the trampoline itself was a fun family activity. Really happy with the finished product.

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Thank you for the positive review. Great to hear everyone helped with the installation and all are enjoying the early Christmas present. Having everyone out of the house and having a fun activity outside with all the family involved is great.

Excellent cumstomer service

Thank you so much Oz Trampolines for making the process so easy. Even though its paid for the company kept the item on site for as long as possible so it could be a Christmas delivery!!!! Emails were answered promptly and no question was too silly to answer. Awesome customer service

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Thank you for you review. We think Customer Service is very important.

Great Trampoline, the kids love it!

We purchased this trampoline as an early Christmas present for our boys, and its great! The kids love it, and with a high weight limit it's nice to join them in the fun. It was easy to assemble, with no hassles at all. It's nice and sturdy, and the anchor kit is very handy in the windy days. I was really happy to not see a zipper in sight, the tunnel entrance is so much better. I would highly recommend this trampoline to anyone looking.

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Thank you for your great review. It is good to hear all the family is using the trampoline.

Love this trampoline

We have had this trampoline for maybe a year now and my son is now 4. He and his friends absolutely love this trampoline. I find it’s a great and safe way for them to burn off energy and have a great time also, no matter what the age. It’s a hit hosting birthday parties also.

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Thank you for your positive review. We are pleased to hear your son and friends are loving the trampoline. Lots of fun at parties.

Love the trampoline, struggled with assembly

The trampoline is fantastic, but the assembly was much more difficult than expected, and the instructions were not as clear as I had hoped. There were some outdated ideo instructions eg from when the entrance to the trampoline was a zipper, not the new style. In the end we got there but it took days. Very speedy delivery, and hours of fun.

Fantastic Quality

Fantastic quality trampoline for our little kids (and is adults might it add), the higher weight limit is great as it allows us to play on it with the kids. It feels sturdy and the added colour is nice to look at.
The website did state allow 90mins but it took my hubby nearly 5 hours to put together so if you or your partner isn’t very handy like mine maybe hire somebody haha!
Overall though it is amazing and can see that we will definitely get a few good years out of it

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Thank you for your fantastic review. Pleased it is being used by both adults and kids.

Amazing and Super Fast Delivery

So super happy! Have been looking for a oval/ rectangle trampoline for months. Our kids love it and can’t stop jumping and playing on it, not to mention us Adults love a good jump on it too! We received the trampoline within days of buying! Awesome product, awesome service and awesome company! Happy to recommend to anyone! You won’t be dissapointed with your purchase..

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Thank you for the great review. Pleased it turn up straight away and all the kids and adults are loving it.

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Questions & Answers

My trampoline has 180mm springs will these suit if I buy an oz trampoline mat?
No answers

Bought a 6ft trampoline and finding almost impossible to get the last piece of the frame in place. Suggestions? Thanks
3 answers
the entire frame should stay very loose until it is complete. If you have tighten each stage up you need to loosen them all off a lot so their is more flexibility. Go towards a fence or second person and get them to hold the frame firm on the other side from you and push to get it to join. If that doesn't work, undo one other frame piece, connect the opposite one first then go back to the other to join the last one that was already previuosly joined. The positive thing is that when it's together it is very firm. craig oz trampolines, 1300 393004Thank youCan be difficult. Tried standing frame up its edge and then leaning on it. (I think the instructions mention to do this)

Hi, we purchased an 8ft round Oz Trampoline in January 2016. Over the last year the zip has slowly deteriorated to the point now that all the teeth have fallen off, and the material holding the clips has also given way. I assumed we were out of warranty and ordered a new safety net last week, but now reading the comments above think perhaps not? so my two questions are: 1. Is there warranty still applied to our safety net - especially now that we've gone and purchased another one 2. I'm unsure if we have set the 'tunnel entrance' up correctly on the new net - I've searched your site and cant find specific directions/pictures regarding this. Can you point me in the right direction? We do love our trampoline and apart from the closure issue its been fantastic! thanks Theresa
1 answer
Hi thanks for the questions, we have a 2 year warranty on our products and to claim you need to email us photos so we can view the issue. As I am unsure of your purchase details if you can email us at sales@oztrampolines.com.au we can send you out the instructions for the net. Thanks Oz Trampolines


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