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Perfetto Coffee Pods

Perfetto Coffee Pods

Italiano, Milano and Roma
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Roma capsule

I ordered the Perfetto coffee pods , Roma as I like strong coffee. It did fit my Delonghi coffee machine. I am very disappointed with the coffee as it tastes like sand , a waste of money and the $15.99 postage.

Purchased in March 2019 at Dick Smith.

waste of money & time!!

tried this for my cafffitality machine, all good, but just tastes like blend 43..no good aroma..used in work nespressi machine and jams and ruins your coffee with guk! no good

Update: Perfetto Coffee pods are working properly again.....Previously....

in early 2018 I wrote...I like Perfetto coffee, but they have changed the pod design and it no longer works properly in my machine. I actually like this product and have used it for some time, but recently they have altered the design of the pods and now only about 1 in 3 pods work properly in my machine. The three perforations on the bottom of the pods are missing. I have sourced a different brand which has the same original design as Perfetto and they work well, so I know its not my Delongi Nespresso machine that was the source of the problem. NOW Dec 2018 and I have given Perfetto another go, and couldn't be happier to discover the pods issue has been remedied and they are again working properly in my machine.

Don't work in properly in Expressi machines

I was given a box of 100 pods for use in Aldi Expressi machines. So far have used about 10 pods and only one of them worked properly, the rest would start okay but would then jam up and water would start running into the empty pod catcher. I tried taking the pod out and putting it back in but it still jammed. It would take about 3 pods to get close to a shot of coffee. On a positive note, that shot of coffee would be excellent! I've started cutting the pods open and putting the coffee grounds into my old stove top percolator.

Not compatible with Caffitely

I purchased 100 pod box which sated compatible with my Caffitely machine, I have tried twice to use them coffee is acceptable but the pods jam my machine both times, I now have a box of 98 pods which I am reluctant to risk my machine with. Lawrence Mitchell.


Purchased 120 pods of Perfetto Milano on Catch.
I can only hope this was a bad batch as I believe I wasted my money purchasing these. Neither myself or my Wife liked them and felt that the coffee tasted stale. So much so that we are not interested in finishing them and have decided to throw out the remainder. This is such a waste.
We thought they might be a nice cheap alternative but not so. Very disappointed!

Great capsule coffee

I bought these as an unknown brand to try them out, and was very pleasantly surprised. I've tried many different brands including Nespresso (which I think are over priced and inferior taste and quality) and the best I've found so far are L'or brand. Perfetto Roma are almost on par for a good string flavour

Hard time

I have a Nespresso machine $300 one, it has an extremely hard time pushing water out through the pod, to the point I'm scared of busting my machine, no problem which any other pod. Your pods are to hard plastic. If you fix this than it's worth it, but at moment it's too dangerous for your machine it will kill it.

I believed it's okay for what it's worth.

I am a coffee lover myself, who isn't? The reason I purchased this, is to save a little more however I am disappointed.

Bought 100 mixed pods back September, I'm sorry I have to say this, I've been struggling to finish or find a reason to use your pod over the nespresso's pod.

I've compared the two Roma, nespresso and kogans pod. Nespresso win hands down. It's either I have a bad batch or the coffee seemed to have a bad bitter taste to it.

Although the price is 1/3 of nespresso's pod cost, I still wouldn't recommend it.

Excellent value for money.

I purchased these pods after being frustrated with the price and availability of the original brand.
These tasted fine and were a fraction of the coat.
I will buy again.

Loving it so far!

I've bought this from Kogan. Much cheaper pods comparing to Nespresso! Great value for money! Good taste for a decent cup of home coffee. I usually use two pods to make mine when I need a caffeine kick! Must try, guys!

