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Treadmill was great but had issues with incline motor after 18mths. The treadmill was replaced fora new one at no cost. Awesome service!

Fantastic service

Bought a treadmill around 4 weeks ago. Product is fantastic, sees use every day. Delivery was timely and in perfect condition , Alex is a champion

Great service

Mandy was very helpful and when I realised it couldn’t take up the contract made it very easy. Not often you would give 5 stars when you don’t use the product - but I would return again because the service was so good.

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Your feedback is much appreciated. Thank you

Outstanding team effort. Quick to deal with my problem.

Made contact with the repair team. Problem with the drive belt, team was quick to respond and arrange a service person to replace and fit a new belt.

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Thank you for your feedback, Much appreciated. Just Fitness Team

Happy with my spin bike and the post sales service received

I bought a Grandextreme SP211 spin bike from this company. I work a FIFO job in very remote Australia and needed a bike to help keep me fit. They shipped the bike to our Adelaide haulier for free as requested. From there it travelled up to my outback location. Well packaged in a sturdy box and easy to assemble. Given its 1600km journey its perhaps not surprising that there was a minor issue - bike was making funny noises after a few uses. Phone support was excellent and correctly identified the issue - a sensor on the fly wheel had become detached. I needed to wait a few weeks to get the correct sized tools to my location and the support team from JF rang and emailed me frequently to check how things were going. In the end the fix was relatively easy to sort with guidance from Just fitness. Bike works perfectly now and has made a huge difference to me. I've had it for almost a year now and love it. I would recommend them and buy from them again.

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Thank you for your feedback, Much appreciated. Just Fitness Team

Attention People

These guys are the worst fitness company to buy things from. Brought a treadmill & the two weeks the tech guy came out to check electrical I turned the button on & a spark came out of the switch burnt my finger went to doctor received treatment, the treadmill was fixed by just fitness tech guy but still electrical played up tech guy came back look at it for 5 min then said its ok then left. I'm not risking an electrocution for any product I then called the owner I proceeded to tell him I wanted a refund he said I'm not refunding the treadmill is fine even though the tech guy stayed for five min. I said I just brought it new & any product that's faulty causing harm should be refunded, he said we don't have a refund policy even though there is an assessment for return on there policy, he then said I'm not giving a refund
People hallam just fitness do not buy anything they will rip you off.
I knew he was going to do this so I have doctors report, pictures & will talk to consumers affairs & get legal advice, I also recorded the phone conversation I had with him & use that also. I will stop this from happening to anyone else.

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Sorry about your experience, According to our technician, there was a minor issue which was resolved, and no other fault found with the treadmill which is now fully operational. Our service tech did not see any injury sustained at the time. On our second visit, the Treadmill was reassessed and no fault was detected as advised to you. Just Fitness did however offer to swap the machine for a new replacement which was not accepted. At this point, we do not believe the initial minor fault warrants a refund. However we are mindful of your consumer statutory rights in regards to Australian Consumer Law and if the ACCC advises that our position is incorrect, We will abide by any ruling.

Great service

bought a cross trainer and spin bike 7 years ago from the Bell St store. Product knowledge and service was great. They have been regularly serviced by Mandy and her team and their service and delivery has been 110%.

Great services

Bought grand power 648 treadmill is very good, great service, will go back for more stuff. Store was cool on a hot day best part.

Good Service. Very Fast Delivery.

Bought a Schwinn 170i Programmable Upright Bike online. Staff were prompt in answering my email questions about the bike. Ordered on Thursday, in Adelaide, bike arrived Monday - very happy with that. Good price on the bike too.

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Thank you for your review, We appreciate your feedback.

Very happy

Brought a treadmill from the Hallam store. Staff were very friendly and more than helpful! Would definitely recommend and go back to them!

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Thank you for your review, We appreciate your feedback

Not worth the money

I live in Adelaide and 4 years ago I bought a Grand XtremeiBike SP 211 Spin Bike, within 3 months the computer failed, since then I have had 5 computers fail on me. The service was below average and had to wait up to 3 weeks to get a replacement. The last time it failed a service guy came out and had to fix the wiring and this cost me $100, this bike should be an anchor as it is a heap of Chinese junk. If you are an avid bike rider then I suggest you buy a Smart Trainer.

Amazing Products & Amazing Service!

I purchased a treadmill and spin bike about 3 months ago now, the sales staff were very knowledgeable and friendly. I found prices to be fair and reasonable as compare to some of the other stores in my area.

