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Kenwood Power Mincer MG450

Kenwood Power Mincer MG450

MPN: 35903062
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Mincing magic

Had this mincer a while now as I bought it at a good price, and to be honest never used it. Got it out of my cupboard recently and put it to the test. This is the first machine mincer I have bought. I used hand mincers before. It has the grunt to do what you need but I suggest to be not too ambitious in the size of the meat you put in. Best cutting it up and taking some work off the motor.

All mincers have residual meat when completed but the secret to getting that out is to add breadcrumbs with the last meat added. Not only does this purge the mincer but also acts as a scouring agent to cleanse the mincing discs.

I use mine not really for mince meats but to make sausage meat with added herbs. Im sort of into the non skinned sausages as quite frankly, the shop sausages are getting worse. Its a healthy alternative when you make your own and the mincer allows for good combining of product.

Its a good machine for the price I paid, yet it is not a commercial unit. Domestic application only

Date PurchasedJan 2016

Problem solved

It is a little noisy and I had problems the first use. Clogging and very slow. Agreed with most reviews here but then reread the instructions and turned the blade around. Minced 2kg of pork in less than 2 minutes and didn't even need to push meat down with plunger. So try that easy fix.

Date PurchasedJun 2010

Excellent Mincer, Highly Recommended!

We have had this excellent mincer for years and it has never let us down. It's fast and durable. Other reviewers have complained about the noise, it's a mincer, what do you expect? It certainly does not require earmuffs though.

It can easily accept bigger chunks of meat but not a whole roast, of course, you have to be reasonable.

Another reviewer complained about not being able to deal with pork skin and it broke the mincer. If you read the manual, page 2 states "Always ensure bones and rind etc are removed from the meat before mincing".

Highly recommended. We would get the same unit if we had to but since ours is regularly used and is so good, I doubt a replacement will be needed.

Not sure what product the other reviewers have been using.

Date PurchasedMar 2012

It broke with pork skin & very noisy

Extremely noisy, you need ear muffs ! (I see other reviewers complain about this too)
Meat has to be cut into blocks, will not accept big chunks.
The grinder was used about 5 times for beef which was good, then I put in a piece of pork with skin on and it broke, the main gear stripped (made of plastic/nylon). The pork skin was too tough - it might have worked if the skin was cut up in small pieces. I would have expected a metal gear or some mechanism to stop or trip instead of just stripping the gear.
Will definitely not recommend it unless you want to put up with the noise, cut meat up and be careful about tough pieces like pork skin or chunks of sinew.

Date PurchasedJul 2016

Very noisy machine

Bought this machine few days ago, just to try it out today, it is almost unbearable noisy, and mincing is very slow, the meat is not going down properly. I am returning it.

Date PurchasedNov 2016

Should be a zero star rating

Will not mince.extremely noisy when trying to but then jams up and won't do any more. would definitely not recommend. I also have an old Maulinex that still works well after more than 20 years.

garbage, will never work, badly designed junk rip off!!!

Loading hopper is funnel shaped, this means the meat, nuts, mince for sausages just keeps coming up as you use the plunger to push down. The cork screw is too small and does not pick up what ever is loaded/pushed in and cant move the meat etc down to the cutting blades. Absolutely zero response when i left email and phoned kenwood. Product is 1400 pro and i spent over 2.5 hours trying all the blades and trying to make sausages. I will be returning it to the good guys cannington because it was sold to me as a mincer/sausage maker and it does neither.. Cannot warn enough people off this product and as a result of the bad service or zero service from kenwood i would not recommend any of their products either. Buyer beware this product is junk that you will try to use once and then clutter your cupboards until you throw it away... Do not buy it look anywhere else it does not and will never work due to the design flaws discussed... I hate being ripped off but i hate companies that continue to keep selling junk that they know will not work.. Buyer beware shane_mcmellon@outlook.Com

Good mincer but..

Hi I Have recently purchased a Kenwood 1400 Pro and I can fault it's mincing and it's ease of cleaning. The problem I have is that it is so noisy I need ear plugs, no joke and I am considering returning it to store as it is too difficult to use.
Minces well easy to clean


I have just bought a Kenwood Pro 1400 Meat grinder and to be quite honest they are rubbish.One has to cut the meat into 1cm cubes for it to grind and try putting pork through it..it just stops and screams and you have to clean it out every time. The motor is just not powerfull enough to do the job.
I bought it to make homemade sausages and wish to god now that I bought another brand.
did like the blade storage
Motor not powerful enough

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I have a Kenwood mincer and it has been the best thing since sliced bread. Unfortunately I think I have done a shaft in it. But as for mincing meat it was excellent. Unlike Ken R, I run my meat through in strips. I have never had a problem. I will be replacing it with another Kenwood I know that!

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Power Mincer MG450
Price (RRP)229
Power (W)1400
Release dateSep 2011

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  • MPN: 35903062
  • GTIN13: 5011423059907

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