Excellent coffee and pods - depending on the machine

My review is really an alternative POV to Robert F's review. I bought a box of 100 Perfetto Roma pods, to use with my Nespresso Pixie machine. Point 1: pod jamming in the machine. My family has 3 different Nespresso machines: Pixie, U, and Inissia. My Pixie was the earliest bought, and readily accepts all pods of various brands. The U machine (the next released to the market) seems to be a tighter fit, while the most recent Inissia machine is tightest of all - so tight that the owner won't use any but the Nespresso pods, for fear of damaging the machine. (Maybe this tighter tolerance is deliberate, by Nespresso). Point 2: zero-volume or low-volume extraction of coffee liquid. I find this is caused in three ways: by failure of the machine to pierce the pod's membrane, by the clumping of coffee grounds that the water can't penetrate, and by leakage of pressurized water around the pod and down into the drain tray. The Perfetto pods have a membrane that is looser than most other pods, and the machine's puncture needles tend to bend the membrane inward, often before it becomes pierced, thus preventing the coffee liquid to flow. Solution: hold the pod with the membrane pointing downward and tap the pod firmly, repeatedly on to a solid surface, encouraging the membrane to become flattened and more rigid. Then, pierce the membrane with a sewing needle across the entire surface, with maybe maybe twenty holes, to give maximum opportunity for flow. Coffee ground clumping: tap the pod on the bench against its rim, turning it, then shake the pod close to the ear and you should feel/hear the grounds shaking loosely inside the pod. That will free up the grounds, for best water flow. (This is most required on cold mornings, when the grounds clump more readily). Leakage: The Nespresso pods are the best to prevent leakage, because of their aluminium housing being the best able to seal when clamped in place. The plastic housing of other pods, including Perfetto, don't seal as well, and often need a food-grade rubber o-ring fitted around the barrel of the pod, at its widest point, under the rim, to minimize leakage. Any leakage at all, past the pod, reduces the amount of water offered to the pod's contents, and will weaken the strength of the final extraction. I drink Perfetto coffee every day now, in preference to everything except my best-loved Nespresso Dharkan pods, which I keep only for special treats. Providing you take account of the above-mentioned tips, I can recommend Perfetto coffee pods whole-heartedly, as a very cost-effective alternative.

Good tasting coffee - poor quality pods!

One thing people don't often think about is the actual, physical pods the coffee comes in. I bought the Perfetto Milano 100 pack Nespresso-compatible coffee pods from Kogan. The first couple of pods worked fine, but my Nespresso U automatic machine struggled to get the water through the pod. I found that if I pierced the foil top on the pod, the water flowed through better - for a few pods. Then they started getting stuck in my machine and I had to manually pull the pod out. Then, just this morning, the machine could not pump any water through. So I reverted back to my D'or pods bought from Coles supermarkets - no problems. However, my machine may have sprung a leak because of the inability to push water through the Perfetto pods. Not so 'Perfetto', I'm afraid. Sorry, cannot recommend these pods to anyone.

Lino's Coffee pods s

As a keen coffee drinker for many years and realizing that some brands of pods are highly over priced, I finally decided to check out the range of pods offered by Kogan. I opted to purchased the 100 mixed pods so I could decide which ones to bulk order in future.
After testing all of them in our Nespresso machine without any trouble at all, I found that the Lino's Coffee pod range serves our family very well, Everyone has their favourite flavour so our next order will be AGAIN the mixed bulk pack.
If you are a coffee drinker, check them out, you will not be disappointed.

Questions & Answers

Which is strongest Milano, Roma or Italiano?
1 answer
Italiano has a 3/5 intensity rating, Milano 4/5 and Roma 5/5, so the strongest is Roma.

Hi, do you deliver to UAE? I need it here. Thanks
No answers

Does perfetto pods work with a Nescafé dolce gusto ?
3 answers
No they don't, totally different size pods.They only work with pods listed as Nespresso machines compatible.Thank you for your question: No, the Perfetto pods won't fit in the Nescafé dolce gustoThank you for your question: No, the Perfetto pods won't fit in the Nescafé Dolce Gusto machines; the Dolce Gusto takes a much larger pod.

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