Poor after sales service & communication

We bought a Tunturi F30 upright exercise bike from the Frankston Just Fitness Store about 3 years ago and didn't have any issues with it till this year, after the warranty had expired. The LCD control unit failed, nothing was visible on the screen, you couldn't set any programmes and couldn't get any resistance on the pedalling - therefore the bike became unusable. I went in to the Frankston Just Fitness store on 07-Jul-2016 with the failed control unit and asked the staff member ([name removed]) if I could get a quote on a replacement or getting it fixed. I advised her I was aware it was out of warranty and just wanted to know what was possible and how much it would cost. She took the LCD unit and filled out a "Service Request Form", advising me I would be contacted in due course. About 2 weeks later I get a phone call from someone saying "Do you want to get this fixed/replaced?", and I reply, "Yes please, I need a quote, that's why I sent it in." (First warning bells going off)
Another 2 weeks go by and no contact so I ring the head office number to see what's going on, and a male staff member said he would look into it. A couple of days later I get a phone call back saying they need the Serial No. of the bike to work out which control unit is needed - despite me having actually returned the dead control unit to them. As requested I email those details to service@justfitness.com.au on 08-Aug-2016. On 13-Aug-2016 I send another email to service@justfitness.com.au asking if there has been any update, and could they just say "Yes - available at $X or "No - unavailable" so I can make a decision and get on with it. I requested a "Read receipt" for this email and the message was read on 16-Aug-2016. It's now the 28-Aug-2016 and I'm still waiting for a reply.
I also actually went in to the Just Fitness Frankston store a couple of weeks ago and looked at new bikes to see what prices they were. I mentioned to the male staff member in the store that I had bought a Tunturi F30 from them previously and was having after-sales service issues and he said "Oh, we lost the contract with them."
The communication re this after-sales service matter has been very poor. Even if something is not available or Just Fitness themselves are getting the run-around from a supplier and can't give me an answer - why can't an email be sent to me explaining what the situation is? It's not that hard is it?
Reading other negative reviews of Just Fitness on here, I see I am virtually guaranteed to get a reply from the "Just Fitness Official", probably justifying the delay and laying the blame somewhere else other than with their company. It's a shame it takes a public review to get a response. Just Fitness - if nothing else have a look at your communication with customers - there is vast room for improvement.
Despite Just Fitness being virtually the only store of its kind in Frankston, they have lost me as a customer. I would have no faith in getting proper after-sales service for their products in the event of a break-down and am going to buy a new bike online.
(P.S. to Just Fitness - you don't have to bother getting back to me about the "Service Request Form" - if you were ever going to. The bike is going to the tip.)

August 30th 2016 Update: Update

On the same day that this review was published I get a phone call from Just Fitness saying they have sent me an email, the part will be $185 and do I want to go ahead. I replied no thanks, the reply has been too slow and I'm buying elsewhere. I got home to read the email which was sent 29 August 2016 3:39 PM and says;
"Hi Greg
Update on the part is that they can supply this at a cost of $185. This is also the part only that you requested. Not sure if that is going to be the 100% fix as we haven’t assessed your bike and therefore you will need to make a decision if that is the part you want to purchase. If you wish to go ahead than we will need a payment for the part, i.e. credit card details etc. Let us know if you want to go ahead with this so we can get the part in asap.
[name removed]"

So I could have paid $185 for a part that they weren't sure was going to work. Happy with my decision to say no. Time to move on.

terrible after sales service

We bought a treadmill (Grandpower costing $1200) from the Heidelberg shop last year. Just before the 12 month warranty expired, we moved and the machine stopped working. I'm not sure if the move caused the machine to stop working however when I called the shop, they tried to blame it on the move. The shop said they would send someone out to have a look at the treadmill and if it was a fault caused by the move, then we would be liable for the $132 call out fee. Despite calling them several times, it's now been a few weeks and I am yet to have a service person come and visit. Whilst Just Fitness claim to be a NATIONAL company, clearly this isn't the case as they told me that they don't have service people outside of Melbourne. I would only buy a machine from them if you intend to stay in Melbourne as clearly they can't service anything outside of Melbourne.

Thank you for your feedback. We would like to clarify that Just Fitness has a network of Sub-Contractors all around Australia. We have served upto 90% of Australian Metro and Regional areas in the last 22 years using our own technicians and sub-contractors everywhere. In your case however, we go back to the universal rule of wear n' tear vs deliberate or non-deliberate mishandling of the equipment. Just Fitness is not liable to cover any damage or malfunction arising from mishandling of the equipment. A work order has been raised with one of our technicians closest to you and they shall be in touch with you shortly. Once the unit has been assessed, we can determine if the charges will be towards you or us depending on the outcome. Thanks for your patience.!It doesn't matter if it is wear n tear or mishandling of the equipment - either way I shouldn't be expected to wait over a month for a contractor to check the fault. Clearly you were hoping the repair would fall outside of the one year warranty period.

