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Kmart Bluetooth Body Analysis Scales

Kmart Bluetooth Body Analysis Scales

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32 reviews
Andre L

Andre LSydney, NSW

  • 3 reviews

I don't see the problems the other reviewers do


Seems to work, though I can't say it's accurate bc I haven't compared it to anything else. I don't see the fluctuations other reviewers point out. In fact, if anything, it's overly consistent, as it clearly snaps to a previous weight if you weigh yourself (or close enough weights) multiple times in a row. What is really average is the app that connects with it. It works ok—picks up fine, doesn't disconnect, etc—but the colours are terrible, and it doesn't let you export the data. The app indicates it syncs with Google Fit, but so far that hasn't worked for me.

Purchased in May 2020 at Kmart for A$20.00.


MariaPerth, WA

  • 10 reviews



These scares are inconsistent, I can stand on the scales 3 times on the same level floor and get 3 different readings with 4kgs variance. Not accurate. Will need to buy some new scales.

Purchased in June 2017 at Kmart for A$40.00.

Paul N.

Paul N.Sydney, NSW

  • 2 reviews



Bluetooth doesn't work, even after using the supposedly better SenssunHealth app (which is an identical app). It's a cheap scale with no Bluetooth. Buyer beware!
And here's my extra 5 words you I.T. Nazis!!!

Purchased in May 2020 at Kmart for A$29.00.

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ChemEngineerSydney, NSW

Fails to Connect


Check the reviews, easy to set up, but then I have not been able to connect since. See many reviews with this bluetooth problem, also see reviews where does not come with battery and you need a phillips head screw driver to instal the batteries. It's been a long time since I have been this disappointed.

Purchased in March 2020 at Kmart Retail Stores for A$29.00.


GAJMSouth East Queensland, QLD

Works but for the app you need to do more


I purchased the scales and was a bit surprised to discover you need to use a screw driver to put in the batteries. I also had continuing problems with the app until I read another review here and they said they had downloaded the SenssunHealth app so I tried that. Worked immediately and am very happy with the results.

Purchased in February 2020 at Kmart for A$29.00.


NitaSouth East Queensland, QLD

A dud


Complete dud as measurements are completely inaccurate. One day you might be 65kg next day it might calculate your weight as 71kg. Occurs same day aswell. Get on the scales says 65kg hop off and back on says 65.9kg etc.

Purchased at Kmart.

Dipsy Di

Dipsy DiGreater Melbourne (Outer), VIC

  • 4 reviews

Awesome scales


Awesome scales easily connects to phone via Bluetooth
Easy to set up and track your weight daily
Includes more data via Bluetooth but can be used without it
Very impressed with price

Purchased in October 2019 at Kmart for A$29.00.


AnnonSydney Surrounds, NSW



These scales display inaccurate results. I checked 3 times within the space of one minute and my weight varried by 2kgs each time both 2kgs higher and 2kgs lower. Does not work

Purchased in December 2019 at Kmart for A$49.00.


Brianc_auGreater Melbourne (Outer), VIC

  • 3 reviews
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Hard to get Going but worth it in the end


Had trouble with the app shown in instructions - wouldnt connect.
Read reviews below and downloaded the "SenssunHealth" app.
Now works a treat first time around. Will see how it stores history over the next few weeks

Purchased in January 2020 at Target Australia for A$29.00.

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ChrisSydney Surrounds, NSW

  • 7 reviews

For under 89kgs


While it says it works for up to 180kg it only gives you weight and bmi. For other functions you need to weigh less then 89kgs. Very misleading! I’m disappointed!

Purchased in January 2020 at Kmart for A$29.00.

Dis functional piece of crap!


First of all I had to buy a small screwdriver so I could add batteries. The app doesn’t work. especially for females with the bmi functions. Wishing I didn’t lose the receipt as it was the biggest waste of my money n time.

Purchased in January 2020 at Kmart for A$29.00.

Inaccurate and misleading


Gave me 3 separate weights within 3 minutes. I am frequently measured for my body fat % so have a good idea of where am at. These are way off. Terrible

Purchased in December 2019.

Madelyn S.

Madelyn S.Southwest, VIC

  • 2 reviews

Doesn't connect to phone


It connected to my phone twice, and then never again. Tried a few fixes but it's a lot of effort and still no success. Can't get most of the information because of this and would have been better off with old manual scale

Purchased in October 2018 at Kmart.


JanelleJanelleGreater Melbourne (Outer), VIC

Excellent value for money


Relieved - after taking the advice here to download the senssunhealthapp for iPhone. This app links easily to the scales and saves the data. The recommended bodymonitor app did not work with them.

Purchased in November 2019 at Kmart for A$29.00.



  • 12 reviews

Don't like the app


Scales are nice. Do the job. I've had them 9 months. Haven't needed to replace the batteries. Use them daily.

I had a lot of trouble with connecting to the app. So the bluetooth is pointless for me.

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MarkGreater Melbourne (Inner), VIC

Waste of money


The scales dont have an on/off switch. There is no mention of that in the ads or the manual. They take 3 AAA batteries. The batteries go flat in about a week, even supposed longer lasting brands.
Save yourself some money and buy a more expensive model.

Purchased in February 2019 at Kmart for A$29.00.


MamoDarling Downs, QLD

  • 4 reviews
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  • Verified purchase

Works great


Went and bought one today! Couldnt connect but found reviews here! Make sure to use Senssunhealth App for iPhone! As soon as I opened the app stepped on it went to work after entering my details.

Purchased at Kmart for A$29.00.

Animalibera I.

Animalibera I.Sydney, NSW

Other features won’t work


I tried all the tips like set gender as male, bare foot, tried app on both iphone and android, nothing works, no body fat monitor or any other features, only weight and bmi. Purchased in kmart august 21, 2019. End up I returned it and go for weight watcher scale in harvey norman.

Purchased in August 2019 at Kmart Retail Stores for A$29.00.



  • 16 reviews

Will not stay connected


Just purchased these scales and downloaded the app. The scales work ok just to get your weight but DONT TRY to pair with the app its a nighmare. Takes ages to sinc scales with app then you have to go through the sinc process every time you use these useless scales and it looses all previous history.
Scales used to just weigh ok if you want to track your weight and stats dont purchase these scales as you will be dissapointed

Purchased in August 2019 at Kmart Retail Stores for A$39.00.



  • 3 reviews

Not worth the extra money


Not worth the extra money for all these extra ‘features’ it includes. Only operates as a normal scale. The app is impossible to find but once I did find it the only information I received was my weight. Not worth the extra time or money.

Purchased in June 2019 at Kmart.

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My new Anko Scales Bluetooth name doesn’t show up in settings Bluetooth on my phone. Tried over and over

1 answer
Paul N.
Paul N.

Sorry, but it won’t. These scales are cheap rubbish and definitely don’t work as advertised. If you kept your receipt, get a refund.

Fay J.

Fay J.asked

Why doesn't the figures light up properly. I have only half of the number appear on the last 2 digits so I have to guess what I think it is.....not good! I have changed the batteries and it doesn't make any difference.

No answers


my scales bluetooth my weight but not body fat, muscle, bmr & so on. if there a way to get this connected? i’ve tried everything even disconnecting the scales.
please only answer if you know how!

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