So Far So Good !

It seems that many people are quick to complain, but that not many leave reviews when things go well! I recently purchased a cross trainer from the Heidelberg Store, on a Saturday, the one staff member was pleasant, informative and managed to efficiently deal with 3 people who all wanted her attention, as well as take phone calls !

The Cross trainer was delivered on the following Wednesday- and so far, fingers crossed, works well !

To be honest the rating on Product Review made me cautious, but in reading between the lines, I took a chance, that a business that has been operating for 20 years must be doing somethings right !

I purchased on the understanding that any repairs required for the first 12 months would be covered and undertaken by a technician in my home, and the next 12 months would require return to base. If I have any problems I shall advise !

Thank You. Appreciate your positive outlook on things and appreciate your encouraging feedback. Cheers!and 2 years later.. all is still working well so I guess the proof was in that pudding :) if it dies tomorrow.. then what I got was good value for money... if it died 12 months ago I was a winner... it is all in how you look at things I guess :)


i got a treadmill just few months ago at that time of sale [Name Removed] like the sales person told me that the product is covered under warranty for a year dont worry about any parts replacements if its broken or anythings happened to the machine it will be covered,
i called him as i had broken the safety of the machine which i could start the treadmill of,he transfering the call to service manager [Name Removed] who is highly unprofessional and very rude told me i cant do anything if you want the safety key u need to buy a new one,i was annoyed as i thght i u shud i pay for it as its under warranty,
she hang up phone on me .i would consider highly unethical and rude behaviour,
thn i called [Name Removed] from other store he said he can help me and [Name Removed] will help me who was overseas,so i just got annyed as my problem remained unsolved.
btw my machine costed $599 i paid it in cash just as they promised (all fake ) now

i would recomend to pay couple of dollars more and get it from somewhere else thn going to just fitness as once the machine is sold they wud not care about there customer service anymore.

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Hi Nidhi, It would be nice of you to have mentioned that you called us and said you had lost the safety key. Just Fitness is not responsible for deliberate or undeliberate loss or mishandling of the equipment. Not just us, any vendor or retail organization would expect you to purchase a replacement part if it has been lost or misplaced. Such items are not covered under warranty. Then you changed the story to say that your treadmill never came with a safety key (important to mention you purchased your treadmill in July 2015 and this is your first contact with us in March 2016). Upon your call being forwarded to the service/parts department, you changed your statement once again to have broken the safety key and was asked by the service manager to please post back the broken item which you were unwilling to do which lead us to believe that your original statement about the item being lost was rather correct. You were quoted a price of $35 for a replacement key to be sent out to you which you were unwilling to pay for. We admit that the call was cut short after we asked you to speak nicely while you continued to use unethical tone against our employees. Please Note, we are still willing to help you out with sending a replacement key once the broken item is posted back to us or if you choose to purchase a new safety key. Thanks!

Not a pleasant experience.

I ordered a treadmill online. I was happy with the prompt response. I was able to collect it the same day I ordered it. Delivery was going to be $65.00 for a 4.3k trip. So I elected to pick it up.
The same day I assembled it and it didn’t work. I contacted Just Fitness and a technician walked me through what could possibly be wrong. All seemed to be I’m order. At the end of the conversation he advised that someone would have to come and look at it. Someone from Just Fitness would contact me.

When I was contacted I was advised that the warranty was only back to base and I would have to take my treadmill back. I was not happy because yesterday I was advised that someone would come to me. After all when you purchase something new you expect it to work.

I advised that this was rather difficult for me to bring it back as it would be difficult to get it in the car. His response was that it is not very heavy and it shouldn’t be an issue because I did not have far to take it and how did I bring it home yesterday. Yesterday my husband was there to help. Distance wasn’t the issue the size and weight of the treadmill was. I ended up bringing back the handle bars with the display unit because it was the easiest to bring back. This unit worked. It had to be the base unit. I managed to get the base unit in the car on my own. LOL! Two men took it out of my car!!! The base unit was faulty, it was fixed on the spot.

I am not happy because I paid for a working unit and got one that didn’t work, then I had to waste my time taking it backwards and forwards to your warehouse when I had previously been advised that someone would come to me. Surely things are tested before they are dispatched!!

I am not happy with the service I have received. I should have paid more attention to the negative feedback that I read on the internet because in this instance it has come true. So glad I didn't pay $65.00 for delivery!!

Hi Janice, Thanks for your feedback. We at Just Fitness appreciate all feedback and take it very seriously as it helps us be a better company and offer better service to our customers in the future. Please understand when you buy a product online and choose to pick it up yourself, place a check mark at the checkout to specify that you have read the terms and conditions of the purchase, item suitability, requirements and warranty etc. In this case the item purchased was offered only with a "back to base" warranty as specified on treadmills specification page. The item was assessed by our technicians the same day it was returned to base, which in our view is a very efficient and respectable service. All the items sent out of our warehouse, whether via courier or picked up by the customers are brand new unopened sealed boxed items. A possible cause of the issue could be related to incorrect assembly or installation of the item. (Please Note: all our items are QC checked at the factory) It is important to mention that we have been in this business for more than 2 decades and we have a well established service team and delivery and installation professionals. Having your item professionally delivered and setup may cost a bit extra but eradicates the possibility of any incorrect installation and would provide you with the peace of mind that your item has been setup by a professional to factory specifications. We extend our apology for your experience but would like to encourage you and others reading this to please talk to us and discuss beforehand so we may assist you in a better way and help solve any issues in a productive and timely manner. Regards, Just Fitness Team!Hmm incorrect assembly. The majority of the assembly had been done before if was packaged. All i had to do was unfold it, put on the handles and plug it in. It didn't work. I was not the cause of the malfunction. It wss faulty equipment.

Treadmill runs at wrong speeds

Bought a treadmill just before xmas and was delivered in 3 days - great! Assembled and trialled it straight away. Speed felt a bit slow so I did some measuring and found that the belt with no weight on it is on average 20% below set speed.

They have sent me a replacement console, got worse.
Then they sent a replacement speed control board, still no good.

Been going on now for over seven weeks with no resolution in sight. Next step, ACCC.

Avoid this company like the plague.

Hi Jared, We appreciate all feedback whether good or bad. We would like to mention that we value all our customers and try our utmost to solve any issues in a timely manner. Unfortunately, the issue with your treadmill's speed as you did mention, we tried to sort it step by step by first sending you a new console and then sending a new speed control board that did not solve the problem. We appreciate you agreeing to allow us to try and sort the issue step by step. In the end we ended up having to get your treadmill brought back and sent you a new upgraded model of your choice without incurring any delivery or pick-up charge. Hope your new treadmill is working great and fits your requirements better. We would appreciate a follow up from you as to how things are going with your current treadmill. Regards, Just Fitness TeamHi I have received and assembled the new treadmill and it seems like a good thing. I am just waiting to confirm that the case has been finalised before updating my review Regards JaredOk, it seems that I have come to a resolution with Just Fitness. I upgraded to one of their commercial treadmills at an extra cost of $900 and got a great machine. As is mentioned above they covered the return of the faulty unit which I would expect seeings as the unit was supplied faulty. All in all everything worked out albeit over quite a lengthy period. I will upgrade my rating of Just Fitness to 3.5 stars

Sold domestic as commercial treadmill

we have bought a commercial Ignite treadmill for as we were told it was a full commercial model, emergency button
broke off when in use it was reported as an incident, when we contacted the head office they ask us to pay the call out charges and repair charges it was under warranty they did not accept that. This business has no customer satisfaction policy and they should go out of business as how they are treating customers, another bad review
Just Wakeup Fitness .

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Dear Unhappy, Thank you for your feedback. We're sorry to hear that you're unhappy. We at Just Fitness strive to accommodate all our customers needs. We can assure you that the item you purchased is a rated commercial unit. However, as mentioned on your review to us, we would like to clarify that misuse or physical damage caused to your equipment is not part of the warranty terms and conditions. Please refer back to our warranty terms and conditions on our website at http://www.justfitness.com.au/terms-condition/ Please don't hesitate to get back to us if you wish to discuss this further. Regards, Just Fitness Team

con artists

I bought a Cross Trainer from this store. It was delivered yesterday. One delivery driver was incapable of lifting the equipment and subsequently smashed a tile in our hallway. When I called and spoke to the Director [name removed]. I was told its nothing to do with him and the tile was weak. Apparently I signed a waiver saying they were not responsible. Could this of been when his saleswoman kept talking incessantly and informed me I was signing to say I was happy to accept floor stock!!! Avoid at all costs because if the crash into your house they are not responsible. Most unprofessional people with terrible customer service skills. After contacting Vcat they have advised to claim compensation from the company or employee.

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Do you have new consoles on GRAND exercise bike mine has stopped working.
1 answer
Hi Denis, Please contact our Service Dept. on 03 9465 8722 they will be able to assist you with your enquiry.

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